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  1. Life Spice

    Hey Guys

    I agree!! I need to talk to some oeiole who can relate!! How have things been going for youso far?
  2. Life Spice

    Is this normal?

    I am having the same issues. Prilosec OTC did work. My doc perscribed Reglan and I also use Gas X for thr gas pain.
  3. Life Spice

    I guess I'm really gonna do this...

    Hello JoJo, I had my surgery on the 5th as well. So far so good. Are you having problems with the liquids passing through to your stomach? It hurts really bad and I do not know if it is normal....I have found that the ready made Jello does not sit as well as the kind you have to make yourself. How are things with you?
  4. Life Spice

    sucker punched last night

    I agree.... I think of the same thing often. But I realize that eating good food is my obcession and the reason my body is slowly dying. I think you did a great job of repositioning your thoughs to the more positive reasons for having surgery. I know that this is going to be aneven greater challenge once I am sleeved. I am so glad that this forum exists for support.
  5. Life Spice

    Before and After pic 7 months out

  6. Life Spice

    At the hospital!

    CONGRATS! TO YOU! you are such an inspiration. I am so glad that I found this community! and so glad to read you story. My date is May 5 and I am getting a bit antsy. I was thinking of the whole removing 85% thing as well. I know that I am making the right decision for my health and reading posts like yours further encourages me to continue my journey...after all it has been 2 years in the making!! Be Well!
  7. Life Spice

    How do you deal with negativity????

    People are just that "PEOPLE". They will never understand our reasonsfor choosing this option. Some of them may, but because of fear, negativity, or jealousy that they didn't think to make the change first, they allow what I call "hateration" to step in. I began my journey 2 years ag and I finally have a date (May 5)! I am so happy and I refuse to allow them to steal my joy. When I got my date Monday, the first thing I thought about were "People'. What will they say when I come back to work? Should I even tell anyone in my famly (because I opt out of sharing my personal business with friends and co workers)? I told my husband that I was not going to tell anyone...not even my family or my kids. I had even planned that I would say I was having gall bladder surgery and had even began my own little rumer around the office. LOL .....I began to think about it and the more I thought about it, I decided that I would tell my immediate family, which I did with emphasis that I did not wnat anyone else to know. I think we put to much into what people think. And that has alot to do with self esteem issues. My reasons for choosing the sleeve are: I want to be able to enjoy my children more, I am tired of being tired.... tired of my back, knees and stomach hurting, tired of coming home and sitting on the couch for 2 hours before I get the wind to climb the stairs to go to my bedroom. I want to get off the BP meds...The diabetic meds and I hate sticking myself! For once I would like to love me. We can never expect others to except what we are choosing or understand our rationale for doing so. So I say, forget them! Its all about ME! and only I know what is best for me! Once you accept that in your head, you won't even care what they say, I know I don't. I know that I can not wait until May gets here because if they think they are hating now! WHEW! just wait and see!
  8. Life Spice

    A NEW ME!

    Hello I am a newbie, and am glad I found this site. I initially pursued the lap band then I was introduced to the sleeve. My insurance just started approving the sleeve in January so I am excited. THey also required a 12 month nutrician plan all of a sudden, which I also finished in Jaunary. Just got my date today!! YAY! May 10th....can't wait. I was wondering how long before you can return to work? I would also likw to know how the adjustment was going back to work. Planning meals and such.
  9. Life Spice

    Awkward moment

    BBJ, I think you handled that incident well. I am already thinking of how I am going to arrange my time off from work, knowing that when I come back I will have lost weight and will have to deal with all of the same questions. I am ready though. I have found that when you share information with others they are either jealous or negative. These are two types of people I can not stand to be around. I feel that we all make the choice to change our lives for our own specific reasons. It's really no ones business and you don't owe anyone an explanation. I think sticking to the replies "eating less and working out" are enough to offer as an explanation. Nobody wants their business spread in a negative manner. Youhave enough to deal with with your life change. I commend you for your courage! Keep up the good work and let the "Haters" keep hating!
  10. Life Spice

    I do have one problem!!!

    Hello,are you in Hampton Roads. I am. Just wondering what part of VA you are in and who your doc is.

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