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  1. JERSEYGIRL12111

    17 Months On

    Great job!!! You look fantastic!!!!!
  2. JERSEYGIRL12111

    Vaginal Itching And Lapband

    Your right I forgot about that
  3. JERSEYGIRL12111

    Vaginal Itching And Lapband

    Well that sucks. Are you on any pain medications because that can cause itching there or if you changed laundry detergents, soap, bodywash any of those things.
  4. JERSEYGIRL12111

    I Feel Let Down By My Lap Band Surgeon

    I would drive over there and ask to speak to whomever does the referrals. Trust me it works. I work in a doctors office and patients do this all the time.
  5. JERSEYGIRL12111


    It sounds like you might be too tight. Can you you eat solid protein? Drink water?
  6. I chose to only tell my parents, my sister, my hubby and my 2 children(who are over 19) about it for the same reasons you discussed above. Everyone else I just say I see a nutrionist and exercise. Which isn't a lie I do see a nutrionist every 6 weeks through my surgeons office and I do exercise. Good luck with your surgery.
  7. Please let us know how you made out and if the pain is finally gone.
  8. JERSEYGIRL12111

    Can muscle milk be warmed up?

    I was told you could warm up protein drinks but don't bring it to a boil. Also try decaf. tea that is good too.
  9. JERSEYGIRL12111

    proof of overweight for 5 yrs

    My surgeon only needed what diets I have tried and failed. I have Blue cross/Blue Shield of NJ. I know each insurance company is different. So I woulld at least give them a list of diets you have done and then take it from there. LBT Addict is right some doctors will charge you if you ask for your records but if another doctor requests them they don't charge.
  10. JERSEYGIRL12111

    How big is a "large band"?

    I have the largest one which is 14cc's which is made by Allegran. You might have the Realize band. Don't quote me on this but I think the largest one for that brand is 10cc's.
  11. JERSEYGIRL12111

    January 2011 Bandsters - Where are you?

    Wow thats great!!! I also am half way to goal. I go for my 6th fill on October 19th. How many fills have you had?
  12. JERSEYGIRL12111

    Dont know if I should go back n remove fluid

    I guess each doctor is different because after I get a fill I have to be on liquids for 24 hrs and then mushies for 24 hrs after that and then I can go back to solid as tolerated. You could be swollen from the initial stuck food and you swell after a fill. I hope you feel better soon.
  13. JERSEYGIRL12111

    3rd fill and feeling great

    The shore area. Neptune. Are you from NJ?
  14. JERSEYGIRL12111

    3rd fill and feeling great

    Wow that's awesome. 46lbs altogether and also losing 7lbs in a week. We should keep in touch we were banded the same time. Well I was a day later Jan.21,2011. Good luck with your journey as well.
  15. JERSEYGIRL12111

    3rd fill and feeling great

    Well I went for my 3rd fill today so far so good. I got weighed and I now weigh 229lbs(day of surgery I was 286lbs)so I have lost a total of 57lbs. I can't believe when I lose 30lbs more I will be in onderland. This weekend I went to the beach as I do every year but this year was different. Before I used to go to the beach and plant myself in my chair all day without moving(not even to pee LOL!!). Well this time I took a walk, went swimming and actually ate on the beach without blinking an eye. It felt so good. Before when I was 286lbs I was sooooo unhappy and everyone knew it. I recieved so many compliments not only about how much weight I have lost but they were saying how healthy and happy I looked and you know what? I really am. I am very happy. For anyone who may be reading this and thinking about getting the band or even if you feel like you want to give up on your band please do it. Do it to feel better, to be happy but most of all to love yourself again.

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