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I was always been a chubby kid. I started trying to lose weight when I was 15. The past seven years I have had numerous health issues. In 2010, I actually went through the entire process to get VSG but during the same time, I got sick and was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's. My GI would not give clearance for the VSG so I didn't get it. I had a few surgeries to deal with a fistula that developed as a result of the Crohn's over the next few years. A couple failed but finally in 2013 I had a successful fistula repair surgery. My Crohn's is now well managed and I've never had a flare except for that first one. I have mild issues more like IBS-D than anything. I take one Rx med, one OTC med, and a Vitamin to control it. During this same time, I also started having hip pain in my right hip. After doing ibuprofen (which in retrospect was a bad idea and contributed to my Crohn's issues) and physical therapy, I finally got an x-ray a year later and learned I had congenital hip dysplasia which contributed to early arthritis. At that point, I was told to wait as long as possible due to my age but eventually I'd need hip replacement. I waited five years (way too long in hindsight; I was in immense pain and had to start using a cane) and then got an anterior hip replacement in January 2015. I have the same issue in my left hip but luckily have not had any problems with it except mild aching on occasion. In 2016 I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea after I was constantly waking with headaches. So now I use a CPAP. The sleep doctor told me losing 20% of weight usually eliminates the apnea so in August 2016 I started trying to lose weight (again! I have been on Weight Watchers time and time again over the years). Since then, I have lost about 6 pounds. I just keep going up and down and up and down. My age (45) makes it slower and harder to lose now than even a few years ago (I'm also pre-menopausal) and I'm getting frustrated so I decided to start this process again. My PCP is very supportive.


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