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  1. BandedAnnie

    Tania77's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  2. BandedAnnie

    2.5 Mo Post Banding

    I have not been good at staying on top of this blogging thing! I was hoping to document my every day but then life got busier and busier....so I will put an update out here. It's been over 2 months since surgery, I feel great. I'm getting comments often now as people are really noticing a difference, which is so encouraging. I'm down 35 lbs and almost 2 sizes in pants. I'm wearing a pair of pants and sweater that I haven't fit into since 2004! Now that is an incredible boost! I did 20 min on the treadmill the other night and it was like nothing, my knees didn't hurt, my legs felt great, I felt great! I've learned that I have to take Milk of Magnesia still, for some reason I have trouble going to the bathroom since surgery. I'm thinking it is with things digesting so slowly? Not sure but the little elixir works great anyway! I've also had 2 fills. I'm not at my sweet spot yet as I still feel I can eat more than I should be able to, or more than I expected I would be able to handle. I've had a few rough patches were I ate a sweet and my deisre for sugar was back! I've now gone back to fruits or natural sweets to fulfill that. Otherwise I will not see the results that I want. I'm loving the new me though. It is a wonderful feeling....I've got a trip planned for the end of January to the Bahamas and then Florida, so I'm really looking forward to being in a swimsuit again! That will be when I hopefully REALLY tell a difference!
  3. BandedAnnie

    2 weeks Post Banding

    This is so encouraging to read that...I go in for my fill on Tuesday the 18th. I can't wait because my stomach growls almost all day long. I am eating small portions but still more than I expected I would be able to eat. I am seeing my seemstress tomorrow and hoping she can bring some of my pants in as they are all way too big! THanks for the encouragement guys!
  4. BandedAnnie

    3.5 Weeks Post Banding

    Well I will admit I hit the wall of discouragement this week. I was having trouble going to the bathroom and then when I checked the scale I gained 2 lbs! That is NOT a good feeling after going through all that we have gone through to get to this surgery and then since. I called my Dr and was only getting through to the nurse, which is just so aggravating at times. Now don't get me wrong, I understand and appreciate nurses and they are the backbone of any Dr.....however....I REALLY WANTED TO TALK TO MY DR!!! (i'm done yelling) I know that persistance is what works with Dr's offices though so I called back yesterday telling them how I was feeling hungry all the time, able to eat a lot at one sitting. They moved my fill up a few weeks, thank goodness! I'm having my wedding reception on November 11 and was so hoping to lose more before then. I have my dress fitting tomorrow and was not excited at the thought of no fill for nearly another month! Today I have felt a little bit more full after eating but still not like I was right after surgery. My daily food intake is pretty good I think. I have either one egg with fat free cheese for breakfast or I juice a few pieces of fruit. I have a snack around 10a, either jello or yogurt or cheese stick. Today for lunch I had a cup of soup from the work cafe. Usually for dinner I make a salmon filet. I try to get my fish in everyday, such good stuff in those little guys! I've not eaten breads and hope to stay off of them. I should rephrase that, I had noodle one night. I became SOOO tired immediately afterwards that I was convinced, breads are just off limit. No need for them People are really noticing that I have lost and that is an amazing feeling. It is also an odd one because I get the comments "Oh, don't lose too much, you don't want to lose your curves" I will NOT lose any curves, I am way too curvy to begin with They just might 'tame' down a little bit, which will be great for fitting into jeans Have any of you gone through a mini makeover yet? I have already had my hair cut shorter and highlighted blonder. I lost about 20lbs and felt like I need to do something with my hair!? I guess that is normal for the body changing...other things feel like they need a change too. I even did my first 'workout' this week! I have a dance video workout that teaches latin dancing, what fun it was! Now maybe I can learn to dance and get thin! I only got about 30 min of it done, was too tired after that, but it was a great feeling. I can't wait to do it again!
  5. BandedAnnie

    2 weeks Post Banding

    Well I'm just a little over 2 weeks since surgery. I have had my first follow up with my Dr and all looked good. Now I wait a month and then can start to receive fills. I was all of a sudden able to start eating soft foods and more of them this week. It is so nice! Although I have to be cautious what it is because my stomach is very sensitive. I am able to eat more than I expected but my husband keep reassuring me that is only because of having no fills yet. I'm excited to get a fill actually because now I find that I am hungry more often. I don't have that 'full' feeling like I did when I was still swollen. But I am still only eating small amounts, about 1 C. per sitting. People are starting to notice the weight loss which is fantastic! I have grown out or 'down' out of my pants but I don't want to get anything new yet! I'm doing what I can to use the clothes I have until I get down more. I hate the idea of buying clothes now and then more in a few months. So far though...very satisfied and so happy that I had this done!
  6. BandedAnnie

    Day 9....

    Today starts my 'pureed' diet. I can start to eat blended foods or things that are a bit more substance. However, the gas that I still experience with even water makes me think I won't be eating that much differently yet! I am trying some sugar free pudding right now, two tiny bites so far...and still doing ok! I have never been someone who can eat 'just a little taste' so this is shocking to me to eat such a small amount and be ok with putting the remains away for the next snack! My wounds are healing everyday. I'm sleeping better and can roll over a lot easier each day. I'm finally seeing a difference or feeling a difference in my clothes too, which is just so encouraging! How can I not keep going when I feel so much better already! I have to be honest, I can barely fathom me in the size that I will be when I get to my goal. I haven't been that size in over 15 yrs. Which seems like yesterday many days but not that I'm down 20 or so lbs and I feel lighter, I can just barely imagine how good it will feel when I'm down another 70!!! What an amazing journey....so much to look forward to!
  7. BandedAnnie

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Hi everyone....I was banded last Wednesday, the 21st. My first 24 hours was the hardest. Once I got home, the sleep in my own bed was magnificent! I still am dealing with the gas pain in my upper back/shoulder area but it seems to be only after I eat. I'm barely eating anything, but there must still be gas in there, so any little thing aggravates it. I can now lay on my side and when I lay on my left side, it always helps with the pain. I have to generally lay on my side during the day once or twice. In fact, today is my first day at the office and I'm in a bit of pain this afternoon because of not being able to rest on my side yet. I feel well all in all. I think someone else mentioned the first 5-6 days are the hardest and I agree. I just keep looking at the milestones though. This Friday I get to change to a new stage in my diet and so I'm looking forward to that! That helps me get through each day. I hope you all are enjoying your 'new you's' and that we can all keep encouraging each other!
  8. BandedAnnie

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    Oh I'm so sorry that you had a breakdown....I hope that you won't have many more. Just think of the GREAT work you are doing to get healthy. You will be so proud of yourself!
  9. BandedAnnie

    6 days Post...

    Thanks for the notes! So GasX we can take after surgery? I think I will need to get some. I feel good when I wake up but by the end of the day and with even a little water, I feel gassy again! I can't WAIT till that is gone! I'm also amazed at how tired my body gets. I had a full hysterectomy three years ago and don't remember feeling this tired. I might leave a little early today just to get home and rest because that seems to be a very important thing right now!
  10. BandedAnnie

    6 days Post...

    Thank you! How are you guys doing?
  11. BandedAnnie

    6 days Post...

    Thanks! I was 'feeling' my head with my hand and I didn't seem hot so I was figuring it was that my stomach was upset....today I see one of my Drs so I am going to tell him about it.
  12. BandedAnnie

    5 days Post Banding

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone, and for reading! It just helps to know others out there in the world are going through the same things. This is a hard process and one that I realized I can't really talk about if the person hasn't gone through it. So it is wonderful to have others in this with me!<br>
  13. BandedAnnie

    6 days Post...

    I think I overdid it yesterday. I felt ok while out at work, and luckily my job is rather easy at a desk. But I was up in the night not well. I was very cold...and shivery. I never got sick, but did just now. I felt ok when I woke up today but I feel weak now. It might just be because of the 'trauma' that the body is going through. I can't imagine this is 'easy' on our bodies! I decided to stay home today and work and maybe for a few more days. The Dr that saw me in the hospital thought I would take at least 2 weeks off of work! I was surprised by that, but now I understand. I think it is a daily thing and one should be prepared to have certain days that you just need to stay home and rest. My food intake is so small! For instance, this morning all I had was 1/2 c of Boost protein drink. I measure everything out because I am not fully aware of how much is 'too much' yet in my body. I then had my daily vitamin and calcium, which is what put me over the edge. I am not 100% sure when we are to start taking those, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready yet. I also seem to have a lot of air in my stomach still. When I do get sick, it is more of air pockets that seem to come out. I just got a small glass of ice water and I'm hoping to sip on that for a while, so far 2 small sips and it is staying down. Yeah! Well, it is a rainy day here so a good one to hang out in the house...I have decided what food I will eat though when I can be back on solids! 1 crabmeat sushi roll! My husband had some last night and I just craved them! They are my favorite and I told him although I will probably only handle one, that is what I want for my treat!
  14. BandedAnnie

    5 days Post Banding

    <br>Thanks! I'm excited for you too! It seems to take forever to get surgery going, but then once it happens, it seems to fly by! I can't believe I am almost one week post!!! Tomorrow will be one week already! It seems surreal that long has gone by!<br><br>
  15. BandedAnnie

    5 days Post Banding

    <br><br>So we are like 'banded' sisters! lol How are you feeling!?! I've had a lot of 'throwing up', although nothing really comes out! (sorry for being graphic!) I can barely eat anything, which is all in all a WONDERFUL thing, but I sometimes feel like I want to eat and if I have a sip too much, out it tries to come. I guess we are getting used to 'new bodies' and so we are learning how to live with them now, like a baby that has too much formula! They don't know how much is too much, they just drink until there is no more, and then puke it up hahaha...anyway good luck to you! Let's keep in touch, I need to hear from others on where they are at so I know if I'm experiencing normal things! <br>

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