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  1. Marti

    Sunbating and scars

    My scars practically disappeared the more tan I got.
  2. Marti

    I wake up nauseated?

    I am 6 weeks post op and have been nauseous for 4 weeks. I didn't want to eat or drink anything so I wasn't getting in my water. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said our bodies are trying to get rid of years of built up toxins - this makes us nauseous and not drinking my water was just compounding the problem. He said I need to make sure to get my water in to flush out the toxins and I would start to feel better. Makes sense.
  3. I am 4 weeks out and I have no desire to eat or drink anything. Nothing tastes good.. I feel sick to my stomach most of the time. I am getting a little worried that I can't find anything I like to drink. I don't want to get dehydrated.
  4. There is a pill you can take instead of drinking the liquid. Ask your doctor about that. I have two friends who did it that way.
  5. My doctor told me that it could because that incision is where they removed the stomach and depending on the size or trouble they had getting the stomach out I could be sore for awhile.
  6. I am on day 6 - my problem is I feel like I've been kicked by a mule on my left side today. No incision pain though. I was sleeved at Forest Park on Tuesday. Anyone have a bruised ribs kind of feeling? I laid on my right side for a while yesterday and I'm afraid I shouldn't have.
  7. Are either of you having surgery tomorrow in Dallas? Mine is at Forest Park Medical tomorrow
  8. Hi curvy8, mine is tomorrow as well. We have already committed to this process and just think how you will feel next week when you step on the scale! I'm excited!,,,, good luck tomorrow
  9. Sychadelic- best wishes. I will probably not sleep tonight- sleeved tomorrow
  10. Legal, thanks for the suggestion. My surgery is tomorrow so I am afraid to try that so close. But if this continues afterward I will certainly try this. Thank you for the well wishes-I AM READY!!!
  11. Hi Heather - my surgery date is the same as yours - March 22 and I plan on going back to work the following Monday. I sure hope I feel up to it but if I don't I will take a few more days off. Good Luck to you next Tuesday I'm going back after a week. I'm determined that I will be ok.
  12. I am on my 11th day of full liquid Protein pre-op diet and I have no energy. I am getting in 54 to 68 Proteins and I am drinking my Water. Did anyone else have this fatique? My surgery date is next Tuesday and I am worried if I feel this tired now I will be super tired after my surgery. Too tired to breathe!
  13. Marti

    Where are the 50s ???

    Hi - I am 57, 58 in June and I will be sleeved next Tuesday. I am very excited. Only wish I could have done this when I was younger!