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    Shemy-away got a reaction from ChaChaBurch in 6 Weeks Post-Op   
    Wow 6 weeks! Sounds like things are going well for you!
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    Shemy-away reacted to ChrisECWest in 2 Months And 49Lbs Down   
    Yes I am and I start the second stage on Thursday. I have been walking a lot because I don't want to get weak. I am consistently sipping water and it has helped me as well. I do notice the more I sip the less the BEAST visits me.
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    Shemy-away got a reaction from ChrisECWest in 2 Months And 49Lbs Down   
    ChrisECWest, thank you for your kind words! No I don't mind at all! You are welcome to ask me anything and I'll always give you an honest answer. Good luck to you and welcome to the loser's bench!!
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    Shemy-away got a reaction from tmorgan813 in Sweet Potatoes From A Sweet Man   
    I have a sweet potato that I've been eyeing since I've read your post LOL. I'm pretty sure i made it nervous by the way I'm staring at it.
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    Shemy-away reacted to Delta_35 in 2 Months And 49Lbs Down   
    Very proud of you!!! YAY!!!! And congrats on your upcoming new job, God is good! I totally understand your decesion not to tell anyone..I havent told ANYONE execept my aunt, and 2 close friends. My main reason was I didnt really want to hear their mouths or their opnions...its my life and my choice! I have surgery in less than two weeks...am excitied and scared but reading stories like this gives me hope!!!
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    Shemy-away reacted to CraftyV in 2 Months And 49Lbs Down   
    that's great! I just met my goal weight and I am waiting to meet with my case manager to set my surgery date. Not going to lie, I am terrified! I have never had surgery and I have my fears! I admire your bravery! keep up the good work!
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    Shemy-away reacted to ChrisECWest in 2 Months And 49Lbs Down   
    I am so excited for you. I am only six days post-op my surgery. I am looking forward to being where you are in your weight loss. So far I am walking and trying to work my way up to walk a mile and a half. I know I will get there in time everyone keep telling me not to push it, and I am not but I can't sit around and wait to heal as some would like me to do. I feel like I need to get it going and keep it going. I hope you don't mind me following you because you have become a great inspiration for me. I might even ask for some advice from time to time. Congratulations to you and keep up the great work.
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    Shemy-away got a reaction from Lyra in My Mom Rocks   
    Congratulations!! I can't wait to watch the pounds drop through your blog
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    Shemy-away reacted to Vicki0618 in Don't Take It So Seriously And I Promise To Do The Same   
    I Love your blogs! If you can't laugh at yourself you are setting yourself up for trouble. I mean, seriously, how can you not find humor in someone with puffy bangs, too much eye makeup, skinny jeans and 5 inch heels trying to tell you that you made a bad decision...LOL....Keep it up!!!
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    Shemy-away reacted to ChaChaBurch in Week 6 Update- In Love With Life!   
    Congrats on your NSV's! I'm so glad that your doing so well!!
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    Shemy-away reacted to marilyn1022 in Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!   
    hope u feel better soon
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    Shemy-away reacted to Missmarbe in Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!   
    Sorry you were feeling bad. I understand the AMA thing. I felt bad Friday, called my doctor and he sent me for outpatient IV fluids instead of to the ER and I was HAPPY!!! ERs have too much of a wait time. I hope that you are feeling better. It's scary to think you may have a leak and I pray that you don't!!! Please keep me posted!!
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    Shemy-away reacted to Liberated Sleeve in Week 4/ One Month Since Surgery!   
    I'm sorry you are feeling ill Natural. You mentioned you got your period and I noticed on another post you said you weren't able to get your vitamins in like you should. I wonder if you might be really low on Iron? That on top of being hydrated would really suck.
    Have you talked to your doctor again since you left the ER?
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    Shemy-away got a reaction from LilMissDiva Irene in Every Day I Wake Up It's A New Story...   
    I have faith in you LMD! I know you can do it! I can't wait to see you at the end of 60 days!
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    Shemy-away reacted to topgun in I've Been A Bad Girl...   
    Joni said it quite well. If you've got to eat, so be it, just make sure you eat the right stuff and you'll be fine.
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    Shemy-away reacted to hope2Bfitand40 in I've Been A Bad Girl...   
    Rhap, I 've been wondering how you are doing.
    A mis-step does not make you a bad girl! Please remember that, it is the all-or-nothing thinking that gets us overweight in the first place.
    I had surgery on the same day as you, and I too can take normal sized drinks and I can keep drinking and drinking the protein shakes. I am hopeful that this is a normal part of healing and when we add some food, we will feel full.
    Hang in there!
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    Shemy-away reacted to Lissa in I've Been A Bad Girl...   
    You can fall into bad habits again. The surgery doesnt fix our head issues with food. It just keeps us from eating too much food at a sitting. Now soup is actually more liquid than anything else, so it can go through very quickly. Just because you drank 8 ounces of soup does NOT mean that you'll be able to eat huge amounts of food.
    You said that you basically failed to plan and ended up taking in more/wrong food. You already know that you're going to have to plan better from here on out. I assume you're on clear liquids since soup is freaking you out, so make sure you prepare things that are allowed at this stage and take them with you. Later, it's a good idea to keep a couple of protein shakes handy and/or carry a protein bar at all times. I do lots of driving, so I make sure I always have a protein bar in my purse. That way I don't stop and eat somewhere that doesn't have good food choices for me.
    BTW, you are NOT a bad girl. You're in a learning process right now and it does take some time! Good luck!
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    Shemy-away reacted to Joni in I've Been A Bad Girl...   
    Well Rhap, since I'm new and preop, I don't know much - but I do have my husband who is 1-year postop to tell you about. He has lost 100 pounds, but could have lost much, much more by now. I must admit, I wasn't much help to him this past year but little by little he increased his eating. He has a real sweet tooth, and he indulges. He has definitely stalled in loss and routinely regrets "eating too much" and too fast.I can see he could easily start to gain again at this rate. I can see how this surgery can be undone and am afraid for him. Hopefully, once I have the sleeve next month, he will get back on track with me. My advice to you is not to beat you down, but just warn you - be very, very careful with what you are doing. You know you can, you came this far not to undo it.
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    Shemy-away reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Day 4: I Think My Reserves Are Depleting   
    I believe you are still on liquids? If that's the case then any liquids you consume, even protein shakes can add to both your liquid count as well as your protein count. I even used to substitute a few meals per day with protein shakes to do my best to get everything in. I still rarely did, but I think the main thing is doing your best. Just remember, fluid intake is #1, then protein is #2. HTH
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    Shemy-away got a reaction from pussnboots in Day 4: I Think My Reserves Are Depleting   
    hope2Bfitand40 thanks for the support! I know I'm not the only one but some days it sure feels like it!!
    How do you measure your sips? do you use a small medicine cup or do you just estimate?
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    Shemy-away reacted to hope2Bfitand40 in Day 4: I Think My Reserves Are Depleting   
    Rhapsody, great questions! I am feeling much the same way on day 4. I tally my cups of protien and liquid and write down what times I take medicine/vitamins. It stresses me out though, as I have only been able to get down 7 oz (28 grams) of protein and about 28 oz of G2/water. I was told to get to 48 oz. of liquid plus 45 grams of protein.
    I feel the same way with the pains and air as I take each sip. Walking around seems to help, but not enough.
    Hang in there, you're not alone that's for sure!
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    Shemy-away reacted to LilMissDiva Irene in Day 4: I Think My Reserves Are Depleting   
    Hey lady! So, are you on any kind of acid reducting medication? If your stomach is rumbling that is not head hunger. Head hunger is pretty much uncontrollable ( they can be controlled but hard to do! ) desire to eat.
    Anyhow, having a lot of acid can mimic hunger pains. I use Prilosec and as long as I'm eating protein first I rarely feel hunger pains even this far out from surgery, and even when I do they are faint in comparison to pre surgery.
    The pain while swallowing does go away, rest assured. It took me at least three weeks from what I remember.
    *hugs* NO worries, you're doing excellent.
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    Shemy-away reacted to futureskinnypants in One Day And A Wake Up!   
    Good luck, all will go well. Don't worry and atleast you'll come home to a nice clean house.
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    Shemy-away reacted to Patienlywtng on my Curves in One Day And A Wake Up!   
    You will do fine. You body will be 'tricked' so to speak. Try to get some rest in and relax. All is Well!
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    Shemy-away reacted to Missmarbe in One Day And A Wake Up!   
    Everything will be ok. Praying for you.

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