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  1. Britgal

    Banana Babes

    Hi Geno, I also can eat alot more now and have to really watch it. A couple of times I ate too much and was really hurting. I tend to forget I even had the surgery some days so it's always a challenge.....but overall it was well worth it. I get all my one year labs done in a few weeks so shall see how they look. I'm actually below goal now so maintaining is the key. You sound like you are doing very well. Keep us updated.
  2. Britgal

    Banana Babes

    Started the Kaiser Options program June 2011 and lost 17 lbs pre-op. Since Surgery (November 2011), I have lost 73 pounds for a grand total of 90 pounds.
  3. Britgal

    Before and After

  4. Britgal

    Dr. Casillas Kaiser West La

    It all depends on what Kaiser coverage you have.
  5. Britgal

    Dr. Casillas Kaiser West La

    My friend had Dr. Casillas as her surgeon and she said he was excellent.
  6. Very interesting reading about everyone here having Acid issue post VSG surgery. I had surgery on November 28, 2011. About 6 weeks postop I started losing my voice and had this thick (mucous) feeling in my throat that wouldn't clear when I coughed. I called my Surgeon's office who put me on Protonix once a day. I then visited my regular doctor who referred me to a Head and Neck Specialist. I was given a test where they put a small scope through your nose and into your throat. I gagged becaused I couldn't swallow and passed out!!! Needless to day I was diagnosed (tentatively) with Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). Per the Specialists instructions, I've bought a pillow wedge to raise my head at night while I sleep, a cool mist humidifier and have increased my Protonix (PPI) to twice a day. I still have had not relief. So it looks like I will be referred to a Gastroenterologist. Everyone who has acid issues on here, please keep us posted so we can all help each other get through this. Take care......more to follow!!!!!!!
  7. Britgal

    Banana Babes

    I was sleeved November 28th. Including a little postop loss, I've lost just over 50 lbs. Everything was going great until I developed terrible GERD (laryngoesophageal reflux) 6 weeks postop. I lose my voice all the time and have a thick feeling in my throat. I'm on Protonix twice a day to see if this will help but so far no change. Anyone else having any problems?
  8. I had a two night stay and felt I needed it. The first 24 hours you can't have anything by mouth so it was good having the hospital staff be at your beck and call as needed. I also had a Hiatal Hernia repair so had some pain. The second night was so much better and I was ready to go home the next day.
  9. Yes, I can't wait until I can have Starbucks again......I was hooked on the Caramel Frapp Light, Decaf, with 2 scoops of protein prior to surgery. I'm just over a week post op and looking forward to having this treat maybe in a couple of weeks.
  10. Hi Laura, I had surgery the same day as you...and yes.....my stomach gurgles alot. So I'm assuming this is part of the healing process. Keep us updated on how you are doing. I'm feeling great.....just a little tired.
  11. Britgal

    Banana Babes

    Okay, I'm another Banana Babe updating everyone. I'm 4 days post op and feeling pretty good. I had a Hiatal Hernia repair the same time as my sleeve. Just get very tired. I'm drinking Premier Protein, Isopure, Crystal Light with unflavord Unjury powder, water, s/f pudding, Cranberry juice and strained Cream of Wheat......medicine cup size servings of all the above. I tried 3 types of broth and had to throw them out...the smell and salty taste made me want to throw up. Any other suggestions for thinned soups?
  12. I'm just over 3 days post-op and cannot bear any type of broth. I tried the unjury and it was way too salty tasting. Then I tried some Trader Joes chicken Broth, then Beef Broth, and Better than Bullion....hated them all!!!!! So I'm sticking with Premier Protein shakes, Isopure and Water for now. Interesting how our tastes change after surgery!!!!
  13. My understanding is that if you were approved at a higher weight, then there should be no problem. I'm also a Lightweight and am having surgery Monday and had the same concerns as you but it should be your starting weight that counts. Good luck and keep us updated.
  14. Yes, I bought the Kiwi one. It's good but doesn't dissolve completely.

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