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  1. nikki c

    3-5 Foods You Can't Niw Live Without:

    I start on high then cook on low the rest of the time. I can't remember the oz , I would guess 32? It's the large old el paso can, not the small one (I think there are only 2 sizes). It's big... Sorry! I'll try to look next time I'm at the store.
  2. nikki c

    3-5 Foods You Can't Niw Live Without:

    @maddysgram - thank you, and you're welcome!
  3. nikki c

    3-5 Foods You Can't Niw Live Without:

    8 chicken breasts 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1 bell pepper Several jalapenos (I do about 5, the gest cooks out a lot) 1 can diced green chiles (sm) 2 chicken bouillon cubes 2 lg cans old el paso enchilada sauce 3 cans black Beans .5 bag of frozen corn Salt and pepper to taste dice all the veggies and throw everything in the crockpot. cook 6-8 hours, then pull the chicken and shred it (it falls apart). Put the chicken back in to soak up juices and leave crock pot on low. This takes about an hour, I like to leave it juicy. I divide this into smaller dishes and freeze it. I take out one dish and it serves about 3 meals for me. I like it with melted cheddar cheese and crushed red pepper, then dipped into sour cream. it's low carb, high Protein and DELICIOUS! Sorry the measurements aren't exact, I created this recipe and usually just wing it
  4. nikki c

    3-5 Foods You Can't Niw Live Without:

    Crockpot enchilada chicken boca meatless burgers cheese Deli Ham Protein shakes You can use the PB2 as a paste after you add Water, but the taste isn't like normal Peanut Butter. It's kinda grainy and unsweet, tastes a lot like ground peanuts. I looooove it in homemade shakes, tho - nice protein kick!
  5. nikki c

    Plication Lapband Fills

    I wasn't nervous either. It didn't seem like a big change to me, just another tool. I will tell you that now that I'm closer to goal the pounds are harder to lose and the band is REALLY coming into play. Before I could rely on my plication, but now that allows me to eat too much to lose.
  6. nikki c

    Mirrors Vs. Pictures

    I see myself larger in the mirror than I a in photo. Just like jachut said, when I see a pic of me with a normal sized person I can't believe it! It was a HUGE revelation!
  7. nikki c

    Plication People!

    I was nervous right after surgery because I was also hungry. I think fills are necessary with plication, definitely for me. Plication was not enough. I was still hungry, still eating fast and able to drink. I guess I needed the restraint the band forces. You have the band, why wouldn't you fill it? That seems ridiculous to me. Every tool will help you, use it!
  8. nikki c

    Plication Lapband Fills

    Forgot to answer: I've had 4 fills total. I've plateaued since march/april. Struggling for every ounce of loss now, but I'm getting really close to goal so I expected it. still frustrating, though. I have days/weeks when I'm very hungry, then days and weeks when I'm not or my band is too tight to actually eat substantially. When I'm on a hungry streak I just make sure I follow no carb and eat until I'm not hungry. I try not to eat until I'm "full", just until I'm not hungry anymore. I find it's easier to do that if I start with very small portions - like 3 oz of meat instead of 6. 1 piece of cheese instead of 2. I'm still visual, I want to see a clean plate. Any more questions, I'm happy to help.
  9. nikki c

    Plication Lapband Fills

    I was banded and plicated june 2011. I'm down 83 lb, from 268 to 184. I'm happy with my decision, I think the plication has helped a lot. One main reason is that there are some days with the band that I can eat like im not banded. Anything and everything. The plication keeps me from eating a lot. I can way about the size of a kids meal if I'm not restricted by the band. My first fill was 4 weeks after surgery, I hit green zone at the third fill (possibly a little past green, but I like it tight).
  10. nikki c

    My Fitness Pal

    Hi guys, I'm always looming for mfp friends, I'm skinnybitchnikki. Add me!
  11. nikki c

    Anyone Located Jacksonville Fl........

    A friend of mine said dr p is not at the practice anymore...idk. I liked him better.
  12. nikki c

    Anyone Located Jacksonville Fl........

    Im working to 150. Thats my goal. I'm now healthy, active and way more attractive, just want to reach that dream weight. Dr cywes is my dr too!
  13. nikki c

    Anyone Have, "bad," Band Days??

    I have days where I struggle with absolutely everything. I actually got WATER stuck once and had to get rid of it. I just live with it, figure I'll lose more cause I have such a huge calorie dip that day.
  14. nikki c

    Anyone Located Jacksonville Fl........

    I'm in jax, middleburg exactly. Im here for support! find me on my fitness pal: skinnybitchnikki
  15. Im in jacksonville, fl and was banded by Dr. Cywes june of 2011. If anyone needs a buddy or mentor feel free to contact me!

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