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  1. I could not get all my protein in and some days still do (sleeved 3/7). I've spoken to my doc and he says it's hard in the beginning but to stick with it.
  2. sleevemeplease


    Don't be sad. Have a tortilla funeral and say your goodbyes. I and just shy of 2 months (sleeved 3/7) and I stay away because of the carbs - whoa it's more than a day's worth in those. Any bread not toasted will or can get stuck. I use whole wheat crackers if I need something. You can do it I promise : )
  3. sleevemeplease

    Anyone tried Mio?

    Tried the sweet tea - awful way too sweet and my daughter loves the pomergante one (not sure of spelling). I loved water before and I love it after. I do like a slice of lemon in my water sometimes.
  4. sleevemeplease

    Coffee and alcohol

    Thanks all for chiming in! I have started to drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning but in all honesty it's really about 1/2 cup. As for an adult beverage I still haven't had one as I don't really want the extra calories and I'm afraid of how it will "hit" me. It does allow for my husband to participate as he knows he has a designated driver. I am more interested in losing weight than drinking but a nice glass of wine on the patio after a swim is something I am looking forward too.
  5. During the liquid phase I was craving mashed potatoes and counting the days til I could have them. I lived on them for the mushy phase but could only eat 3-4 teaspoons at a time. I tried the cream of wheat but....just wasn't for me. Good luck!
  6. sleevemeplease

    Am I stretching my sleeve???

    That is one of the things I've worried about too! I don't think we can which for me is such a relief. As everyone has said protein first and no drinking during your meals. It gets easier as you get used to it. I know the schedule of eating, drinking, walking is a full time job in the beginning. You can do this! There are so many amazing people on this site from everywhere who are so supportive and offer great suggestions.
  7. sleevemeplease

    Who Was Your Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

    My surgeon was Fernando Bonnani Director of the Bariatric Ctr at Abington Hospital. I would highly recommend him. I was in the hospital 1 night and the staff was great.
  8. sleevemeplease

    Day 29: Seriously, though.

    Wow! Good for you! I am so proud of you for posting as many of us have already stated we can relate and appreciate your honesty in putting it out there. I too have had some really crappy years 06 - 10 and said I am taking 11 to take of ME! Thanks for posting. Your words really hit home for me.
  9. sleevemeplease

    Tips for Success

    I am just one month out and I didn't worry about carbs until I hit the soft foods phase. I and 2 days from moving into no restrictions YeeHaw! My 1st month appt I've lost 37 lbs!!!! Take heart and know you need to heal first and you need nutrition. You will NOT gain. Good luck!
  10. sleevemeplease

    I DID IT!!!!

    Good for you. Keep up the good work!
  11. sleevemeplease

    1 year 4 months!!

    Congrats!!!! You are an inspiration for someone like me who is only 1 month out! Thanks for posting.
  12. sleevemeplease

    Puree phase

    I am in the puree phase and only eating the following. Greek yogurt one per day, sugar free pudding at least one maybe two per day and mashed potatoes. I am not getting near enough protein in on a daily basis. I really feel hungry today so hungry!!! This Friday I can move onto soft foods and I cannot wait! My question is do I start slowly with different foods? Do I stay away from spicy? What about ground beef? Should I just stick within hard boiled eggs and tuna/chicken salad with low fat mayo? Can I have toast with the egg or salad? Thank you all in advance for your wonderful suggestions!!!!!!
  13. sleevemeplease

    A week until surgery

    I was sleeved on 3/7 and can tell you I am still adjusting to the food intake. I give myself an hour to eat whatever it is I'm having, greek yogurt, protein shake, sugar free pudding, broth, etc.. I throw out whatever is left after an hour. Good luck
  14. Fernando Bonanni Director of Metoblic and Baractric Abington, PA He did my sleeve on 3/7 and is highly recommended in this area. Good luck to you!
  15. sleevemeplease


    Way to go! You should be so proud of yourself![

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