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  1. to this day i love my eas and muscle milk protein shakes i be lost without them guess i'm alone on this one lol they keep my tummy full and me from snacking ten more pounds till goal of 150.
  2. as of today i am down 162 pounds!!!!!!! i weigh in at 165 pound as of today. i can't not belive myself some days every day feel like it not real i wear a size 10 from a 26. all this and it haven't even been a year.:thumbup:
  3. thanks guys and thanks tiffy you have also helped me in one ways then one!!!!
  4. thanks guys and you are right thinoneday it has been a road to travel! despite the ups and down i would do it over 10 x fold. working out has really become my stress ball:thumbup:
  5. ryansgirl

    One Year today

    congrats hun!!
  6. ryansgirl

    (some pics)proof you have to lift weights!

    the zone diet didn't work for me. I work in a library so i read alot!!! oh did i mention my dad a 3 x ex body builder champion SO we do talk alot about fitness. really what works for one does not work for another and no i don't have a personal tranier. i just read and force myself in the gym 6 days a week. as far as carbs/protein/fat i had to find a balance for me and the smaller i get the more this does change as well. like i know after weight loss surgery people swear by low carb but that does not actully work for me high fat diets and keto diets help me a lose a little but then i stop and feel crappy. and oregon that how i feel about my inner thighs at this point everything else is lifting and friming but the inside.
  7. ryansgirl

    Kinda bummed!!!!

    i got them after my surgery when i went in to the icu. mines for different reasons but i had to get them.
  8. WHY? WHY? WHY?!!! i stay so cold . sometimes the house can be a comfortable temp and my bf will be like your feet are like ice blocks and my hands. i don't get it my blood is fine so does anyone else go though this? im think if we have a winter like we had this past winter i going to die from the cold.:drool5:.............no really
  9. ryansgirl

    I can't believe this!

    i'm a 32B. and my ass has left the building as well. the only thing i have left is some hips i feel akward in my body. iwe are leaving florida tomorrow and i was really ashame of my chest with all the other girls having the boobs out i felt like a boy. it so funny i never really cared but for some reason i care this weekend when all the girls had their chests out. i wear sports bars i always have but my bf says maybe we should get me a push up bra if it will make me feel better. for some reason my bf the weirdest he actully hates implants and when i brought it up to him he look at me like i was crazy. oh well.
  10. :thumbup:OMG OMG OMG OMG I CAN ALMOST TASTE THAT 150 ON THE SCALE!! i was so happy today everyone at the gym today did a happy dance for me because they were to thrill for me. i started to cry:crying: anyway i had to share! XOXO, NIKKI
  11. ryansgirl

    Weight Loss Joke

    lol bill i think this one went over your head a little (hugs)
  12. ryansgirl

    Im always cold!!!!!!!!

    im the same with the heating blanket!!!!! i gotta get the fluffy socks. i'm leaving for florida tomorrow and i'm looking forward to the sun. can't wait for this phase to pass as well.
  13. ryansgirl

    Weight regain with VSG?

    i have a aunt who has lost 100 pounds 10 years ago on her own. i was in high school ( i was a skinny minnie then so i never cared or asked much about her weight) any way that was 10 years ago and she has kept 97 pounds off as of today. she tells me that she has and still does keep an eye on the scale she exercise 4 x a week and is in great shape and she 52 years old as well. she keep to her eating habits but does fall off every now and then and may gain five pounds but she tells me she makes a point to know that this is something that is just part of her life and her weight is a big part that will stay forever and she works with it not against it. and i plan to do the same it the card i'm delt and i will play it the best way and that will always be though my habits and choices. if i was to gain weight i would not blame the sleeve after all it just a tool and you can use anything right or the wrong way. and decide one of my class mate lost weight three years back and i she has gain every bit of her 70 pounds back but it wasn't because her body did it she just fell back into old eating habits. it can happen either way. xoxo, nikki
  14. i do not think it a failure to go back on med ouro i mean really think about it there are a lot of narrow minded people who would consider wls a easy way it but we know it not. we are not "failures" for using wls to help us and i think god everyday for modern meds they are here to helps us along this road we are traveling so do not every feel that way look how far you have come! XOXOXO:001_wub: xoxo, nikki
  15. sadly i had to go back on a antidepression pill. it was getting a bit much. i think i have narrow it down to made cause i'm not eating all the time anymore i have to deal with every feeling i have nothing to mask it anymore:confused: just my guessing. i feel more vulnerable as well all the attention is overwhelming and it seems as if all of the sudden pressure is more on you or something. it a lot of crazy thoughts
  16. i'm 10 months out and didn't lose any hair. also castor oil cream is something i've use in my hair for years right along with coconut oil for hot oil treatments. i have natural curly fine hair as well there just alot of it. also my hair is in better condition then it was before surgery natural shine and all so i don't now if it was the weightloss or the flax seed oil or what but i guess it just a person to person thing and how your body handel the stress and i don't think there really anything to fix hormones except time to work it out themselves.
  17. ryansgirl

    (some pics)proof you have to lift weights!

    hey sassy i guess i should mention i had to go though many different arm exercise to get my body to respond as well.also gentics play a part too. like not everybody can build a six pack or develop thier calves list goes on. also if your body fat is kinda high your muscle will not show. Pw i think oprah aganist weightloss surgery if i remember reading somethng one time lol.
  18. ryansgirl

    (some pics)proof you have to lift weights!

    thanks guys and i use all the machines at the gym and i do this 4 x a weeks on one of those days of week i use standard weights and no more then 10 pounds. because im going for tone not bulky and lighter weights, faster reps will get you that. dee i been using the elliptical trainer it has given me the best results more then any squats. i ride it backwards. i do cardio 25 mins. everyday i hate cardio but i can do it for 25 min with out dying of boredom so my theory is if i do it everyday it would add ups to about 40 mintues 3x a week. plus i was told it not about how long you work out it how hard you use those mintues you set aside to give it your all. also your diet really counts it actully 80 percent of how you build your muscles. get the right carb/protein/fat ration will make all the difference and that is what been working for me.
  19. congrats!!!! and welcome sening nothing but goo vibes your way!!! xoxo, nikki
  20. ryansgirl

    1 year out today

    has it been a year already!! tiff i love you too much you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!! very happy and proud of you! thanxs for all the info it always helps. xoxo, nikki
  21. thanxs sooooooo much guys! i don't think i ever worrid about how long it would take just if the surgeyr was going to work. Hey donna luv it always so nice to see you posting again and give kisses to your sis for me and fab i going on vacation in a15 more days and will post so pic then!! Gary thanxs for the dance. xoxo, nikki
  22. thanxs so much guys but i could not have done it with out this board to keep me focus! (hugs)
  23. hey lis, i never heard of the slient one before. when i hear stuff like this it creeps me out about long term with this sleeve. i hope you find something to help with this (hugs) xoxo, nikki
  24. ryansgirl

    20 pounds gone 1 week Post-Op

    OH wow that alot in one week!!! congrats

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