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    Hi Shirley - how are you getting on?? did you go with the hospital group? I was banded on Feb 3rd with them, mine went so well, really hope yours did too! if youre getting on anything like me then 3 stone will drop off by the summer! im 4 weeks in and 23lbs down - it is amazing, cant beleive i didnt do this sooner! Im now at your staring weight of 101kg this forum thing seems to work for lots on here, but i was doing well on my own so didnt need to rely on it as much as i thought i would, so i havent really been logging on, i noticed you havent been on for a while so maybe you found the same? I only just got your email - thanks and sorry for not replying sooner! deffo up for buddying up if you think it would be good for us to support each other ? xnic
  2. FatGirlSlim2011

    anyone getting banded in Feb?

    Hi all, im nicky, 34, from swindon, getting banded on Feb 3rd in Birminham with the Hospita group, would be great to have someone going throught the process too to get in touch and share their experiences!!! thanks!!
  3. Hi all, I'm Nicky, 34 yrs and a newbie here, Ive been battling with my weight since i was about 15, going on for 20 years now, long enough to say 'enough is enough' and make the decision that something needs to change and the old familiar cyle of dieting then gaining (plus more) has to be broken for once and for all, this time I HAVE TO suceed, i'm running out of options - and time....you see I woud love to be a mum. 'But you're only 34, you have plenty of time!' I am told this all the time, and I do understand that it is possible to have babies later in life now, but I also know that the risks are higher and best avoided if possible. 'So just go for it - get pregnant' - i've heard that one too, but thats just not me. dont get me wrong, I have considered it, but I really want a shot at doing it the right way: with a man that I'm in a proper relationship with. Now THATS the hard bit!!! I have had relationships, but nothing lasting or serious. I have never lived with a man, or lasted much over a year in a relationship - I was always oblivious to the reasons why all my relationships had failed but after having some councelling and hypnotherapy it turns out I have some serious self esteem issues - mostly due to my size and the feeling of worthlessness I get when I look in the mirror and see what I have done to my body. Its so true what they say - before anyone else will love you, you have to love yourself. At this point in time, I dont love myself. I just feel like i,ve let myself down. badly The thing about me is that I have plenty of confidence (altough this has started to be affected by my weight too.....), have a great job, lovely family, fantastic friends and have had no major life issues to contend with. It seems that I overeat because I dont feel that I deserve to be thin, that I dont deserve to be loved, that i'm not worth taking care of. Where these negative thoughts have come from I have no idea! and these are the thoughts that I have to change, with a little help from my new band Of course I know I have to change my relationship with food completely and thats going to be hard. Food has been my constant companion through all the breakups, disasterous dinner dates (even if the company was bad the steak was good!!), saturday nights in alone..... somehow the thing that has always made me feel better has just made my problems worse. If this was a relationsip with a man it would not be a healthy one, it would be an abusive one. Its becomming clear what I need to do - I have to 'break up' with food. ( i read that on someone elses blog but its agreat idea, one I can really relate to!) So this is the start of my journey to loose weight, get healthy and motivated and learn to love myself. No men, no dates for A WHOLE YEAR. Thats my plan - spend 2011 fixing me, improving my self esteem and sense of self worth and hopefully, when the work is done, I will be able to hold my head high, take a deep breath, step out into the crazy world and find that somebody who will love me too. First step: GET BANDED!!!!!!! my op is booked for Feb 3rd 2011 and I CANT WAIT!!!! I have read so many inspirational blogs about how the band changes lives (thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write one). I am soooo ready for change. BRING IT ON!!!! hopefully I can become one of these inspirational stories xx If you have read anything here that sounds familiar, are going through the same emotions or process, I would love to hear from you. I have never met anyone who has a band in real life - though I am sure you exist I would love to have someone to share this with who understands what I am going through - the excitement, trepidation and lets face it - fear!! and in return I can promise to always be a supportive shoulder, so please get in touch! xxnic

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