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  1. Taylee_Rose


    I am a girl who panics if I can not snack! Hahaha I love Kashi granola bars, the layered coconut and dark chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and this really helps with that. 120 calories and 3.5g of fat..I know that seems like a lot...but as long as you stick to one it should be okay I also love baked pretzels, baby carrots with a little hummus, yogurt, and popcorn (non buttered obviously). Hope this helps a little!
  2. Taylee_Rose

    Uh..... Ohh

    I think you should look at how incredibly brave you are for taking your life into a healthier direction! Failure? I think not! You are using your courage to start over and give your life a chance to be happier and healthier inside and out! Change that second guessing to excitiement! This will be your time to shine!
  3. Taylee_Rose

    Today's The Big Day!

    Hooray!!! Congratulations!!!!!! It will be so great! :)
  4. Taylee_Rose


  5. Taylee_Rose

    Feeling Great To Be Back!

    Thank you so much! I love the support here! I can't believe I waited so long to come back! You are doing incredibly! What an inspiration! :) :)
  6. Taylee_Rose

    Feeling Great To Be Back!

    Thank you Colleen!!! Thats exactly what I need! Amazing job on your progress too! We all rock! :) :)
  7. Taylee_Rose

    Feeling Great To Be Back!

    Thank you PattyGirl66! :) Amazing job to you too! Doesn't it feel so great?! :)
  8. Taylee_Rose

    Feeling Great To Be Back!

    LOL Thank you for the warm welcome!
  9. Hi Everyone! I am back in this forum after a year and a half! Sometimes life just gets in the way Anywho...I was banded February 10, 2011 and so far I am down 70 pounds! I hit a few potholes along the way but I am finally eating better than I ever have in my life and it feels amazing! I am just going to keep my head up and work through the remaining 62 pounds to my goal! I hope everyone is doing so great! :wub: Join our Weight Loss Forum Community Today!
  10. Taylee_Rose

    Did my Band Slip??

    Hi Everyone, So I am starting to freak out a little bit. I had a little stomach bug this past Saturday and threw up 3 times. I am not having any pain, no relflux, and no nausea. I do feel that my appetite it larger that it "should" be. I have not gained any weight either. I would normally go see my surgeon tomorrow...but I will be on my way to Mexico for vacation until next Tuesday. Should I worry????? Thank you!!
  11. Taylee_Rose

    Back on Solids and Not Feeling Full...?

    My next post-op is next Friday the 25th. I am hoping to get my first fill then!
  12. Happy Friday Everyone! So I was banded on 2/10/2011 and have lost 40 pounds so far. I am feeling excellent about my progress thus far! I am just a little concerned because now that I am back on regular foods, I am not feeling full like I thought I would. I am following the rules to a "t", seperating my liquids from my foods, eating Protein first, taking 1-2 minutes between bites...etc. But I am still not feeling full. I am nervous that I will start gaining. Any advice out there?? Thank you in advance!
  13. Taylee_Rose

    The tide is changing

    Wow!! Excellent for you!! :) That is so wonderful! I went through the same thing post-op as well. I was a basketcase! My poor Hubby! What I have learned is that food is just another addiction for so many people (me personally too!) and you truly withdraw from it. Its similar to withdrawing from anything else. You feel miserable until you work through it! So good for us for making it this far!!!! Everyday is a huge success!
  14. Taylee_Rose

    First Weeks after Surgery

    You are so welcome!! Thats why I joined this site, to learn from anyone who has more experience with this thing than I do (and thats not hard lol). I think knowing that other people are out their that are going through or have gone through where we may be now is comforting

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