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  1. Some of y'all have some awesome insurance!
  2. Thanks for that info. I'm going to see if the surgeon has a form like that I can give to the doctor. My insurance is requiring it. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for this information! I have UHC as well. What exactly did the doctor need to do in order to give you the 5 year history of weight? He was just able to fill out a form for you? I have no idea what doctor I went to five years ago. Thanks for any help!
  4. Happy 43rd Birthday SMOKEY2112!

  5. Happy 42nd Birthday SMOKEY2112!

  6. Smokey -- how have you been? Please post when you can -- your fellow February bandsters miss you!

  7. SMOKEY2112

    Just got back from post op surgeon's visit...

    That's awesome girl! I'm proud of you!! :party:
  8. Congrats hon..I'm glad you are doing okay..I can't believe you can drink already... dude..I got tortured!
  9. I know it's no big deal..and I know you didn't mean it in the actual way..but honestly, I study Forensic Psychology and I was actually married to a psychopath...just because someone doesn't doubt him or herself or show any type of emotion just because they are having surgery..does not even come close to meaning that someone is a sociopath.. seriously.. there is A LOT more involved in what characteristics a sociopath has... A sociopath is seriously a really really really bad person..so people might take offense that you had said that.. I know you didn't mean it in that way..and I know the word sociopath and psychopath is different to me because of what I explained..but honestly just be careful of using that word.. it's a pretty serious word and a lot of people have gone through hell having had to deal with an actual sociopath. Just saying..
  10. SMOKEY2112

    Welp, I'm up at 2:15AM because....

    Dude you got banded today..which congrats by the way..and you've eaten something already??? OMG.. dude.. I had to stop eating/drinking on Thursday at midnight..so it was friday... Had the surgery on friday...I didn't drink ANYTHING till like Saturday sometime in the LATE afternoon..and you know what the first thing was..that fucking barium stuff you have to drink to get xrayed!! and then couldn't have anything till like 4-5 hours after that... so don't complain to me.. LMAO! How did everything go hon?
  11. No one's getting banded today so I figured I'd ask how everyone is doing that's been banded already. I'm doing good. Eating regular foods... have been for a while.. I'm definitely not as hungry as I was before I got banded. I still need to start exercising..It's just really hard for me to get started. I ordered a bunch of different Protein powders that will come tomorrow so I can make sure I get enough protein in everyday. I'm really not keeping track which isn't good..but I'll figure it out. I'm still swollen where my port is..I wonder how long it will be before that goes away..I suppose sometime before my 6 weeks cuz that's when I get a fill. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone else is doing.
  12. SMOKEY2112

    I'm banded...

    Congrats to you. Question for you... what have been some of your staples as in food through this process. Do you still drink Protein shakes? Have any favorite recipes, etc? I can't wait till I'm at your point!
  13. SMOKEY2112

    What do you do...

    Otay seriously...I would start taking some Motrin, Vitamin C, and some antioxidants ASAP!! and keep on it all day and tomorrow!! What about some of that stuff called Emergen-C or whatever... that you mix into water..I would take some of that too..it's filled with vitamins... that's what I would do... but seriously...take Motrin and/or Tylenol.. you can stagger them... that's what I do for my kids when they have high temps. Let us know how you are doing!
  14. SMOKEY2112

    February 2011 Bandsters?

    Why don't you guys join us over in the February 2011 Bandsters! http://www.lapbandtalk.com/forum/2478-february-2011-bandsters/
  15. SMOKEY2112

    I'm banded...

    That makes sense..I'll have to look for that thread! Thanks!