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  1. seniorsleever

    January 2011 Sleevers

    Mine is Jan. 24 in San Antonio. It's nerve-wracking to wait, I keep thinking "Maybe this is a big mistake, maybe I could back out." But then I remember How many times I tried only to regain all the weight plus more. This is the best option for me. But, oh do I miss carbs!
  2. seniorsleever

    Mother in law

    I am on my preop diet, too--and hating the Protein shakes. My husband says if I want to try other brands he will go get them for me, and he bought himself TV dinners and cooks them HIMSELF! I don't have to see them and if I stay in my craft room I don't even smell them. Is he great or what?? (I wasn't even sure he knew how to use the microwave!) My mother-in-law is deceased, but she would have said about the same things yours did. I think part of it is just the times are so different now for us that they were for them. The only person I have told other than my husband is my 27 year-old son, who supports me completely. I am particularly keeping it from my older siblings, because I know they would wonder why I couldn't lose weight without such a drastic surgery. It's not losing weight that is the problem, it is keeping it off that this will fix for me.
  3. seniorsleever

    C-Pap and Bi-Pap Users

    I was wondering about this, too. I have used my CPAP for a year now, and I will be glad to get off it. My RT says that we can reduce my volume and if my O2 sats are still good we can continue reducing it until I am off it. I hate it because it leaves marks on my face that take hours to disappear, but if I loosen the straps it leaks.
  4. Not weighing more than most football players. Being able to sit in the inside on the Himalayan. Being able to GET ON the Himalayan. Being able to sit in any chair I want without breaking it or getting stuck. Not being told my tires are going flat. (Funny, they don't look flat when I get out to look at them.) Getting up off the floor without using the elephant method. Going shopping without a cart to use as a walker. Weighing less than my husband for the FIRST TIME. I can hardly wait! I said my goodbyes to Mexican food today after my stress test. I went to a great restaurant that I hadn't been to in years and really pigged out. I forced myself to eat everything on my plate even after I was full. As I waddled to the car, I realized it felt awful, and it wasn't even that good. Adios, enchiladas! My diet starts on the 1st.
  5. seniorsleever

    Any January Sleevers?

    Jan. 24 in San Antonio!
  6. seniorsleever

    My Day Tomorrow!

    Good luck! Let us know how it went for you as those pounds start melting away!
  7. seniorsleever

    pre surgery over eating

    I can relate. I'm scheduled for surgery Jan 24, and am starting my dietary changes on Jan 1. (I'm having tests this week that require a high fat meal.) The doctor requires that I lose 10 pounds before surgery or he will CANCEL IT! Not gonna happen on my watch. I have been eating my favorite foods and feeling very nostalgic about them. I want one more Mexican meal (my high fat meal) before New Year's but then I am ready to start the Protein shakes and Clear Liquids. It will be a relief in some ways--like finally leaving town on a vacation you've been planning for months. It will feel kind of good to purge my body of all those carbs.
  8. Wearing pretty lingerie again--no more granny panties and boulder holders! I have dreams about being able to run.....
  9. seniorsleever

    Sleeve and CPAP use

    I am scheduled for the sleeve on Jan. 24, and I currently use a CPAP machine every night at 17mm/hg. The result is that I have a lot of gas (belching and otherwise) especially when I first wake up. I am worried about the CPAP causing gas immediately post-op. I can imagine how painful that would be! Has anyone else dealt with this problem, and how do you use a CPAP until you have lost enough weight to go off of it?
  10. seniorsleever

    Sleeve and CPAP use

    Thanks for your answer. Maybe I need to reduce my pressure a little. I see the doctor soon, I'll ask about that. I didn't have the gas problems until they raised my pressure.
  11. seniorsleever

    January Sleevers

    My surgery has been scheduled for Jan. 24. I have to have a nuclear stress test, lab work, an upper GI, and a chest x-ray all in the next week or so, and if they go okay, I'm all set. My doctor wants me to lose 10 pounds before surgery--I think that is do-able. I'm not going to worry about it until after Christmas, though I am trying to be more careful what I eat. I'm trying to clear away most of my stress-inducing activities as this will be more than enough!
  12. seniorsleever

    So rude

    When someone makes a rude or insensitive comment, cock your head in a curious way and say, "I wonder why this topic makes you feel threatened?'' Then just walk away. In other words, make the REAL question "why does this bother YOU so much?"
  13. Hi, Kesha! I'm new at this too. I had my seminar on Saturday. I have Tricare insurance, it pays for bands and bypass, but not the sleeve, so I'm going self-pay. All I have to do is get a cardio consult and I'm good for late January. I'll be trying to get through the holidays while eating healthier, hopefully losing a few pounds. My husband is going to start me on a walking program (he is a retired Rehab nurse, and will walk with me.) I'm looking forward to getting the sleeve done. I'm not worried about the surgery at all, although I must confess to having some grief over not being able to pig out anymore. I am a food lover! I liked the idea that the sleeve gets rid of the part of the stomach that produces ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry. That's always been my downfall while dieting--I would get so hungry that it sabotaged the diet. I'll have to work on the habit of eating lots of carbs, and I know it won't be easy. But I know I can do it. You can too! Good luck!
  14. Hi! I am a newbie--I just had my first meeting with my doctor today. I am scheduled for a VSG sometime in late January, pending a cardiology okay. I am a 54 y/o female living in Corpus Christi, TX. My surgery will be with Dr. Patel in San Antonio. I'm not well versed in using forums like these, so bear with me! I have been fighting obesity unsuccessfully for nearly 40 years. I feel like I've tried everything out there, with very little success. I'm tired of fighting. I want an end to the war! I have high blood pressure, osteoarthritis in my knees, heel spurs in both feet, sleep apnea, and IBS. The doctor assures me these will all get better when I've lost the weight. I sure hope so. I need a great support group, and I've been reading these forums for over a month now and I think I've found it. Thanks for being there, everyone!
  15. seniorsleever

    January Sleevers

    Toni, I also have decided not to tell very many people. My husband and my doctors are the only ones right now! My husband wants me to tell one of my sons, though--just for safety's sake. I don't want my family policing what I eat, nor do I want every conversation to begin with, "How much have you lost?" I'll probably tell my younger son just before the surgery, since he will have to dog-sit for a few days. The only diet I'm on pre-op is to try to eat healthier--higher Protein, lower carbs, etc. since I'm self-pay. My insurance covers a bypass or band but not the sleeve, darn it.
  16. seniorsleever

    January Sleevers

    Cludgie, I wanted to say I wish I had taken this step when I was your age! I am 54, and just now able to afford the surgery. Keep a positive attitude--I'll try as well. It may not be easy, but there really is a power in positive thinking!
  17. seniorsleever

    January Sleevers

    Hi! I'm a newbie--I just went to weight loss "boot camp" today. I am scheduled tentatively for late January, but I still need a cardiology okay. I am a self-pay, so I'm on the fast track. I'm still a little nervous about the whole thing, but I'm determined to go through with it. I can barely walk due to joint pain, use a CPAP machine, and wear special spring-soled shoes to help my heel spurs. I'll have my surgery in San Antonio. I've been reading these forums for a month or so, and could hardly wait to be "official" so I could join in.

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