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  1. I would love to wear cute tops again. Even if you find that cute little flowered top in your size it looks like the Botanical Gardens in our size? No so cute when you're being overwhelmed by flowers that bees think their in heaven. lol

    I have never danced...even at my own wedding (when I was thinner and healty). think i'm going to learn.

    I dont even know how I came across your post but I totallllly laughed outloud, at work in the office, at a cemetery. LMAO!!!! What you said is hilarious!!! and so true.

  2. Just think ONLY ten more days and you will be done with this liquid diet and be a whole new person. Someone that doesn't have to worry about hurting all the time from the extra weight. Someone that has so much energy she doesn't know what to do with. Someone who has no addiction to food anymore. I could go on and on. Make a list or look at your list of all the positive that will be your rewards after ONLY ten more days of this crap!!! Girl you got this!!!!!!!

  3. Wow 18 people on July 2nd that's a LOT. 26 sleevers will be sleeved before the 4th of July -- how awesome is that? So many people getting their 'independence day'.....freaks the crap out of me how close this is though.... lol

    Patrick I'm so excited for you. I was just reading your "weight through the ages" and your motivators. I can't imaging the struggles you have been through all of your life. This truly will be you "INDEPENDENCE DAY"!!!

    Good luck to you on Monday. You will be in my prayers. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. I have a question for you I have surgery with doctor almanza aug 28th. My question is do you have surgery the same day they pick you up from the airport in San Diego or is it the next day. Do you do your last meal in san diego?? Thanks I'll

    I am having surgery the same day they pick me up from the airport. I am on a 3 day liquid diet so the last meal will be 3 days before I have surgery. I dont think you can have anything the day of surgery.

  5. Starting day 4 of all liquid pre-op. Better? Yes! Good? Not even. But I continue to lose weight so I'm trying not to whine as well as trying not to strangle anyone. I went to a Zumba class last night and it was so much fun. But I'm not sure I've ever been so tired. And with no Advil to literally ease my pain, I'm pretty achy today.


    That is awesome!!! You are doing good. I've heard Zumba is alot of fun. Hurting from exercise is a good hurt. You know you have done some good for your body. I need a big kick in the pants to get me going. I have surgery on July 9th and haven't started any kind of exercise. So YEAH for you. I'm feeling motivated. Thanks!!!

  6. So am I! I can't believe it is almost time. It seemed so far away for so long!

    Shange we have less than 2 weeks!!!! It did seem like it would take forever but it came quick for me.

    I will arrive in SD on the 8th. I will be meeting my mom and sister there at about 10 am and spend the day and night with them. I haven seem my mom in 9 months. She moved to Mesa AZ 2 years after her partner died of cancer. They were togther for 32 years. I was used to seeing her at least every week. It has been rough being without my "stepmom" and now my mother. I really dont know which I'm more excited about, seeing my momma or getting my sleeve!!!! She will be coming to TJ with me and then back to OK for 2 weeks. WooHoo I'm like double excited.

    Are you coming alone? Mom & I will be staying in the guest house since I'm having the extra procedure done. Dr A wants me to have a nurse 24/7.

  7. Thanks Strange, I think I'm mostly nervous because I will be having my Nissan Fundoplication taken down and then sleeved. Dr. Almanza said he has done a few and it's not a big deal but takes more time and I will have to stay at the recovery house the for an extra day. If it was ust the sleeve I would be all good. I know I'm in good hands though.

    I cant wait for it to done!!!!!

  8. I'm on day 4 of my full liquid diet b4 my surgery next week and boy oh boy, the detox symptoms were BAD yesterday! It was SOOO hard (the symptoms). BUT my mind is CLEAR - I'm dedicated to making sure my liver is fatty free so that my surgery is successful ^_^

    Congrats all sleevers, & MONDO congrats to all July sleevers! ^_^

    Good Job Girl.... you got this!!!!

  9. This made me smile and tear up at the same time. You are such an inspiration to me just from what you have written here today.

    I have not been sleeved yet, my day is July 9. I have been getting really nervous and almost having second thoughts just because I will be a different person inside and out. That scares the heck out of me. I haven't known that girl for a long time. I have so many "what if's" and they sound stupid if I say them outloud. I'm so ready to drop the discust, low-confidence and defeat just as you have.

    You have no idea how your post has touch me, all I can say is thank you.....

    Oh yeah!!!! congratulations to you and everything you have accomplished.

  10. It talked about different stuff like "how you cope with Depression" or identity confusion, or urge to overeat ect. but it was just stuff that we know. Common sence stuff Exp: start a journal, go to support groups and how to find them. Im not really sure what I'm looking for but that just wasn't it.

  11. thank you so much. I bought the one with the starfish and it wasnt really what I was wanting. I just purchased the one you first referred first. It is cheaper to download them to a kindle app on my phone. faster too.

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