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  1. Georgia

    5 years and it is never too late

    For me, to lose or keep lbs off, I cannot eat Too much protein. Has to be a balance of good fats, moderate protein and low carbs. Too much protein will stall weight loss.
  2. Georgia

    Am I a 'recovered' morbidly obese person?

    You do know this is exactly the Keto eating plan. High fat, moderate protein, low carb. The REAL fats help curb hunger and your body has found the right formula if those for you!
  3. I’m 8 1/2 years out and I’ve gained and lost about 20-25 lbs every two years or so. It DOES take will power and realizing we are losing like NORMAL peeps now. Keep it in check before it snowballs. I’ve always lost FAST. Not so much now and only thing that works for me is low carb/Keto. In process of losing that same regain now and have lost about 12 pounds doing Keto/low carb and not eating after 8pm til about 11am. Easy because I am a meat eater. You CAN do it. Just focus on NO GRAZING, snacking and basics!
  4. I will definitely be praying for you! Peace and healing to you! 🙏🏻
  5. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Denise, oh my! I LOL at the teeth! I would have puked and then RAN! Disgusting! What a way to win friends and influence people!!! Ha! Been super busy. Had a free for all on junk for a week or so starting with baby boys first birthday party and cupcakes. . Back on track now and took off the pounds so feeling better. Amazing how we can just go right back to old habits so quickly. Well, me anyway. Here's the birthday boy, Elton John Crochet. EJ
  6. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Praying things get better for you, Coops! Life can throw us some curves I know. Hugs and . ❤️. Yep, "the sun will come out tomorrow..."
  7. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Yes, it was Cathy! Kinda low key for me. I did have a good lunch with my daughter and "grands" after Church which is always a treasure. Hope all the other "Moms" had a good day. When/do you two on the other side of the pond celebrate?
  8. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    CGJ, yep,if I start carbs, I get so much "hangrier !" Ha! Hangry because I am hungry and then I get angry. . Right at 161-163 and still want to lose another 5-7 to maintain about 155 or so. At my height any lower and I start to look really OLD. I like being lower but my face can't take any more wrinkles and my neck starts to look like I've had a tracheotomy! Ha! Seriously, this is for the birds. One of my dear friend's daughter had roux n y about 3 years ago. Lost the weight and looked great and now in the last six months or so has developed extreme anemia and iron loss to the place where she has about 65% of total blood she should have, been given two units last weekend and barely moved the levels. Has a heart monitor because irregular heart beat etc. malabsorption. She is young and I tried repeatedly to warn her to be sure to REALLY take her vitamins and supplements etc. but you know how the very young are. She has a great team of Drs working on her now so hopeful they get her back to healthy Made me thankful again that I chose SLEEVE!
  9. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Yes, if you "hold" on the FB pic it will bring up a window to "save the image". You can then go to the BP app and upload the pic from your saved pics in your computer or iPad.
  10. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Sorry to be late, Coops! happy belated birthday. I'm glad it was a great day!!!
  11. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Sarah, so glad to hear from you but not about your loss. I know exactly what you are going through. I lost my Dad and my Mom and she really never truly made it back to a full life. Just too many years "joined at the hip" so to speak. I'm so glad you got to be there for him and WITH him too. Love and hugs. It will come in waves now. Grief. After a while, the memories and love are at the forefront and the sorrow behind. [emoji173]️[emoji173]️. Denise, get that Grandbaby here so we can see the pics!!!
  12. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Okay, one fast day down. Ended up at about 600 which I will take since the food choices were good. And, glory be, I was only up a pound from my 11 day trip! Made me see and belief that the weight I lost during first three months of year are REALLY lost! Just need to lose another 7-8 to be where I want. My daughter and oldest grands (who are all thin) constantly tell me not to lose more-that I'll be a bag of wrinkles which is somewhat true. Ha!!! Kinda discouraging at six years out. I always had very firm upper legs (best feature was legs ) and after weight loss and added years I have flabby "cottage cheesy" upper legs. Sigh. Wish I'd had the ability to do this ten years earlier and might have had a chance to keep firmer but, it is what it is. And no, I do not exercise adequately. Ha!!! I am back down easily into my size 10 and some size 8 skirts and med/large tops. If I can just keep it all in perspective. I definitely feel much better MENTALLY as well as physically when I am in control of food choices. Cathy, you def need a vacay from your vacay. Coops, I had a bit of that too. I used Omeprazole when I really had burning sensation. Cleared up once I started controlling diet better but I have some sporadic episodes. Had one last week after too heavy a meal and used some Heavy duty Tums to cut the acid.
  13. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Caught up on all the "drama" and "life" just now from our gang. Love having you all as a source and friendship. I just got back last night from 10 days away. 3 on way to Vacation at the beach, stopped in NOLA to see son and family then on to Panama City Beach, Florida for a week. Turned out to be good weather, no rain and just warm enough to be able to sit out and enjoy the sand by noon or so. I started out thinking I'll stick to my routine I've been following since January and then. Decided just to enjoy myself. Didn't go crazy and couldn't eat nearly like I had in past. Just a few frills here and there like pumpkin bread from Starbucks ( my absolute favorite) an ice cream cone or two and some higher carb lunches. Haven't weighed yet but I did some serious walking too so don't feel I've gained much and will join in to the 5:2 crew. Just not Monday for me. I do better when I'm work so it will be Tues and Thurs most weeks. Kim, I agree about adventure. I've realized that it's now or never for me. Hubs would be content I think to sit on porch and read FB and watch CNN. I'm not there and hope to not be for several years. He is 5 yrs older than me and not in great health so I kinda understand but.... I'd say position yourself to live life now. Coops, it sounds like you've had a real struggle. I'm hoping health wise you have recovered and that you can find a school that will bring some fulfillment at least. Wonder how Sarah is? Haven't heard from her in a while. And others too. Well, back to the salt mines tomorrow. I really would be independently wealthy so I could quit work. ????
  14. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Denise, can't wait to see some pics of the new grand once she arrives! Kim, you have more guts the. Me I can tell you that. I'd never have made it down the driveway probably. I do think as I get somewhat older I am becoming more anxious about stuff I never was before. I can see my Mother coming out! . She was a beautiful person but very fearful on a lot of counts. Anyway, if it makes you anxious I'd ditch it. (Figuratively. ) Here's my view til Sunday. Hubs and I enjoying a week st Panama City Beach FL. Swing through New Orleans first for a couple days to see the Grandgirls and Son/DIL then drove here on Sunday. Nice. A little chilly yet in the mornings but very relaxing and that's my goal.
  15. Georgia

    How was your 5:2 day today?

    Denise, I've been there. Sometimes we just get down and don't really have a good reason other than the "what's the use, poor me" one. THATS when I tend to junk eat so being back on a routine has really surprised me. I feel so much better emotionally. Not totally out of sorts and hangry!! [emoji16]. Like Sheryl said, maybe plan a trip to see the grands or just a fun trip. Enjoy the sunshine. Life is short at our age. Hahahaha!!!!!

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