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  1. The week after Christmas I went into Aerie and bought an adorable pair of boy cut underwear with blue buttons and anchors. It was the first pair of panties that didn't come in a value pack that I have bought since I got pregnant with my first child 23 1/2 years ago. Wahoo!!! I call them my "pretty girl panties."
  2. lkcraig316

    Rant - clothing size (pics)

    I am all messed up size-wise too. I could probably wear a 10 or 12 in my butt and legs, but I have to get a 14 or a 16 for my belly and FUPA (HAH! I learned something new!) I'm mostly wearing Large tops, but do sometimes wear an XL if it is fitted around the belly area. I'm down to 157 and thought I'd be in smaller sizes than this. But when I think back to the fact that this time last year I was wearing 26/28 I feel better.
  3. lkcraig316

    Re Engauging The Couch To 5k.

    I just did my first day of C25K today! I probably haven't run since I was in my teens. I did OK. My neighborhood is not completely flat so one of the times of running, I slowed to almost a crawl because it was uphill. On the flat I did fine. Now to just motivate myself to do it two more times this week after a day of work. I will be glad when it stays light out longer. I guess that's when a treadmill would come in handy!
  4. Surgery 5/2/2011, lost 84 pounds so far, but I'm not done yet!!!
  5. You look fantastic! It does take a while to get used to your changed/changing body. Sometimes I still feel like they are going to find out I shouldn't be shopping in the "regular" clothes and are going to send me back to plus size. Keep up the good work!!!
  6. lkcraig316


    My "full" signal used to be a runny nose. Weird, huh? Now I just get the runny nose when I'm eating something really spicy. My signal now is a hiccup. It's usually just one and means STOP. When I get them 10-20 minutes after a meal, I think they are just "normal" hiccups because they keep on for a while.
  7. lkcraig316

    Double Ear Infection

    You should be fine by then. I feel for you. I had ear infections as a child and I have had a few as an adult. One of the most painful things. Get well soon.
  8. I do a Zumba class once a week and have been doing it since I was 4 months out. I have added a Pilates video, which I'm hoping will tone my arms and legs, strengthen my core and improve my balance which changed SO MUCH after all the weight loss. I'm thinking about doing the C25K training and I would love to get back on a bike. However, I have this horrible fear of getting on and immediately tipping over. I will have to get a little more confidence before I give my neighbors a big laugh. Also, I want to roller skate again, but see the bike fear above. Sigh.
  9. Congrats, sexy legs! I think my butt was the first to go. I'm still having trouble losing the belly, so my pants always look baggy around the butt and thighs. I have started Pilates, so I'm hoping to shrink that belly.
  10. lkcraig316

    The Stomach Gurgles......

    7 months out and my tummy is LOUD! I find it is worse when I have just eaten a tiny bit or when I drink something. It doesn't feel bad at all; it's just embarrassing! It will usually last 5 or 10 minutes and then apparently it goes back to sleep.
  11. No complications with the surgery. One major annoyance: I had a horrendous rash all over my body a week after surgery that we have no idea what caused. Oral steroids and a steroid shot and within 3 weeks it had cleared. Minor annoyances: reflux (I now take two omeprazoles per day), loud and embarrassing gurgling when I'm digesting and that's it. Every annoyance I had multiplied 10 times would still not make me regret the surgery. I am a whole new person . . . or a half new person!
  12. lkcraig316

    Bad Santa

    My goal was to get through the month of December at least maintaining the same weight. I thought I was doing so badly, but I actually have lost 3 pounds. And let me tell you, that included cruise food, bites of chocolate and all kinds of Christmas goodies, and of course large holiday meals (well, as large as my tiny pouch will hold). I have done some exercise this month, which probably saved me from a gain. But I go back to work tomorrow after 10 days off and I have already packed my lunch and snack, so I'm back on the "good girl" train again!!! Glad you enjoyed the holidays.
  13. Thanks for the post! We seem to be on the same trajectory. However, I have only had 2 children so I can't even imagine going through that 11 times! What a strong lady you are!!! I'm 48 and started at 241. I had my surgery in May 2011. I am now 8 months out and weigh 157. My goal is also 140. I'd like to get a little below to give me 3-4 pounds of wiggle room. I also do Zumba every week and it is the most fun exercise I have ever done. When we went on our cruise last month I took yoga and loved it too. I just bought a Pilates DVD and I think that will help with toning and with my balance--which has changed so much with the weight loss. Still have flappy upper arms, belly sagging and that stupid turkey chin. But I have so much energy now and can do things I haven't even thought about for 20 years! My daughter is getting married in July of 2013 and I plan to be wearing a sexy (but age-appropriate!) mother of the bride dress. I have a more recent picture, but for some reason I can't get it to show on my posts. Technologically challenged, I suppose. Lisa Craig
  14. lkcraig316

    It's Official!

    CONGRATS!!!! Your ring is gorgeous. I know you will make a beautiful bride.
  15. lkcraig316

    My First Cruise!

    By the way, I have tried every sort of way to change my profile pic. It's showing up as the correct picture when I go to Edit My Profile, but on my posts I still have the old picture from September. Any help?

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