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    ryansgirl got a reaction from daadelishopeful in Depression After Gastric Sleeve Surgery   
    you are not alone lan2k i too still weep even though i feel better, I look better, big improment in quailty of life. i still feel sad many days i trys not to dwell on it but somedays it does get to me. like i know i can't eat like other people i still drink alot of Protein Shakes just because i don't have room for much food. so i have lost all interest in eating for the most part. i skip alot of things with friends now when it has anything to do wih food just because. i hope that part does pass one day. i have a black or white view on EVERYTHING lol can't seen to find the middle with nothing. exercise has been the best thing though for me i exercise seven days a week it really is like my addiction from food. (once a addict always addict) AND the thing is i don't talk to people about that part because of the negative things that come with people thoughts on wls i don't regret my sleeve at all but im still a little ill at the fact that i had to go though something so drastic to get to a healthy weight.

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