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    I am a wife, mother, and have a fur baby! I am active for being over weight and would like to be healthier for my son.
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    Photography, Music, Crafts, and Family Fun!
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  1. Happy 33rd Birthday swollen2swanky!

  2. I am almost 3 weeks post op and starting to work out, but I am only taking in around 600 calories a day and I don't want to fatigue while working out, but what I am eating is keeping me full. Where should my calorie intake be at this point and with a healthy workout??? Kati
  3. swollen2swanky

    Meal Suggestions For Week 2 And 3 Plse

    Cottage cheese Bake-2 cups FF Cottage Cheese, chopped Spinach, 1/2 cup parm cheese grated, salt, pepper, and garlic to taste. Mix and bake for 20-30 mins until brown. Tomato Soup, FF cottage cheese, and some goldfish Potato soup Making a sweet potato tonight for dinner. Good Luck!
  4. swollen2swanky

    Posted My Surgery Day Story On My Blog!!

    I am also feeling great! I just had to move my office to another location in the building and was a little worn out afterwards, but I am doing ok. I am going to start jogging next week so hopefully all goes well.
  5. swollen2swanky

    Posted My Surgery Day Story On My Blog!!

    I wonder why it didn't email you..? Maybe sign up again? I am doing very well!! Thank you.
  6. swollen2swanky

    Posted My Surgery Day Story On My Blog!!

    I sure hope you are feeling better now. I still have a little sharp pain on my left side, but it comes and goes. I am feeling almost 100% again...almost!
  7. http://swollen2swanky.blogspot.com/ Check it out!!
  8. swollen2swanky

    July 9Th Bandsters....

    I'm on a liquid diet till Monday and then mushy foods I think. I have my one week doctor appt Monday and we are going over my stage two diet. I also had a hernia repair. Going to the movies tonight. Good luck and keep in touch!
  9. How are you feeling 3 days post-op?????? Day 1 I was pretty active doing laundry and picking up the house with assistance. Been taking it slow day 2 and 3, did make a trip to Walmart and got a manicure. Just wondering how everyone else is feeling? I'm really hungry and trying to get all my Protein and Water down. Gas pains are in my chest but I have been up more than down walking and also using a heating pad.
  10. swollen2swanky

    Surgery Day!!!!!

    How are you feeling? I actually feel really good! Surgery was at 8am and I got home around 2ish. Sipping my protein, broth and I've been sucking air to 2500 since I started at the hospital!! Walking the house and some outside every hour along with naps lol!! So excited for this journey to be here!!
  11. swollen2swanky

    Surgery Day!!!!!

    Good luck to all the July 9th Bandsters!!!! Can't wait to hear your story!!
  12. swollen2swanky

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Only 2 more days to wait!! Who else is getting banded July 9th??? I just booked a hotel for the night before to allow more sleep time (if I can sleep that is), I have to arrive at 6:30am and my Band will be placed at 8am!! Atttention to everyone banded so far........How are you all feeling after the band?
  13. swollen2swanky

    What Did You Eat For The Fourth?

    I had 4 Protein shakes, 3 bottles of Water one with crystal light, and a Jello. I am almost done with this liquid diet pre-op anyway!!
  14. swollen2swanky

    Lost 6 Pounds!!

    I started my liquid diet on Monday July 2nd and have lost 6 pounds so far!! HOOT HOOT!! How much did you lose on your pre-op diet?
  15. swollen2swanky

    Super Excited

    Congrats!! That is awesome!

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