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  1. Hello fellow sleevers. I am 12 days out from surgery and doing great. My only problem is I am not exercising yet, nor do I think I am up to it. I do take short walks everyday and I mean short. I do my everyday activities, but by this time of day I am beat. I cannot imagine adding exercise to it. Will it get better? That is a rhetorical question because I know the more I lose the better I will feel. Can you motivate me? Not sure where I am on my weight loss yet because I am determined not to let the scale get me down. I can tell in my clothes and I can tell by how I feel.
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    I was all set for the band until I found this page. I have completely done a 360 and now I am convinced the sleeve is best for me. 3 questions: Any recommendations for surgeon in Atlanta/Gainesville area? I have United Health, has anyone been approved through them and about how long did it take? The insurance said I had to be on a Doctor's supervised diet for 6 months prior, why is this and what does it involve? Thank you for all your help.
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    Thanks, i in fact do have the package, but I have not done anything with it. Would you mind telling me what kind of supervised diet you are currently using? I go to my regular Dr on Feb 9 so am planning to get started with the pre-reqs on that day. Do I find my own Psychologist or does the Bariatic group do that?