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  1. I was sleeved on Aug 15th and have not really had many complications from the surgery besides the norm. Since I have been out of the hospital I have a hard time drinking and eating anything. I know im not doing Protein shakes like im supposed to and I go 2-3 days without eating ANYTHING. I drink maybe 20 ounces a day or so but im never thirsty. The smell of food does nothing for me now and I hadnt been hungry in two weeks(its amazing how I used to eat when I wasnt hungry pre sleeve too and didnt have to force myself) Anyone else out there like me? I tried sticking to a plan but its so hard to do since I got more time for living since Im not always eating. As of now, I ate about 3 oz of creamy mashed potatoes at noon on friday. I dont even feel run down like everyone says they are. Weird....

    I was sleeved on August 29 and have also lost my sense of hunger and drinking Protein drinks and Water is a challenge. I am now using an alarm on the half hour to remind me to drink at least 4 sips. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I am scheduled to have surgery on Monday, August 29 in Maryland. However, Hurricane Irene is making her approach to the DC Metro Area and will arrive this evening. We are expecting wind gust of up to 40-60 miles an hour later this evening and the electric companies have predictive major outages in the area for several days!

    I've been on a liquid diet for almost 2 weeks and I'm ready for surgery. At this point, I've lost my taste for food but I am also so very tired of Unjury shakes!

    I pray that my surgery will go forward on Monday and will be successful with no complication! :rolleyes:

  3. Thanks Lexusgirl,

    Now I did the sleep study, did the H plyoric test and ecocardiogram as well as went to two seminars@ holy cross had a physical too hoping that this could possibly speed up my process. I just got my referrel today for Dr. Cantor and believe you me I called member services and his office to update my contact info. How long did you wait for you first appt with him and how far out was or is your surgery date

  4. I would really love for some “seniors” to share some of their experiences. For example, your recovery after surgery, and maybe your progress since surgery. My insurance requires six months of doctor visits before approval. So, I still have three months to go and am still in the process of completing all the required test. I’ve been pouring over all the posts in the forums and I guess becoming a little apprehensive, especially in the area of recovery. I guess my biggest fear is the hours following surgery. I’m reading about morphine drips, etc. and wondering how much pain I can expect…honesty, please! .

    Hi All,

    I am awaiting surgery and I greatly appreciate senior "sleevers" sharing their experinces. As a senior, I have been concerned about the surgery and post op recovery. After reading the comments this evening, I feel much better!

    Thank you so much!!!!

  5. I want to know who has Dr. Cantor through Kaiser and how long is or was your wait to have sugery once you were approved by the committee. Also what do I need to do so that I can possibly speed up my process...........

    Hi Ann 10,

    I am awaiting sleeve surgery by Dr. Cantor, an doctor who performs WLS at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Md. He is an excellent doctor, is friendly and straigth forward. He only performs Kaiser surgeries on Mondays and with Kaiser no longer using George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Cantor has a long waiting list.

    You will need to attend bariatric informational sessions at Holy Cross. You will find them listed on the Holy Cross Hospital web site under special programs or somthing similar. The session that focuses on Kaiser is the fourth Wednesday of each month and he requires patients to attend 2 or 3 sessions. You must register for the meetings but there is no charge. Information regarding the online support group is on the web site. I highly recommend you join this group. I have learned so much from members who have had the surgery!

    Dr. Cantor requires a sleep apnea test, so seek a referral from your PCP as soon as possible. Kaiser has several sleep study sections in the area. You will receive a machine to take home and hook-up the various wires to your body to record your sleep patterns and oxygen level. The machine must be returned the next day and a doctor reviews the data stored in the machine and determines if you have sleep apnea. Having sleep apnea will not cancel your surgery. A diagnosis of sleep apnea means that you will have to bring the CPAP machine to the hospital.

    He also requires a test to determine if a certain bacteria is in your stomach (can't remember the name). However, he will tell you about the test at the informational session. After surgery his patients must inject themselves with a blood thinner to decrease the occurance of blood clots.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Well we are 4 days post op. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and prayers. They were certainly needed and appreciated. While I do feel sore I can tell you that I have not had one minute of regret. I know that this was needed. As I lay here sipping Water and watching all the diet ideas and even Oprah's 100 lb weight loss special on TV I knew that I myself need more. This is just the tool that I need. No it was not easy but so well worth it.. The great thing is we are all in this together and this forum would not be such a great support system if not for all of you.

    So this is my story:

    May 13th a.m. me and my bestie 2Sweet were getting ready to make our way to the hospital that morning when we both got a call bumping up our surgery time. So we all jumped in our cars (us and our entire family) and took off for the hospital...yippee. Surgery went well - I myself don't remember anything past rolling into the operating room. When I woke up - yep I ladies and gents I was in pain (we all knew this was not going to be a spa trip right). I expected to stay in the hospital one day but he found a few issues while poking around in there that needed to be fixed and that meant an additional day. But I tell you what, everytime I woke up from my drug induced happy state there was my sister....IV pole in tow....challenging me to yet another race around the nurses station. She was such a good sight to see although hospital icky cotton is not a good look on her. :rolleyes: Luv her! We looked like two bent over 100 year old ladies trying to relive our youth. One thing was true though....everytime we went for a walk we got a little stronger and walked a little better and had a little more strength to make it around that station one more time. Now I am working on getting use to my "Little Sleevie Wonder" To wrap up this story here are my facts:

    1. Yes there is pain but there is also wonderful drugs

    2. Do everything your nurse and doctor says

    3. Every day COUNTS cause each day you feel less and less like dog poo microwaved

    4. Sip sip sip walk walk walk

    5. Be patient each day you get stronger and this gets a little easier.

    6. It is soooooo worth it!

    You know what! We are all warriors! We can do this! We are already on the "Slim Side" cause bones don't gain weight - we just have some quilting to get rid of ;) .


  7. Well...it's here! I will have my surgery tomorrow morning and my sister (2sweet) will have her's right after mine. As I type this it is really hitting home. We are going to be new healthy people starting tomorrow morning....WOW !!

    Me and my sis have done so many things together in our lifetime. We have started businesses - been through weddings, divorce, births and deaths. We have each other's back - all the time - if one gets cut we both bleed. If one gets hit by a car...roll her over cause the other one is underneath. If one wins the Lottery....well she better give me some money or I will stalk her for life! Our relationship with food has been almost identical as well and so was our problem with weight. By far out of all the things that we have done together...all the projects that we have started and completed together.....this is by far the best and the most important project we will ever do together. We take care of so many people in our lives but this time we are taking care of ourselves. And Ladies and Gents - this is only the beginning. I can't say that I am scared or nervous exactly.....maybe a little but I am so stoked...so excited....so happy......so high (not on drugs) that I could spit glitter and balloons!

    Pray for us as we have truly been praying for everyone here and thanks so much for all the good stuff that is coming out of this forum.

    See ya on the Slim Side!!!!!!!

  8. Hi everyone, I will be 41 this year. YIPPEE. I am just starting the process but hope to have the surgery this year. My hubby is not so enthusiastic about it but I am doing this for me. "All of my life" I have had boobs and butt. When I was 11 my grandmother passed and my mother and I were both wearing 34C’s can you imagine being the only girl in the 4th grade with boobs. I skipped training bras so for these to go, I am okay with that, it will allow me to wear a lot of styles I have not been able to because of my "girls"…..fast forwarding to today, I am a 40K. Yes, I have to pay good money to tame these "girls". J I have my initial consult on this week along with a nutritionist appointment. I am hoping because I have seen my PCP for weight issues for the last 18 months will count and I won’t be delayed too much. My only concern is I have fibroids, borderline anemia and I had a major accident almost 3 years ago that left me with a titanium rod in my leg. I do have a co-morbidity of hypertension so maybe one will cancel out the other.

    ATL-I am so glad you started this topic as I have questions about hair loss—I am natural and keloids, if anyone has had to deal with those.

    Thanks for posting everyone—it helps us newbies.


    Welcome on board! Reading your message brought back many memories. I was one of the two girls in fourth grade who wore a bra. I never ever wore a training bra or a "A" size cup! :lol: I am a "DD" size and know that the weight loss will result in smaller breasts and sagging. However, I will cope with that in exchange for being in a normal weight range for my height.

    I experienced a keloid from a previous surgery. Let the surgeon know that this happens to your skin and a remedy such as a cortisone shot can be administered.

    I've been approved for surgery and I am waiting for my surgery date.

    Good Luck!

  9. No, your're not crazy and you will wear the size 12 black shirt dress! Good luck on your surgery on April 22

    So I figured that Skirts would be a good clothing option to have since they are more forgiving than pants while losing wieght (no saggy seats!) So I went to good will (no sense in paying full price for something I might not be wearing for long) As I was browsing something caught my eye. A black shirt dress with a black and white grosgrain ribbon at the waist and a lovely burnout pattern on the hem. I checked the size...size 12...I have't worn a size 12 since...well since I was 12! I sighed and walked away from the dress. I kept thinking about it as I wandered the "Plus size/maternity" fashions section looking for skirts that are around my current size and could be taken in easily. I walked back to the dress and put it in my cart. Just to think about it. There is no way that I'm going to get to a size 12 right? No way I'd be happy THRILLED at a size 14/16 ya know. Just not in a sz 26/28 anymore. So There I was wandering around Good Will with two skirts, and a shirt dress I make look miniature. But I bought it. It's hanging in my closet now. What am I doing? I can't imagine myself EVER being a size 12 but there it is hanging in my closet...waiting for me.

    I'm so totally crazy.

  10. Hi,

    I was approved 3 days ago for wls and want to have the vertical sleeve!! I am looking forward to:


    Getting off my medications

    Practicing yoga

    Wearing a bathing suit without worry

    Crossing my legs

    Shopping for much smaller size in new stores for me (Chico's)

    Flying without worrying if the belt will fit

    Eliminating stress on my knees

    Having more energy

    Packing smaller clothes and using a smaller bag on ong trips


  11. lexusgirl14 - It's so nice to meet you!!! I have been looking for someone who is with Kaiser DC that I could share my journey with. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Cantor, but the wait that long. I am not a patient person by nature (just this 6 month wait has been pure TORTURE) and if I can get a surgeon just as skilled as Dr. Cantor in a shorter time, I have to go with the shorter time.

    I attended Dr. Salameh's informational session and have studied him online and through talking to some of his patients. I am confident that Dr. Salameh is a better choice for me and I like the Virginia Hospital Center (the Arlington, VA hospital that has the new contract) campus better than Holy Cross.

    Where are you located? I wasn't familiar with the hospital or Virginia, but I was able to find the hospital with no problem (and I get lost trying to find my way out of a paper bag :rolleyes: ). Not that I'm trying to change your mind, but, just in case you're not completely sold on Dr. Cantor...

    At any rate, please keep me posted on your journey. Let me know when you get your approval, a date, and all of the other pertinent parts of your journey and I'll do the same. So glad to meet you!!

    Hi Deevah,

    Thanks for the quick reply. It's so good to know someone with Kaiser in the DC Metro Area that is going through the process also! I live in Clinton, MD not far from the Capital Beltway I-495.

    I know the location of the hospital and it has changed names over the years. After reading your message, I looked at about ten patient reviews which were very good for the hospital and one that was very negative. I did not know of Dr. Salameh but see that he has excellent creditials and over a decade of experience with wls. My nutritionist didn't know anything about the new hospital except that Kaiser had entered into contract with it for wls and left GWU Hospital . I would assume that the bottom line was money.

    Do tell me more about your converstions with Dr. Salameh's patients? I have a vacation planned for the 3rd week in July with family members and hope to have the surgery after that time. That's why the delay with Dr. Cantor fits into my schedule. However, do you think I'm too optimistic about surgery in August or September?

    Lexusgirl 14

  12. Deevah,

    I started my journey last March and my doctor, who was new to Kaiser at the time, referred me for the nutritionist for wls. I am also with Kaiser of the Metro DC Area and live in Maryland. I am now awaiting approval. I chose to work with a nutritionist in Virginia because George Washington Hospital performed wls for Kaiser patients from Virginia. However, Kaiser changed hospitals and the contract for wls is with a hospital in Arlington, VA, which I am not familiar with at all.

    I attended a session at Holy Cross conducted by Dr. Cantor. I share your impressions of him and left the meeting knowing that I wanted him to do the surgery. Although, there is at least a four month delay with his practice, I am willing to wait. I have been fearful having known two women who died about 8 years ago from complications for gastric bypass. But Dr. Cantor eased my mind tremendously and have requested the vertical gastric sleeve.

    It took me five months to reach the weight loss goal on March 8th. In fact, I was 2 and a half pounds below the goal number. I attribute this to my mind being at peace regarding the surgery because of Dr. Cantor and the messages on vertical sleevetalk.

    I hope we can communicate and provide support to each other as we move forward.

    Best wishes!

    Lexusgirl 14

    So, I started my journey for wls over four years ago. My journey started with my mom's diagnosis of end-stage renal failure due to diabetic complications. At that moment, I knew I had to lose this weight. The day my mom got her kidney disease diagnosis, I went to my doctor and requested wls. She told me no and that I could just exercise it off. Well, one year later and 20 pounds heavier, I tried again. Still no luck. My mom lost her battle in 2009, and my life went into a tailspin. I grabbed a hold of the reigns in 2010 and decided it was time to take charge of my weight issue. I had been researching wls the entire time, so, I gathered all of my research and headed into my doctor's office ready to state my case. Over the last four years, I had changed doctors three times, and each doctor said no to giving me a recommendation. So, imagine my surprise when my fourth doctor said yes! When I asked the new doctor about wls, she was very supportive and started me in the bariatric program that day!

    Fast forward to today, I am five months into my six-month nutrition program and, up until the holidays, everything was going great! At about the four month mark (which coincided with that Turkey, Christmas, New Year stretch) I gained 7 lbs!! On my fifth month appointment, I managed to lose 2 pounds, so I have to lose 2 pounds by February 24th in order for my nutritionist to approve me and send my paperwork on to the approving board of my insurance company,

    I am with Kaiser of the Greater-DC area, and, according to their program, I can either have my surgery done at Holy Cross Hospital with Dr. Brain Cantor or some hospital in Virginia with some surgeon I do not know. As of my last nutritionist appointment, my nutritionist did not have this information available to me, so I guess, as for right now, I'm going with Dr. Brian Cantor. I have attended a couple of his pre-op informational sessions, and I do adore his straight-forward style. I don't, however, like the fact that his surgery waiting list is four months long from the initial appointment (which is another month, at least, from your approval with Kaiser, which, takes about two weeks after the board receives your paperwork).

    Anyway, on this journey I have found out a lot of interesting information about myself. I am pre-diabetic, I have mild sleep apnea, and my blood pressure is erratic, but, not, at this point in time, continuously high without medication. I also found out that I have mild arthritis in both knees and elbows and possibly in my left shoulder. Without medical intervention and bariatric surgery, I am on the same path as my mom and I don't like the destination of that trip.

    I don't really post often, but will try to update this posting with my journey updates. I'll probably get more detailed as I get closer (and get comfortable with the site and the members). Here's to the last two pounds melting away and staying gone (doing three days a week of all liquids until my approval so that the switch into the all liquid diet is not that drastic)


  13. Hi,

    Congratulations on your decision and progress! I am a African American female in the process of getting approved for VSG. I was delighted to read your post and hope to gain much advice as I move forward. I have started taking 2,000 mg. of Biotin daily and hope this

    will help with hair loss.

    In addition to Hair loss, I am also interested in tips on minimizing excessive skin.


    I wanted to start a thread for African-American sleevers (no worries I HEART all sleevers from the rainbow). I just thought, no scientific proof, that African-American sleevers may respond to the surgery different than our lovely non-African American sleeved sisters and brothers. I wanted to know if we had the same skin issue, hair problems, and other surgery related issues. Also, how to deal with the culture shock. African-American "soul food" may be something of the past... or not. So I was just looking for a space to voice culture related issues and concens.


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