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    How hard is it not to feel jaded?

    I appreciate when the newbies post of their successes. The reason is that it reminds me of the elation I felt when I was seeing success for the work and commitment I was putting in. It was very motivational to see the results and know that I was doing what I needed to do to make this work. When I read such posts I hope that their victories are providing them with the same elation and validation I felt when I was where they are now. As a side note, one would be very wise to document such events, NSVs, feelings of elation, etc. There comes a time when the NSVs and the, "wow you look awesome" encounters fade. We all begin to live in what is our new normal. It is in those times that it is beneficial to be able to look back and remind ourselves just how important those events were to us and just how far we have come.
  2. Paul11011

    How hard is it not to feel jaded?

  3. Paul11011

    I am so happy!

    Awesome! You have done a wonderful job of showing the best benefits to this whole process is not the number on the scale rather its the amount of life we're able to live. Enjoy!
  4. Paul11011

    Why I Post aka That guy's an A Hole

    I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my post and more importantly for replying to it. It is only through honest interactions that we can all grow and develop, both as a community and as individuals. I would never intend to say that I will always be right or my experience is encompassing of all WLS experiences. When I'm wrong, I expect to be confronted about it, hell it's the only way I can move beyond my own ignorance. There are many paths to the end goal, but there are some paths that will only lead to setbacks, undue difficulties and failure as well. Those are the paths I will not encourage one to go down, nor would I want to be allowed to travel blindly down myself as I look to others for guidance. Again thank you all for reading and for your responses.
  5. Paul11011

    Why I Post aka That guy's an A Hole

    LMAO... I wish it was worth taking a picture of, but I'm so afraid you'd just be disappointed.
  6. Paul11011


    LMAO, gotta admit, I opened it for a similar reason.
  7. Paul11011


    Mine dropped right down to the center of my back, I look like a camel now! Mine went away entirely, nothing there now but vertebrae.
  8. Paul11011

    When can i eat?

    This is the perhaps the worst advise I have ever heard. Your BF, somehow, is able to eat more and the wrong kinds of foods at 3 weeks post op than most people can or should at 6 months out. In addition to that you actually tell someone to push the envelope and unless there are problems that develop, they are fine? Wow! Do you think playing Russian Roulette is a good idea too? After all there is a 5 in 6 chance that everything will be just fine.
  9. Paul11011

    When can i eat?

    Where you seriously not given any instructions on what you SHOULD and should not be putting into the recently incised organ inside of you? Any conversation about food desires aside, you have to give the stomach time to heal and 5 days isn't enough.
  10. Paul11011

    Hey! How about an update?

    Wow, it's been a long time since I have been here. Post sleeve life has been good. Ups and downs and unforeseen events but the majority of it I would not trade if I could. Weight is still an important part of my life but it does not hold the control over me that it did while I was obese or even that it did for the first 18 months post op. I was fanatical about doing everything right in order to shed the weight as quickly as I could. It worked by following the recommendations of my surgical center professionals. I have since realized I can not live the rest of my life so regimented and constrained. That does not however mean that those things that were recommended and I proved worked will be abandoned. It is really about using those tools I learned, in addition to my surgical tool, to manage my weight for the rest of my life. My weight is under my control I am not under it's control. I started my journey on Nov 23, 2010 at 492lbs. One year post op (Jan. 10, 2012) I was 200. Today nearly 2 years post op. (Jan 7, 2013) I set here at 196. This is about 6 lbs heavier than I want to be. I had gotten to a low weight of 177 around September 2012. I was still 4lbs away from "ïdeal" weight but my body fat was under 9% and I felt like crap. For once in my life I made a conscientious decision to be heavier. That concept is still surreal to me even as I type this. I found that I felt the best and looked the best in a range between 185 and 195. I am using a target of 190 as my new life goal. Now is where I get to make myself feel better and preface that this is all weight before any removal of loose skin so in all reality my "real" body does weight less. My best guess based on others I have seen that have had removal is that I have at least 25lbs of skin that could go. Will I ever be able to get the skin removed so that I can actually see what my "real"body looks like? Who knows, I doubt it. And yes there is a bunch of extra skin. I like to make jokes about it, after-all who doesn't want a butt that looks like a Shar-Pei? The reality though is that it sucks. I have bags and folds that are a constant reminder of the size this container used to be. I can dress it well but in my birthday suit it is not a pleasant sight. Uhhhhggggg! Is the extra skin burdensome enough to regret the decision to have surgery, nope, never. The surgery is still the best decision I have ever made. One statement of advice to those looking to go through this that have significant others (in the pre-politically correct days I would have said spouses). Be very aware of what THEY are going through as you are on your journey. This affects them too and often in a blindsiding way. Even the most supportive and enthusiastic partner can get lost in the waves of attention that a successful WLS patient will be seeing. And trust me, when they get swept under and begin to feel like WLS has unexpectedly become their whole life too.....the results are not good. I hope you all are doing well and I will be back more often. I had forgotten how good it feels to simply put into text what is swimming around in my mind. Take care Ya'll!
  11. Paul11011

    Hey! How about an update?

    Holy crap! I did not get any notifications of these posts. Sorry folks, I wasn't ignoring you. Thank you for your comments. My date of surgery weight 456 to one year post op 200 was only a 256 lbloss. Only .
  12. Definitely not TMI. We're all adults here.....well for the most part and sex is a valid topic. Check out the powder Room Forum (Ladies) and The Man Room (Mens) for some other times this topic has come up. I personally am a big fan seeing it addressed here as well. There are changes that do take place after WLS that do affect ones sex life. Some of the obvious changes are the physical differences but there are also emotional and psychological changes that take place too. Can't wait to see the response. My post WLS experience with this topic is that it has been a great time! Getting used to the "new equipment" (my wife's term) has been a welcome bye product of the process. Oh and the other sex question that comes up is how long after do you have to wait? Me, I made sure that I was out of the recovery room first.
  13. Paul11011

    Before and After Pics

    Thank you. I am still getting used to seeing the "new" me in the mirror. I still expect to see the other guy.
  14. A little perspective. According to your profile you started at 225 lbs and your goal weight is 135lbs. That is a "goal expectation" of losing 90 lbs. As of the time of your original post, you had lost 17lbs. Sooooo you had lost 18.8% of the total amount of weight you have set to lose as your goal. Now with an additional 2lbs lost that brings your total to 19lbs which is 21.1% of the total weight you want to lose, not too shabby for 6 weeks out. The extra weight did not come on overnight nor will it leave that way, even with the magic of the sleeve. As long as you're following your guidelines, just keep plugging away. You're over 1/5 of the way to accomplishing your goal.
  15. Paul11011

    Before and After Pics

    Get your butt down from that tub, you're going to hurt yourself! You look (and I bet feel) terrific, great job!
  16. Paul11011

    Before and After Pics

    Pic in blue shirt is highest known weight, 496lbs.
  17. Paul11011

    Boredom and old eating habits

    Thanks. The ticker is a little misleading though. Not sure quite how to best change it. I actually have been at my current weight for over a year. I got lower and decided to gain back a few lbs. (I never would have ever thought that would come out of my mouth). Thanks again for the nice comment.
  18. My BMI was almost 72. My insurance company said, "Get that dude under the knife!" Sorry carry on.
  19. Paul11011

    I hate skinny Beotchs

    Mark those words. You will not believe the difference. Sorry I digress, back to hatin' those beotches.
  20. Paul11011

    Help a newbie with TRACKING!

    All newbies please pay attention to this girl! She has just outlined a scientifically based approach to learning how to evaluate stalls, loss patterns and combined with regular weigh ins will have a great way to establish measurable goals. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugars are already accounted for in carbs, I personally would not track them separately. I use losit.com phone app. and website. If I were to start all over I think I would go to my fitness pal. Can not wait to see you succeed!
  21. Paul11011

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Yep, journal everything and stick to the guidelines given to you by your surgical center. Try to really understand that food is fuel, not entertainment, not a friend, not a hobby. Changing the mind is the toughest part and we need to start early while the restrictive benefits of the "tool" are most effective. Success is a marathon, not a sprint, persistence will pay off. Thanks everyone!
  22. Paul11011

    Looking for a buddy in michigan!

    What's this DETROIT you guys are talking about? *Just SW of Grand Rapids.
  23. Paul11011


    That's awesome that you're tracking everything! I still believe that is the foundation for everything. Trying to remember back to 4 weeks post op. I'm not at home or I would look it up. I was at mushies from weeks 2-6 and I'm pretty sure I still drank 2 Protein shakes a day. That would be how I got in as much protein with lower calories. I was usually in the 80-100 grams a day and relatively certain I was around 700 calories. Yep, it's good that your goal is the protein and not the calories. I think you saw where I was going with that question, because it is two entirely different mindsets.
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    Do you try to eat up to those calorie limits or do you try and get in your protein goals (assuming 60-80 min,) and if you end up that high in calories it's "ok"?