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  1. So far, so good! However, I am not really hungry. Things smell good, or look good, but when they hit my mouth, the taste I used to get isn't there. It is great for counting calories and portion control, but disappointing for gratification! That is my sleeve keeping me honest, and I love that! I have lost 14 lbs since surgery on august 16. I have bought a few new clothes, as my fat look wardrobe is no longer acceptable! I only want the best me possible, no more dowdy and frumpy stuff! I have not seen a size 18 in over 10 years! Yahoo! Love my sleeve!
  2. What an achievement! I hope to reach my goal of losing 125 lbs in one year, but if it happens way before that I'll take it! I was sleeved on August 16th and am down 12 lbs since surgery. In the 6 month scheme of things I am down 36 lbs. And, the scale is now stalled, but not going UP!!!! Stall away, but don't go up is my prayer. It is a dream come true so far. Am not hungry at all so far, and can't eat more than 1/4 cup without being stuffed! Starting vitamins so portion size not critical. Filling in with protein shakes so it is all OK! I am lovin my sleeve so far, and hope it all continues!
  3. ScentsyLady

    Things I now know

    What a wonderful story! My problems are nothing compared to that! I am laughing so hard all my incisions hurt!!!!! Priceless!!
  4. ScentsyLady

    Things I now know

    Oh, this darn smart typing! I meant to say the clear tape over my incisions, not infusions! They are itching me to death! Can't wait until tomorrow to get those suckers off!
  5. ScentsyLady

    Things I now know

    Right on the money! This is the best thread ever agreed! It does take a big man or woman to admit yeah I am changing my underwear again!!!!!! So what! Sneezing should not be trusted either! And my clear tape over my infusions are driving me nuts with itching! I can't wait until tomorrow when they come off. However, on Saturday after letting this run its course and many undie changes later, my husband picked up some liquid immodium ,.and I take a half dose of two teaspoons in the morning and it has calmed down to just one or two times a day and I don't have that sicky irritated bowel feeling anymore! Happy days are here again! My shoulder pain is gone, and with the sharts cured, I feel great again!
  6. ScentsyLady

    diahrrea after surgery?????

    Thanks! I did start to take something yesterday. I let it go for a few days to let my body get rid of the anesthesia. I am taking liquid loperamide. I am taking a half dose as I want to slow it down not stop it.I sure don't want to be stopped up either. I am also waiting til I see how things go in the mornings too. Hope this helps someone else!
  7. ScentsyLady

    Things I now know

    yeah, those **** sharts! Best advice, if you think it is gas, get up and go, don't trust it! If you even feel a twinge, get up and go, don't trust it! If you even have a "feeling" get up and get to the bathroom! Otherwise, cleanup time big time. I will be soooo glad when this phase is over. It is my biggest enemy. I feel fantastic otherwise. I also have been able to slow down and actually "think" what can I have, what is best for my sleeve where before, what the hell, I am having it! The head hunger is bad, but much more controlled than before. I can't wait to start purreed foods and maybe the sharts will eventually pass.Most everyone says it is because of all the liquids and gas getting out. I hope you guys are all right!!!
  8. ScentsyLady

    diahrrea after surgery?????

    I don't know if you can actually count it as it is off and on after each Protein drink. broth and Jello don't seem to cause the gurgling and diahrrea. It is making me lose weight and I worry I will get dehydrated. I am drinking all the time but I still worry. Thanks for your reply.
  9. ScentsyLady

    diahrrea after surgery?????

    Thanks! I didn't want to call the Dr for something dumb. I had some actual chicken broth and that went fine. I think it will be ok as you said when I can add something else in. Thank you for your reply. It put my mind more at ease.
  10. Hi all! Has anyone had diahrrea after the gas started moving? I have it after I drink my protein drinks and after my liquid meds. My stomach starts gurgling and away we go to the races! Has anyone else had this and how long did it last? I don't want to get dehydrated. I feel fine otherwise. I was sleeved the 16 th and it started after I came home on Thursday. I was told to expect some, but this is fricking rediculous! Thanks to any who have a reply for me.
  11. ScentsyLady


    I guess cause the Dr said trust no farts and you could have some explosive diahrrea, I assumed that it was ok. However, since it did not start until Friday and it is the weekend, I didn't know whether or not to take something. It is not a good feeling to wonder if I could make it if we go somewhere. Anybody else have diahrrea afterwards? If so, how long did it last and did you take something for it? Thanks for any help on this.
  12. Hi! I was sleeved on august 16th. So far, everything is going well. With the problems you listed, I commend you for taking this leap of faith! It is scary, but in the end you will be glad you did! So, take a deep breath and go for it! I read every post op post and painted a worst case scenario and still did not change my mind. My recovery so far has proven what my gut told me, I need this procedure and will deal with each problem as it comes. Hang in there and keep reminding yourself why you decided to do this in the first place, ok? It will be ok in the end. Best of luck to you and keep us posted, ok?
  13. ScentsyLady


    Thanks!! I don't know how long the runs will last, but I noticed it is better so far today. I don't know where anything could be coming from since I did the cleanout thing the night before surgery and have had just protein drinks and sugarfree jello since. I have lost 3 lbs since surgery! Tmi I know! But got to tell the good bad and ugly for the folks considering a sleeve. It is all good so far and will get better each day!
  14. Hi All! I was sleeved on Tuesday August 16th at 7:30 am. The sergury took about 3 hours total. I had to have a hilatal hernia repaired also. Everything went well in recovery and I progressed enough with post op instructions that I don't have to have the shots in the belly and I got to have my drain out too! Yahoo for the drain going. It did hurt when it got pulled out. I came home on Thursday at noon. I have not had any trouble with nausea or throwing up. However, I do have a lot of gas rumblings and it is tied to Diarrhea, so I do not trust any gas pains right now.The pain in my shoulder sucks as it hurts when using my breathing machine thingy they sent home with me. I had a shower today and the incision where the drain tube was in is not closed yet, so will keep an eye on that until it does close. No problems getting my Water and Protein in so far. I feel absolutely great! I read everyones story in the forums and was prepared for a really rough time, but it just shows everyone is different, so be brave, and go for it!!! I will keep everyone up to date every couple of days, or if I run into any problems.Got to get my ticker going!

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