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  1. I was sleeved on August 29 and have also lost my sense of hunger and drinking Protein drinks and Water is a challenge. I am now using an alarm on the half hour to remind me to drink at least 4 sips. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the good wishes. I am moving slowly and trying to get as much liquid down as possible. I feel a little better each day.
  3. I had my surgery on Monday, August 29, and I am sore and have to move slowly as expected. I haven't had a lot of pain rather just discomfort but I have also have high tolerance level for pain so I must be careful. I'm moving slowly and adjusting to my swallowing slowly.
  4. Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have surgery on Monday, August 29 in Maryland. However, Hurricane Irene is making her approach to the DC Metro Area and will arrive this evening. We are expecting wind gust of up to 40-60 miles an hour later this evening and the electric companies have predictive major outages in the area for several days! I've been on a liquid diet for almost 2 weeks and I'm ready for surgery. At this point, I've lost my taste for food but I am also so very tired of Unjury shakes! I pray that my surgery will go forward on Monday and will be successful with no complication!
  5. lexusgirl14

    Dr. Cantor

    I had my initial appointment with Dr. Cantor a week after receiving my approval. However, the long wait time is for the surgery.
  6. lexusgirl14

    Call for "seniors"

    Hi All, I am awaiting surgery and I greatly appreciate senior "sleevers" sharing their experinces. As a senior, I have been concerned about the surgery and post op recovery. After reading the comments this evening, I feel much better! Thank you so much!!!!
  7. lexusgirl14

    Dr. Cantor

    Hi Ann 10, I am awaiting sleeve surgery by Dr. Cantor, an doctor who performs WLS at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Md. He is an excellent doctor, is friendly and straigth forward. He only performs Kaiser surgeries on Mondays and with Kaiser no longer using George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Cantor has a long waiting list. You will need to attend bariatric informational sessions at Holy Cross. You will find them listed on the Holy Cross Hospital web site under special programs or somthing similar. The session that focuses on Kaiser is the fourth Wednesday of each month and he requires patients to attend 2 or 3 sessions. You must register for the meetings but there is no charge. Information regarding the online support group is on the web site. I highly recommend you join this group. I have learned so much from members who have had the surgery! Dr. Cantor requires a sleep apnea test, so seek a referral from your PCP as soon as possible. Kaiser has several sleep study sections in the area. You will receive a machine to take home and hook-up the various wires to your body to record your sleep patterns and oxygen level. The machine must be returned the next day and a doctor reviews the data stored in the machine and determines if you have sleep apnea. Having sleep apnea will not cancel your surgery. A diagnosis of sleep apnea means that you will have to bring the CPAP machine to the hospital. He also requires a test to determine if a certain bacteria is in your stomach (can't remember the name). However, he will tell you about the test at the informational session. After surgery his patients must inject themselves with a blood thinner to decrease the occurance of blood clots. Hope this helps!
  8. lexusgirl14

    gasric sleeve piclation

    Congratulations on your successful surgery and weight loss thus far. I am 61 and will be having surgery in August. Please keep me posted on your progress! Best wishes!
  9. lexusgirl14

    My "Ah-hah!" Moment...

    Thank you for the beautiful message. I am awaiting surgery and experience bouts of frustration. Your message is so encouraging and inspiring for me. The best to you as you successfully continue on your journey.
  10. lexusgirl14

    Surgery in the Morning!

    The best to both of you for successful surgeries and recoveries. I love your positive attitude and loving bond. You are in my prayers and I look forward to reading about your progress!
  11. lexusgirl14

    African American Sleevers

    LR6909, Welcome on board! Reading your message brought back many memories. I was one of the two girls in fourth grade who wore a bra. I never ever wore a training bra or a "A" size cup! I am a "DD" size and know that the weight loss will result in smaller breasts and sagging. However, I will cope with that in exchange for being in a normal weight range for my height. I experienced a keloid from a previous surgery. Let the surgeon know that this happens to your skin and a remedy such as a cortisone shot can be administered. I've been approved for surgery and I am waiting for my surgery date. Good Luck!
  12. lexusgirl14

    Made a hopeful purchase today

    No, your're not crazy and you will wear the size 12 black shirt dress! Good luck on your surgery on April 22

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