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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    feedyoureye reacted to Butterthebean in before after   
    What a great pic....you look young, confident and healthy. Nice job.
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    feedyoureye reacted to ProudGrammy in before after   
    always love to see and hear you on the board alot with your great comments/advice
    its hard for "me" to show before & after pics
    its like - OMG all those years i looked like that!!!!
    but i was what i "was"
    now i am what i a am (I sound like Popeye!!)LOL
    a healthy, happier, confident , hot, proudgrammy LOL
    living life to its fullest
    i know you are doing the same
    youl look so healthy and happy in your pic - lookin' good !!!!
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    feedyoureye got a reaction from Puja in kim-web.jpg   
    Black hides a multitude of pounds...sort of! 250 here.

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