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  1. venusblue

    Microwave Omelettes

    yea it is easy. growing up my sister always made her own mcmuffins like this. usually for one single egg its 2 mins flat but when i use a 3.5 oz of liquid eggs, with the turkey bits it usually ends up for 3 1/2 to 4 mins.
  2. i started mushier stuff on day 10, no carbs here tho, the cracker idea does scare me. i went through all my doctors paperwork and he gave my multiple info on the same diet however on one page it states "after you are tolerating liquids without any problems you can move on to a pureed diet or very soft liquids. this should happen after about 10 days to two weeks". (the pureed food list does include things like fish and deli meats) i have been ultra paranoid about stretching and have been careful but on that day i took 2 turkey meatballs, boiled them, and chopped them very small into 1/4 cup very low cal spaghetti sauce, chewed alot, ate slow and couldnt finish half but had no problems. the next day i had grilled tilipia and i couldnt eat more than an oz and a half. im currently on day 12 and had scrambled eggs for supper and was still completely stuffed. im assuming the time u can start mushies depends not only on a specific date but in how soon you heal. ive always healed very fast and once i read this 10 day info it was on for me lol. im still able to stay around 600 cal no problem. ive lost over 20lbs since my surgery and about 50-52lbs this past month (havent updated ticker because im trying to stick to a once a week update but still cant keep myself from steppin on everyday lol) anyways thats my thought on this. believe me i am pretty paranoid about messing anything up because this surgery was out of pocket but with my mushies i still feel the restriction and the weight is still fallin off every day.
  3. venusblue

    Am I overdrinking?

    Ty guys very good to know I'm not alone. I actually sat and paid attention today at lunch (refried beans thinned with beef broth, ff cheese shreds and ff sour cream) and I could feel almost every swallow. 3 oz in and I had to throw away the fourth I was stuffed. My mom was so sweet to pay for this surgery and it cost so much I'm just a bit paranoid to mess anything up. Thx again! <3 this site
  4. venusblue

    Liquid diet crisis

    ive been on a preop diet for 3 weeks and have lost 32lbs i drank vanilla atkins drinks like crazy my orders were to have at least 15g protein n less than 5 carbs to me the vanilla is like melted ice cream they are super delicious and sometimes for Breakfast i would blend them with a light strawberry yogurt, ice and splenda for a more filling delicious smoothie. i also got the chocolate which i love and blended them with banana bits and ice. once i started the 10 day prior to surgery diet i mostly drank them straight but blended some in the mornings still with yogurt and a bit of milk. thanks to another shopper at walmart i picked these up and <3 them. just bought strawberry today, hope they r just as delicious i enjoyed Gladiator from Smoothie King as well and you can order just one smoothie without having to drop $30 on some case of powder you wont like. i was advised that u may not be able to get all the protein in for the first couple of weeks post op but to just try your best my sleeve will be in less than 8 hours, wish i could sleep lol! gl to you!!
  5. new to this site, i came on last night and loved the chat room so i guess ill be blogging here well this is it. tomorrow morning 6:30am central, im gettin the sleeve. im very scared but cant wait at the same time. i have an an amazing medical staff and cant be happier with how kind and incredibly reassuring they all are. the surgery will be performed by Dr. Jenkins of Ocean Springs, MS. http://www.smsurgicalweightloss.com/ im also impressed with the taste of this magnesium citrate it tastes like sour candy this stuff is awesome lol <3

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