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  1. Yorkie Fan

    Anyone Start At 240Ish Lbs?

    You will do wonderfully! I am 15 months post op. I started out at 241 lbs with no thyroid and now weigh 149. I walk about 30 min. each day and since I travel for work all the time, I am always challenged with learning to eat well on the road. Good Luck!
  2. Yorkie Fan

    Unjury Chocolate Splendor

    I have found that if I plan well for the day, I don't need Protein shakes. A typical day for food looks like this: Breakfast: 16 oz skim milk (which takes me a while to drink so it doesn't all happen at one time) and a greek yogurt (this totals about 27g of protein, depending on the yogurt) Lunch: 4 oz of meat (28g of protein) usually mexican in nature easy to eat out with my group from work Dinner: 2 oz of meat and veggies (14g of protein, sometimes more meat if I slacked earlier in the day) Snacks: veggies or fruit with a piece of cheese and lots of Water or tea. I didn't start incorporating Snacks until later on in my journey. I can tell you this, I am never hungry even when I skip snacks which I do. My doc and nut both want me to get in 60 grams of protein, this is a preference by doctor. Please follow whatever they want you to get in. I can tell you that my doc's thought process is that you shouldn't live your life on a Protein shake and that you are meant to get your nutrients in by eating them. So far it has worked for me. Believe me there are some days that my stomach is just not interested in solid protein. Those are the days that I drink more milk and eat more yogurt. Hope that helps, Nichole
  3. Yorkie Fan

    Unjury Chocolate Splendor

    I stuck to sample sizes. However, after surgery and the liquid and mushy phases were over, I haven't had a single protein shake. So I wouldn't advise you to buy anything in bulk. Plus your taste buds really do change after surgery.
  4. Yorkie Fan

    Tailbone Pain! Omg!

    I have the same problem. Frequently when I sit for long periods, my legs go numb and the pain in my rear is ridiculous. The doc told me it's just because I no longer have any cushion back there, so sometimes I pinch the nerves.
  5. Hi there. I had my revision from band to sleeve in June 2011. I am just over 14 months post-op and my weight as of this morning in 149. I started out my revision at 220 lbs (started WLS at 241 lbs). I had a ton of complications with my band so after 18 months I had it removed. It is so worth the second surgery!!! I am so much happier with my sleeve than I ever was with my band. I was very fortunate after surgery. I had only one complication, it was dehydration. I will tell you that happens to a lot of people. My doc just gave me some fluids and I felt amazing after that. My weight loss came pretty steadily. My biggest piece of wisdom is that you are worth so much more than you know. Even though your band has caused you a ton of grief, it will actually benefit you in the long run. I have found that having had my band for 18 months prior to my revision that I learned to eat slowly and without the liquids. So after my revision, I have not had any issues with learning to eat with a much smaller stomach! Feel free to message me anytime. I'll be glad to answer any questions or just listen. Good luck! Nichole
  6. Yorkie Fan

    Vitamin Help!

    You may also want to try Nature-Made. That's what I take because all of the others weren't working for me. I take the Pre-natal gel capsule. I have had no Vitamin deficiencies and I am 11 months post-op. Nichole
  7. Yorkie Fan

    Sleeve And Thyroid Issues

    I can tell you I have thyroid issues. I had mine removed almost 5 years ago. My TSH runs between .2 and .5. My doc says everything is fine. But I will tell you that she doesn't listen to the test results. Instead she listens to how I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing. The only time that you would have to take thyroid medicine for the rest of your life is if you don't have one like me or your's does not function at all. I would see a really good endocrinologist and see how they treat Thyroid Disease. Don't put off having it looked at, as we can't survive without a functioning Thyroid. (Sometimes I feel like it is the brains of the whole body operation, at least that is how you feel) Something else that you may want to think about....my endo told me at my first visit post sleeve that she noticed a huge difference in my TSH numbers. My body was absorbing my meds far better because of the reduced fat in my diet. Nichole
  8. Yorkie Fan

    Got My Booty Shorts Never Thought 155 From 233

    Congratulations! You look great! No moo moo's this summer! Nichole
  9. Yorkie Fan

    Band To Sleeve (New Member)

    Welcome. I am a band to sleeve revision. You will find a ton of us on here. From my personal expereince, it was the best decision I have ever made! Check out the forum that is for Band to Sleeve revisions. It is about half way down the page. I did not have any problems thus far with my sleeve. You can read my profile to read about my expereince with the band. Anything that could go wrong did. Just PM me if you have any questions that come to mind. Nichole
  10. Yorkie Fan


    Hi Jenn, Here is the information you need: http://www.tuftshealthplan.com/providers/pdf/mng/bariatric_surgery.pdf This will give you the code which is 43775. It also gives you all the info for approval process. Hope this helps! Nichole
  11. Yorkie Fan

    Am I Dreaming? *pinches Self*

    What an awesome surprise! Good luck!
  12. Yorkie Fan

    May I Join The Group

    Welcome to the family! No need to ask to join us. There is plenty of room on this site for everyone. Good luck on your journey! Let us know how we can help. Nichole
  13. Yorkie Fan

    Restaurant Food

    I am also on a business trip right now. Here is what I did during that phase. Soft fish, Beans, if you have unflavored Protein powder with you add it to mashed potatoes. I also ate though a little high in sugar, smoothies from Jamba juice with protein added, Chai Tea from Starbucks (Venti has 9 grams of protein and Grande has 7 grams), skim milk (8 grams/cup I use this a lot to make up for my lack of protein on the road.) For lunch today I am thinking about having grilled chicken and salad and a snack of Peanut Butter with saltines this afternoon. You could also do chicken from a can, if you need to. Hope this gives you some suggestions. Let me know if you need some more. I travel all the time and am always looking for something different to eat than my usual. It gets harder when I am overseas though. Nichole
  14. Yorkie Fan

    Thanks A Lot To The Forists...

    Paula, Good luck next week! I'll keep you in my prayers. Welcome to IMHO the best support system for the sleeve. Nichole
  15. Yorkie Fan

    How To Stay Satisfied?

    Almost forgot...lunch is at noon and dinner is at 7pm. Any milk I didn't finish in the morning I drink before bed.

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