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    I love being a mom and a nurse. I am ready to put these lbs behind me.
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    movies, hanging with friends, reading
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  1. Its almost been a year and I am 100lbs down with more work to go but I have no complaints. I was beautiful before and even more confident and beautiful now.. I love me, I am traveling more comfortably and looking good while living life. I wish everyone the best in their endeavors and continue to reach for the stars..

  2. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary NewMe2Bee!

  3. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary NewMe2Bee!

  4. still working hard to get the weight off hope all is well with everyone

  5. NewMe2Bee

    sleeve day

  6. frustrated tryn to post pics

  7. sorry sleeve family about missing the meeting. I hate excuses so I won't give any.Charge to my head not my heart.. Hope all is well with everyone

  8. ok everyone I hope one is doing well.. I am going to put pictures up soon. I really have been feeling myself. this sleeve is incredible.

  9. Hope all is well with everyone...

  10. is this scale really accurate? 30lbs no way

  11. Almost 2 weeks post op and 25lbs of fat gone forever..... I am still trying to find foods that I can eat but its okay. I am going to love the newme2be. Hope everyone is doing well

  12. trying to eat egg whites today, I didnt cook them to hard so I can mush them up real good. I truly hope it agrees with me.

  13. NewMe2Bee

    Pain when sipping......

    Yes i am 6 days out and I have experience the stomach pain more with cold liquids though. When I sip warm liquids not so much. It's getting better as the days go by. I just thi nk its part of my healing process. I mention it to my doctor before discharge and he said that it was common with some of his patients and especially when trying to drink cold beverages. He said stick to warm for now until I can handle the cold beverages better.
  14. NewMe2Bee

    I don't feel that different...

    I don't feel different physically but I know that things are different because I cant drink a tall glass of COLD water. I know that things are different because the only things in my diet in the last 6 days are liquids. I know that things are different because warm liquids are the only thing that doesnt call my stomach to cramp up. I know that all this is going to take time to get used to but as of today I have all my energy and feel like my normal self minus all of the above changes.....

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