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  1. crosswind


    Hi there: Just want to follow up here on my own thread from two years ago and say that I did get my sleeve from Dr. Aceves in March of 2011. I had NO complications, no complaints, no problems whatsoever. I did not reach my goal of 155 but I am holding steady in the high 170s and I have done so for about a year. One thing I had to watch for was supplementing Iron and b12, which got me into trouble at about 18 months. But this had nothing to do with the surgeon or really the sleeve -- I just needed more of it to begin with, anyway. I do not regret my sleeve, or my choice of surgeon, at all so far.
  2. Well, that's true, NannieG. I've had a couple similar things happen to me over the past eighteen months. You *can* make the scale start to climb. I can remember two instances where I thought...hmmmm...I seem to be a little puffy. This had more to do with how I felt than what I weighed. I did check on the scale -- four or five pounds up one day. Could be Water weight, could be...not. So that's just a question of cutting back a little. The thing is, the issues just aren't as extreme as they were. I gain four pounds instead of twenty before I even notice. It's not a huge sacrifice to cut my calories back. . I imagine that's how normal people do it.
  3. I really don't think there is such a thing as a honeymoon. What I do think is that in the first months you've had serious, major surgery and had your stomach cut out and if you're not an alien this is going to cause you to eat quite a bit less than you did before. After your stomach heals, you're going to want more food. You'll be able to eat more food, naturally, since the scars have healed. After that period though -- in my experience -- the weight still comes off even at a much higher caloric load because your body really uses all those calories. When you get to a point that you're eating exactly what you burn -- you stop losing. I'm not sure if I'm there yet. The scale is still going down. Lowest I've seen it is 165; but it bounces up to 171 on occasion and every once in a while if I've eaten late at night a couple nights in a row. I look at it this way. I had the surgery because I wanted a permanent solution. Permanent is permanent -- there is no "honeymoon" small stomach and then it balloons and suddenly turns into my old stomach that could easily digest an entire pizza in one sitting. It just aint gonna happen. I have figured out a way to overeat, though, and that is to eat too many calorie dense minimeals too often. The problem is, though -- basically in order to do that I have to eat *all the time*. Eating over 2000 is so rare simply because all I'm doing in that case is finding stuff to eat and eating it. I just don't see the potential here to get four thousand calories inside me the way I used to be able to -- ever again. This was major surgery. It cost me twenty thousand dollars. It's permanent. I literally can not reasonably do more than that.
  4. . Hi there. I might the wrong person to ask because I did *not* diet and did *not* work out crazily. I mean I do get exercise -- Pilates 4 times a week -- but I don't obsess about either thing. I eat out of the grocery store and do eat CARBS; I hate Water and I'm sure I get in at least 100 ounces of fluids every day but that includes decaf and sobe lifewater and Vitamin water zero. So I was a slow loser on purpose. But let's see -- I think I got under 200 in February; to about 190 in March; I was 183 in April; 176 in May..and now to a NEW LOW of 172!!!!! It's about 117 down so far. My "goal" is 155. I keep thinking I'm going to stop losing at some point but so far that hasn't happened. I'm also in size eights these days. Be patient. It comes off even when you think it's not coming off.
  5. I'e got all kinds of stuff on my bathroom countertop. Stretch marks and the sagging are really diminishing although I know I can't hope for perfection. I'm using Mama Mio Skintight; Goodbye Stretch Marks, Boob Tube and Get Waisted body shaping cream, and they're all working a little bit, over time. I also have this stuff called Excel premium Stretch Mark Creme which got a fantastic rating on amazon. I just started using it a couple days ago though. I'm also down to 176, so a couple more pounds seem to be drifting off. I went to see a plastic surgeon in April. He told me a tummy tuck was the only solution ( of course) and if I lost any more weight the area would get worse. I'm not sure about this anymore. My belly is really looking a lot better and I keep asking myself if I would trade it for a tight belly button and a scar where I got slashed open from hip to hip. I keep thinking I'd really rather not have the scar.
  6. When I went to see the plastic surgeon he told me five pounds would come off that way and I guess it does account for some. My hips and waist are fine, but my arms are still kind of chubby and I have a little backfat. I don't think it's *all* gone, but I am five nine and some change and people keep telling me I look "fine". At 178 I'm five pounds over "normal" according to the charts. I think I have at *least* ten to go -- if that were my "new normal" I'd probably be happy with that. Cheri you went to Dr. Aceves too! According to his website, his patients lose 98 percent of their excess weight in two years, and that keeps rolling around in my head. I'm not ready to give up yet! I'm on the fence here. It's actually not always the best thing to burn through a plateau. I think rushing it too much can result in resistance that just keeps making you fight off those pounds. And the best way to mitigate loose skin is patience. I know I can make that twenty pounds come off. The question is whether I'm doing enough right now to make it happen and I've just hit a slow spot, or if I actually need to diet, drop my calories and add cardio. Right now I do a little walking and swimming and Pilates three to four times a week.
  7. It's been roughly a month since I posted a loss. That sort of isn't true, in fact I lost about five pounds and gained them back again and I'm now steady at about 178. My goal weight, when I got surgery, was 155 -- but I would settle for 158 without a problem. I had my surgery fourteen months ago with Dr. Aceves and I have lost 110 pounds. I have lost roughly eighty percent of my excess weight and this is the first month that I haven't seen any change on the scale. I have done this roughly effortlessly, without dieting -- and I had a month in there where I was drinking ALOT of wine -- still posted a loss of about ten pounds. Now I'm not sure what to do. The last twenty are bound to come off more slowly and my body has undergone QUITE a change so it might just be a little "catching up" my body is trying to do. I know I'm still eating under the calories I should need to stay at this weight but my metabolism could have slowed from the year I was giving it so much less to eat. I *really* want to get under 160. Last year it seemed like it was wasn't even a possibility, so I just left it alone. Now...man... I am *so close*. Right now I'm a size ten and even a tight eight. My waist is 27 inches, my hips are 37. I'm not sure if I should do a little more "leaving it alone" to see what happens or if I should really push off those last twenty. My problem is that I'm worried if I do that I'll gain it back and start yoyoing again, which I cannot stand and really can not do again. What do you guys think? Actual diet, or fortitude and patience?
  8. crosswind

    I Just

    ...buttoned, zipped and sat down in a pair of Size 8 jeans. Yep, pretty tight. Muffin top. 20 pounds to go. But...wow....
  9. One more: Mama Mio Skin Tight and Mama Mio Boob Tube. Seriously -- it's been five days and there is definite improvement. Not perfection but I'm not even concerned about perfection. Just bearableness. Try it!
  10. if you do, let me know how it goes .
  11. I just want to say before I tell you this that I am NOT a rep for this company -- it's me, Crosswind, who's been contemplating a tummy tuck lately because I hate my belly -- but I hated it before when I had my first kid and it just never snapped back. That was the first time I gained and lost 100 pounds and it was just hopeless. Well so now I've been applying myself to this problem rather diligently. I do skin brushing, which probably helps, bit since I'm a woman and I put a fair amount of weight on the entire area between my waist and my knees it all looks like a war zone frankly. But the tummy tuck thing I'm just not sure about. I'd love to have that perfect fantasy body but at the same time there are scars and risks and I keep asking myself if I want to trade marks for scars. Neither option is perfect but in the meantime, while I've been contemplating this, I ran across this stuff on Amazon called Mama Mio Skin Tight, which they sell to postpartum moms who are just confronting the shocking reality of the stretched out belly button. This is stuff works. It's not perfect -- it won't make you look perfect -- but it does make a *difference* immediately. I am not sure what its real results are over time because I just got this stuff yesterday BUT -- if you just want to look a little bit better right now -- under your arms, lower belly, upper thigh -- really, there is a little bit of tightening and smoothing going on that is just enough to make me think that if there was some slow...even minor change that could occur over time it might be enough to decide to skip the extra surgery portion of the body makeover. Seriously, try it -- you'll see what I'm saying. I think I paid 30 dollars on Amazon which is a lot, lot cheaper than surgery. Good luck!
  12. Lol. What I did was, I got a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy a year ago. Basically not a thing else. I did start a job which got me moving a little more and I got back into Pilates again a few times a week. I swam last summer, love the Water. But I did not diet,. as I keep saying ( alot). And I think I look pretty good, skinwise, because it all went so slow. I'm thinking the little bit of jiggle I've got might snap back if I go slow on the last 24. Maybe not to perfect, but who's perfect? Still considering the tt and the breastlift, but something is telling me to wait.
  13. Start: 289 End 179 Twenty four pounds to go
  14. Actually, you know what, it's not working. I tried to upload and it just hangs
  15. . Okay, cool, thanks...