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    Plan ahead what you are going to eat and stick to it. Last year I allowed myself turkey, gravy, creamed spinach, and stuffing. I was only five months out so I couldn't eat much of any of it. Also no snacking/grazing in addition to your pre-decided dinner. I think the key is planning ahead.
  2. I'm still freezing 16 months out but I'm still slowly loosing. Have to ask those on maintenance.
  3. Sorry for typos above. Using cell phone.
  4. Hi. Interesting question and answers. I had mine out several years ago before weight loss. I had my first attack after eating some high fat spicy food but didmt connect the two. Thought I had food poisoning and went to nurse practitioner at work and got antinausea med. Ate bland food for a week and then at something high in fat and had another attack. This time I thought omg do I have stomach cancer? Went to doctor and the upshot was thst I had a few gallstones. Surgeon wanted to operate right away (Bad time as only 3 weeks of school left) and since one of the stones right at entrance ready to move into duct decided to go ahead with it. I had a great surgeon. I don't remember any restrictions except roght after the surgery low fact and nonspicy but o couldn't hsve eaten otherwise anyway. Today I can theoretically EST anything although I eat low fat of course. Sometimes spicy food bothers me But usually ok. One exception cabbage which I love. Have to go easy on that.
  5. Roseib

    Start weight 400lbs?

    I started at 385.5 in late May 2010 and have now lost 165.5 pounds. I'm still losing but it's very slow now. 4-5 pounds a month. However, as long as it is still coming off I'm happy. I was 62 at time of surgery. Age 64 now at 16 months the 29th and for health reasons could not work out vigorously until end of May. So think what you can do if you can workout early on! My goal is 150. Men lose more quickly than women on average. Best not to compare oneself to anyone. We all lose at different rates for different reasons, but in the end, it comes off. Follow the food and exercise plan and you'll do great.
  6. Roseib

    BMI vs. % body fat

    My doctor said % body fat is what is important.
  7. Roseib

    4 month stall

    We were talking about this at support group last night- food tasting off-putting I mean. Doctor says usually four months but can last until 6 or longer before food tastes consistently "normal" again. I'm 16 months out and I am wondering if I will ever be able to eat deli meat again. Makes me sick just to imagine it. Strange what this surgery does to our food tolerances. I can eat pretty much everything else now except eggs.
  8. Roseib

    NSV shout outs

    I was surprised tonight by friends I've known for over thirty years whom I have not seen since last spring. I arrived at the restaurant where we were meeting before thet did. Hardly anyone there. They came in looked around and turned to say something to waitress but didn't come over to table. Finally I waved st them and they came over. Seems they didn't recognize me! That was funny but they haven't seen me at this weight for many years.
  9. Roseib

    "Almost there"

    I was so desperate to lose weight I really didn't have doubts. Just was sure to get outstanding surgeon. I grew more anxious as the day grew near -- typical surgery fears not questioning the decision for wls. I was a lot more overweight than most though. I think almost everyone gets apprehensive as surgery nears. My brief what have I done moment came after surgery but only for a few seconds. I was 62 when I had surgery. I still have a lot of weight to lose but have such an improved quality of life. It is great.
  10. Roseib

    Advice ?

    Try adding in more protein, too.
  11. We had wrap around hospital gowns that didn't involve ties. Really comfortable.
  12. Roseib

    Exercise for stroke patients

    Jody Stolove's chair dancing dvds (seated exercise) might be a place to begin.
  13. Roseib

    Hi, New here

    Hello. Welcome. You sound very well informed. Having your dad as support and inspiration will be great. There are several of us from San Antonio on the board. We've all done well. Those couple of weeks to surgery will pass really quickly. Before you know it you will be on your journey in earnest!
  14. I have to drink 100 oz water a day to keep from retaining water. Of course early on it was 64. How much water are you drinking Rebel? It took me a long time to lose the fluid retention from the hospital IVs. My leg was so swollen my surgeon wanted to check for a blood clot and made me get an ultrasound. No clot. Just fluid retention.
  15. Roseib

    Diet and Sugar Free Foods

    I use real mayo since I use so little of it. I'm more afraid of sugar than of fat. I do use stevia not sugar to sweeten herbal tea, when I need a sweetener. I don't usually eat anything that calls for sugar, so can't help you there.
  16. Roseib


    Don't do it again. :-). I did that once - too fast and too much. I just had to suffer as I wasn't able to throw it up. It's a learning experience. That's for sure. I'm on my cell phone so I can't see how far out you are.
  17. Roseib

    Hi hi, y'all!

    Have you had your surgery yet, Epiphany?
  18. i do not have RA. i have lost a lot but still have 75 pounds to lose and i find it very painful to lie on my side. Like you feels like no padding. I am 63. i also have severe osteo in my knees and have to put a thin pillow between them when i lie on side or the pain where they press against each other is excruciating
  19. Roseib

    Face lift picture

    Wow. You look great! One could never tell either! Who was your doctor again? I know he is in Mexico. I'd like to have my face done eventually even if I can't afford anything else.
  20. when I went to conferences my employer paid for travel but I paid for an extra seat. That said I once had to fly on short notice and ticket too expensive so I just went with one seat and airline did not say anything. was well over 300 at the time, I think that was American.
  21. Roseib

    Halloween (Oct. 31) - What will you Weigh?

    Going to be conservative again given how my weight loss has slowed down to a few pounds a month now. SN.................Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Roseib.............226...................226...............215...........11
  22. Roseib

    Labor Day - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    Still losing slowly but still losing. It's going to take a long time to reach goal of 150 at this rate, but I'll take every pound. 14 pounds in two months. Name.................Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Roseib..................240.........................226..........230.......... -4
  23. Sorry that's oatmeal for breakfast sometimes and will try to delete repeat post later. It was my BlackBerry's fault.
  24. I keep my carbs below 30 but the nutritionist and doctors say 100 Max and preferably under 60. I mentioned to my PCP I thought thst was high for carbs and he said 60 is really low! However I lose weight better at 30 or lower and feel I have a lot of energy and as much brain power as ever. Moreover of I eat proten first then veggies or sometimes fruit I don't have room for many carbs, veggies I like being low in them. Bread and nuts sit like a lump in my stomach so avoid them. I do eat patmeal for breakfast