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    Well, I decided NOT to get an unfill because I really didn't want to over eat on vacation, plus it seemed a little better by the time I left. I made sure I didn't eat anything that would remotely get stuck for the plan ride to New Orleans. I was doing fine the first 2 nights. Sure, I was very tight and couldn't eat much, but I was able to drink. BUT the day I set sail for the cruise was bad-really bad. I felt sick all day and could barely keep anything down. I wentto lunch took a spoonful and had to go to the bathroom to bring it up. On the actual cruise-well I tried to eat at the sit down dinner-but I simply could not. During dessert I was sick and excused myself. I tried rushing back to my stateroom and I didn't think I would make it in time, but thank goodness I managed to get to the bathroom! Uggghh! Not a good day. The rest of the cruise was better, still tight, but better. I even finished a lobster tail!
    When I first got on the scale when I came home it said I gained 4 pounds-but no way that was possible with the amount of food I ate! The next day it said I only gained 1 pound! Whew! That's more like it!
    I am still tight, but it's getting a little better. I still can not eat more than a dixie cup of solid protein. This morning I had oatmeal with a chopped up banana and a few sprinkles of nuts. It all went down without a problem!
    Today I go to a BBQ-we'll see how that goes. The last few days I have not been able to drink beer. I know we aren't suppose to anyway, but I like a coupld at an outdoor event. It takes me hours to finish a beer and then it's warm. I guess that's good.
    I know it's got to loosen up soon. I have a September 2nd fill appointment-we'll see!
    The danger of being too tight (besides PB and getting stuck) is overeating. I know this doesn't sound right but you get really hungry and tend to go for slider foods such as ice cream and other sliders. The band really works with solid protein to keep you full so a too tight band isn't necessarily a good thing.
    Today the scale said 215 - I can't wait to see it in the ones!!

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