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  1. Gayle

    I'm so disappointed in myself!

    Hey, I am four years out and recently back and a little ashamed of myself. You are human, love yourself
  2. Hello, my name is Gayle. And I am finally back on this site, almost 4 years from my surgery. I have managed to lose weight at keep most of it off, about 80 pounds right now. But it has been tough, and life has been tough. So, I am back to try and get myself back on track and lose some more!
  3. I wish I was losing inches! I was at the start of it but it's kind of stopped to,,,, BUMMER!
  4. I am five months out and was just wondering what other people similar too me have been eating during the day? How many calories a day?
  5. At first it will be different, like softer. But after you get back on solids it should be normal, maybe a little harder because you won't be getting a lot of fiber. But it just won't happen as often. I suggest fiber gummies
  6. Well of course he didn't finish. Why would he?
  7. You are a rock star Sarah!
  8. Gayle

    Feeling Lost

    I didn't have much restriction on the liquids phase. It will be very apparent when you get to more solid foods
  9. I'd find a new doctor. I had an OB/GYN that treated me like that once and I immediately found a new one. You need your doctor to be nice, not a jerk. Especially if you are going to be seeing him for a long time and you want to be able to trust him with your life. I love my doctor. You need to find one you love too
  10. It does seem like you are able to eat quite a bit. I had shrimp on mother's day too but I was only able to eat 4. Maybe the shrimp I was eating was bigger than yours IDK, but I know that i tried to eat too eggs with cheese and could only eat one. I was pretty darn full. I don't like these people getting all over you, because I don't think you are cheating, but it does seem like you are able to eat quite a bit. I know I feel full pretty quickly but I have seen others who are able to eat two eggs.
  11. I cheated too. But then I realized. If I was only that far out from surgery, and I was already not following the rules, what would happen when I could eat more? It's just not good news. I decided to get myself back on track. I think you should do that same
  12. I still enjoy food. But I found that I don't like to bring home leftovers that much anymore. Like the next day it's still good. But I'm a little sensitive now so after a couple days of being in the fridge I get tired of it and it's just not appealing to me anymore. Maybe it's all mental, but I feel like I can tell it's going bad or something. IDK, I just give it to my fiancé most the time now
  13. Gayle

    Fashion Show NSV

    They do have a show ling that for women over 30. It's called She's got the look
  14. So I am putting up a picture of my incisions, I am one week out from my surgery and I thought some people who are going into surgery might like to see what the incisions look like And a question. I am still in a lot of pain in just one spot on my abdomen near my largest incision. It hurts most when i got from standing to sitting or vice versa or when standing and walking. It is keeping me from walking much, and even today I could only shower for about five minutes before I had to get out and sit down because it hurt so much. I had to stop taking my pain meds because they just made me so sick. I have been using tylenol and a heating pad. And I wanted to know if anybody else had these problems and how long did it last? Is it anything I should be concerned about? Any advice would be very appreciated!
  15. Blend the mashed potatoes with milk and unflavored protein powder and think you should be okay

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