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    For veterans-Is this normal?

    i'm right there with lan2k it the same for me. although i was reading somewhere that after some years you could it up to about 60 percent of what you use to eat. i'm not stressing though because at the end of the day it will always e up t me what i eat and how much and my habits.
  2. ryansgirl

    it nobody biz right???!!

    thanks so much guys. and i agree mary about telling people the way i want to but the thing i have founded out is some people just can't take your answer and move on with life they give you ten horror stories about this person aunt who had wlsect. so i stop telling people. as far as the gym thing goes i don't care what those people think anymore i pay my money to work out i'm on a mission and thats that. when i told my sisters i was really surprise that they had my back they scold my mother and told her that was not her given right we talk i forgive her but i still can't beilive she would do such a thing.
  3. ryansgirl

    Stress = weight loss

    oh so your stressful about wanting the baby right? well if your stressing about that you know it make it harder and maybe like the person above say maybe you need to just pour out the emotions and as always we are here for that too. ((hugs))
  4. ryansgirl

    Stress = weight loss

    sweetie it must be in the moon because i get like that but i to like to think it more mental then just the sleeve i eat less forget to take my vit. and everything when i stress or upset and i lose weight because i'm just not eating enough. Somedays i feel like my sleeve is just all it is a sleeve and then i have those days with my head in the toilet and i think otherwise and i cry becasue i thikn i'm not in control. so no you are not alone my dear sweet friend. you are not alone at all. ((hugs))
  5. thanks for sharing donna and you are my prays, xoxo (double), nikki willaims
  6. :lol0:THAT IS RIGHT I FELL THOUGH THE HOLE OF "ONEDERLAND" I'M 197.2 AND I'M NOT OBESE ANYMORE JUST OVERWEIGHT! (no there was no cake or tea waiting for me) 127 pounds down! can you belive it! i have work my ass off guys and i just so full of emotions right now. i was so worry that the sleeve would not help me get to goal because i was so huge. i have 47 more pounds to go. i average about 10-12 pound a month still. i'm 7 months out and 2 weeks not too bad i say. when i look in the mirror i don't even see me anymore just a girl i havent seen in some years. can you belive i was 323 pounds just 7 months ago who would of thought! as far as my sleeve i don't know how much it can hold i never eat more then 3 to 4 ounces at a time and depending on what it is that pushing it if i over eat i still throw up. hardly ever hunger arises. oh i never (or haven't yet) lost my hair it actully in great shape and it grows faster go fig. all in all the battle moves forward too conquer the last 47 pounds!and at this point i have no doubts i'll get to goal!
  7. i still don't understand why people would choose this place if anything everyone who suggest someone to go to this place should really wish them good luck becuse you are just going on chance and not just a good chance. most of you guys know i had an infection and i left a day early becasue those people did not know i was running a high fever!!!! then you put me in a house with no AC. ok yeah i see the great care there. that good care? or did I just slip though the crack of their wonderful caring loving arms????? um no those people over work themselves for a dollar and they place is too small for all that. the only thing that keeps me sane is the fact that i didn't wind up with a hospital bill my insurance payed for it all but what if they didn't? Now you got there ex S. R. calling ex pateinces(no lie she is actully doing this her and the good "DR." are going though some legal stuff) and telling them they might have hiv or some crap as if i need to hear that! ( and yes i just had a hiv test done at the health department so now i'm on needles) i wont give my sleeve back for nothing but i will say this much if i had half the brains and knowledge that i have today i would have never went there. never. that place is too much like russia roulette.
  8. the point of the sleeve is to help and save you more money and heartach from diet scams i mean you can go to walmart and get some lquid b-complex and take that it has alll the stuff that shot stuff has. ive been taking it since i had my sleeve rather it was the cause of all my weightloss i doubt it.
  9. ryansgirl

    9 month update

    Congrats you look wonderful!
  10. ryansgirl

    Help! Running out of will power!!!

    when i'm around junk food i always say yea i can have some IF i want to and i will be fine. when i tell myself i can have it anytime i want to i don't want it then and it lost it appeal. because i know i can have it ANYtime i want to. kinda like the tricks my parents used on me in teen years when they wanted to win. so point. don't make it a big deal.
  11. ryansgirl

    What about this tape??!!

    my scar leak and mine was fine. it took about 6 weeks to really close though. if it leaking too much and the smel then it a prob but for the most i think your fine! congrats on the two week!
  12. Thanks so much GUYS!!! your support has been the best thing though this all and tiff KNOW my hyper butt will always keep you rolling lol!
  13. ryansgirl


    googd luck and welcome! and congrats on the weightloss so far!
  14. ryansgirl


    if you must or you make you feel better let them know you would like to go to another hosptial in californa just a idea.........feel better soon. ((hugs))
  15. thanks so much guys! it has been a ride but one i would again and again. just to feel as good as i do today!
  16. ryansgirl

    Interesting reading

    humm very insteresting seems i'm not the only one................. thanks for sharing.
  17. something my friends and i discuss ALL the TIME my auguement "but there never seems to be enough time for anything it seems" i'm 25 and if i don't have a baby by 28 i'm over it. i'm working on my masters and i want to focus on my career. i also want to travel, and there like servel things on my list i need to do before i even think about that it be about 40 to complete that. my mother had us all doorstep togather she only 45(now i can never find my mother she forever in another country or somewhere out at sea) all of us where grown buy the time she was 39 40 so it does surprise me that more and more women are having babies later. my bf says i worry too much about time but i tell him as a woman it really important and at the end of the day there is never enough time or you have to cut ties somewhere and as always the woman career get put on the back burn. i work too hard for my degrees to never really get a chance to use them. time is a friend to no man or no woman for that matter. anyway ladies good luck!
  18. ryansgirl


    OMG was i ever! it settle after awhile.
  19. ryansgirl

    insurance approved 1 day

    Heck yea!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  20. just discover something to make with the protein shakes mix and the wonderslim protein chocolate cake mix (low carb 6 grams and 15 grams of protein in one package don't eat it very much but when i need it it comes in handy) so take your fava protein mix and 5 or 6 table spoon of fat free cool whip and mix it. it should become creamy. cook the cake in the microwave. let it cool of course and then slice it in half "vertical" (no pun intended) put the mix in between then put in the freezer. enjoy!:crying: (i'm thinking of buying the carbzero mix to use as the bread for when i make stuff .it has no carbs in it)
  21. ryansgirl

    low carb icecream sandwhich.......

    ok i got the carbthin today when i get in the mood for one i let you know how the stuff taste
  22. "youknowit" i never read those commets of stuff anymore because people are just plain mean when it comes to the net. tiffykins i feel for you i have a friend that 27 and she complains everyday about her weight but says she can't give up her food like i did she says it in a way like i gave up god or something. in the end there is only so much we can say. you have to want it.
  23. ryansgirl

    Lotion to help loose skin?

    give me a lotion that actully keep loose skin away and i give you all the money in my savings and bank account i run 7 days a week and i still have loose skin. in the end i will not build up enough muscle to fill the skin and you have to remember gentics and all that stuff play in there.(although my mother 45 years old and doesnt have a wrinkle in sight same with my father both not overweight at all so i guess gentics didn't help me there lol ) most of my weight was in my thighs hence why i'm saving for the thigh lift. glad your doing better by the way!
  24. ryansgirl

    One Week Out

    it took me a mintue just to get in 20 oz of anything but of course i was sick for about 7 weeks im thinking that might be why i past that part lol you are doing fine and congrats on the surgery again! xoxo, nikki

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