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  1. HI, I am not sure how much help I will be able to be to you but I will try. I had lapband surgery 9 months ago in August but did not get my first fill until February. I had lost about 30 pounds on my own since I had my surgery until I had my band filled and was at a platue so I went ahead and had a fill. (my first and only fil so far) On April 9th I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. At the beginning I had a little trouble because my band felt so tight that anything I ate made me sick but not pregnant sick just my band is too tight sick. My OB said to drink ensure drinks in place of meals and figure out what to do with the band. It seemed like as soon as I got ahold of my band doctor I did not have any more problems with it so with that being said we decided that IF myself and my OB felt that I was getting enough nutrition for me and the baby we did not want to let out the band any unless I had more problems. I am now 13 weeks and have had no more problems with my band at all. I had to change up my vitamins a little and I eat a lot more meals through out the day but myself and the baby are fine. I have lost about 12 pounds since I found out I was pregnant but my OB says that is fine since I am still considered over weight. Any ways like I said I am very early on in my pregnancy and have a long way to go but so far so good.
  2. My husband and I have been TTC for over 4 years and at 290 pounds I decided to get banded due to the fact that after trying for 4 years I did finally get pregnant and while I felt ok except being nearly 300 pounds I ended up having to deliver my son at 35 weeks with him weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds 2 oz. THis was a huge scare for us and we decided to loose weight before trying for another. I had my first fill in February and have lost a total of 54 pounds and to my suprise found out we were expecting baby number two and I am at 5 weeks pregnant. I plan to stay filled as long as possible but I have noticed my band fills loose. So I am going to just continue to watch what I eat. Hope this helps!
  3. desireeallen

    Early prego symptoms or lap band issues?

    I had a couple of weeks that my band felt so loose that I could almost eat anything. I was also platued at my weight and found out yesterday I am 5 weeks pregnant. From what I have read some haband tightness issues as well as looseness issues, mine seems to be loose but I am going to continue to watch how much I eat.
  4. I was banded in August of 2010 and have lost 54 pounds!!!!! I did not get my first fill until February of 2011 due to the fact that I wanted to lose as much weight as possible in my own. About two weeks ago I platued and to my great suprise yesterday we found out I am 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!!!!