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    day 1 of liquid pre op....

    What are Optifast shakes?? How are they?
  2. Thanks for the explanation of all that.. I never knew about there being something called hypoapnea.. wow though that is just insane! WOW! Aww...that sucks not getting good sleep! And then having to get up and go to work and/or take care of kids, etc.. that's so hard! You poor thing! You definitely need this band! I'll be so happy for you the day you get some good sleep..that alone will make you feel like a different person!!
  3. SMOKEY2112

    Smokey2112...it's here!

    Elle.. LOVE the drummer dude! I'm a music FREAK!! Awwww...thanks guys.. Yah, I'm SO EXCITED!!!! But I do have in the back of my head him going in there and then not doing the surgery! I haven't stuck "completely" to the liquid diet but i'm just having some protein..real meat..almost everyday since Sunday.. which I think is still fine according to "how to shrink your liver" So we'll see. I'm sure it will be fine..and I'm just being paranoid.. hell I haven't had a damn drink in over 2 weeks so that's an accomplishment in itself.. But thanks everyone I'm really really excited. I'm still waiting for them to call me back for my pre-registration.. hopefuly I go in at like 10am and not 4am! That's too damn early! What should I bring to the hospital?
  4. OMG! I never went and had my sleep test done when I was supposed to more than a year ago.. but OMG! You guys stop breathing that many times in an hour? WOW.. seriously WOW! My youngest who is 9 now..he had to have a sleep test done when he was hmmm..4 years old...and like he stopped breathing like 7 or 8 times in an hour..but 50 and 16? WOW When my son was an infant he snored like a man!
  5. Good for you hon!! That will be a great day indeed! Best of luck!
  6. SMOKEY2112

    Got my Gastric Band Jan 23

    Good for you hon! I'm glad it was a great experience!! CONGRATS!
  7. SMOKEY2112


    Whenever you post your date.. please copy and paste and put your date where it fits in date order so that Justplaintired doesn't have to keep doing it herself! Thanks so much!
  8. SMOKEY2112

    Favorite Protein Shakes, Powers, Drinks, etc

    Hey Ally! First of all.. I love your SN: FeelingGroovy brings that song from WAY back in the day by Simon and Garfunkel and now that's all I'm saying... "feeling grooooovyyyyyyyyy" lol Otay hon..do you mean the weight thingamajigie in my signature? if so.. you just click on the one I have.. or anyone's and then go to the home page and then start from there.. I think I picked the BMI one that they have.. then just follow the directions and you can copy and past it into your signature which is under your profile stuff.. Hope that helps...
  9. SMOKEY2112

    Favorite Protein Shakes, Powers, Drinks, etc

    Girl, you're lucky you get to eat a meal... every surgeon is different but most of the people have to do 2 weeks of liquid... that's what I was supposed to do..lol I kinda deviated from the norm...like I usually do.. I did have a couple of eggs a few days and a few slices of lunchmeat and cheese some of the other days.. My surgery is on Friday so hopefully my surgery is on friday..
  10. SMOKEY2112

    Women of Color and WLS-New Social Group

    May I ask why some doctors have said that? Is it because maybe of what they eat or something like that?....which then it wouldn't work on just about anyone if you don't change your eating habits.. I'm curious as to why they say that. I'm mixed so does that mean I have half of that chance of being unsuccessful? Seriously though.. are black people's stomachs shaped differently or something because if not..that seems like it would make no sense unless they are talking about lifestyle..
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    Who else is with me?
  12. SMOKEY2112

    High Protein/Low Carb

    OMG Carol you are SOOOOOOOO lucky to be raising your own meat! I envy you! Do you just have cattle or do you have other animals too? Do you guys have cows so you get your own milk? YUMMY!! Raw milk RULES!
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    2/1/11-SMOKEY2112( my date is really 1/28/11 ) 2/2/11 - Shawnypoo 2/7/11-ruthiesmg 2/7/11-soon2besexynslim 2/09/11-Mrs.Mustang 2/09/11-Bunnykins 2/10/11 - JMH80 (Jackie) 2/10/11-Elle23 2/11/11-Justplaintired 2/14/11-Alikitty 2/16/11-TexasMama 2/28/11-~Post Modern Retro Pretty~
  14. SMOKEY2112

    I feel your pain, Big Tom!

    Yah, Tom.. you should even feel bad..but I understand where you are coming from.. after I found out that I was approved and everything..before I had to start the pre op diet.. I was like shiiiiiiiiiiiit.. and TOTALLY OVER INDULGED! The day before I was supposed to start the pre op I had these classes to do and I was like 6 or 7 pounds heavier than my first weigh in..but I didn't care..LOL So when I weighed in for my pre op I had only lost like almost 4 lbs according to my first weigh in..but it was actually about 11 lbs because of what I had gained..
  15. SMOKEY2112


    Girl, you don't have to leave.. your are an inspiration for all of us.. just like what was already said! What is difficult switching doctors?? Did you switch because of not getting good fills?
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    WOW good for you on the exercise! It's soooooo hard to get started!!
  17. SMOKEY2112

    Feb 9, 2011 is my big day!

    Ooooh..so that's what an EGD is.. isn't it funny that if people weren't getting this lap band surgery done.. all the things they wouldn't have found out about because of the pre-op testing!
  18. SMOKEY2112

    Feb 9, 2011 is my big day!

    OMG..what's the purpose of the EGD?? Because they have to put that breathing tube down your throat during surgery? Will you be awake when they do that? WOW.. My surgery is this friday...I originally thought it would be Feb.. so I just stayed with the group..lol I can fill you guys in on everything!
  19. I'm cleared for surgery on Friday! I'm really excited!! How fast that whole process was! One saturday night I found an old link about the lapband on my puter..started doing research...saw that there was an information session that Monday..called to get in on the info session.. that was 12/13/2010..got there early cuz I heard they hand out the packets in order of arrival with your 1st dr. appt in them.. got the 3rd appt of the 1st day.. that was 1/3/2011 and now my surgery is 1/28/2011..pretty damn quick I say! I have no doubt that I'm doing the right thing and I'm really excited..but I do feel kinda stupid cuz I'm going by myself...I don't have anyone to go with me and everyone else does..so I feel kinda stupid about that..but I'll get over it!
  20. LOL Yah I do have quite the sense of humor...lol Seriously, after what I've been though.. seriously, the stories I could tell... everything else is piece of cake.... aaaaaaaaa...CAAAAAAAAKE LOL I was so not allowed to not be myself for YEARS... 18 years with the ass...that was seriously a life of HELL.. I have no idea how I even lived like that for all those years..and before that.. my mother.. she was a bitch! I was never allowed to be myself.. till now.. Yah, so I kinda have the complete "aaaaaah fuck it" attitude for most things.. lol the funny thing is I'm more calm and relaxed than anybody else I know.. my friends are so stressed with stuff with the kids, and their husbands, and of course money.... I never get stressed like that ever! It is what it is....life is seriously way too short so why waste the energy when there's just usually nothing you can usually do about it.. things always work out in the end either way! Honestly, if it wasn't for being in those horrible situations.. I wouldn't be the person I am today! and my 2 boys are REALLY REALLY good kids!! At least I have them and I have my friends.. that's all that really matters to me.. everything else I want in life.. will come in due time! Finally I actually believe that for once! Yah, thank goodness I'm divorced.. life is so much better.. except the poor part! OMG..that's what I'm going to be going to school for.. RN.. or LPN then get RN.. whatever program I get into. This semester I'm taking Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology II, and Chemistry so that I can apply to nursing programs.. hopefully I get in somewhere... I'm applying to LPN and RN.. whoever will let me in! I have a plan to move out of Chicago.. out of IL in Summer of 2013! Seriously girl.. if I can go back to school... ANYONE can!!! SERIOUSLY!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Hell you can take all your pre reqs online!
  21. OMG.. I totally hate when a whole post vanishes..drives me crazy! I actually started copying my posts when they are really long just in case..so that can just paste it if needed. I'll remember to take my netbook with me and hopefully they will have Wifi so that I can get online.. I'll definitely try to post. No way girl..I wish I had that kind of money they do to self pay... I went through a HORRIBLE divorce a couple of years ago.. actually it will be my 2 years Divorce Anniversary on the 29th.. but it took almost 3 years to get a divorce! Me saying that I was married to a bad person is an understatement.. I refer to my ex-husband as Scott Peterson #1 I went from a SAHM of 10 years who drove a BMW (we were together for 18 years...married for 10...I was with him from the time I was 17 till I was 35) to a single mom on welfare... ex-husband owes me like $30,000 in child support...but that's really nothing compared to him having 2 kids with someone else WHILE we were married.. one of those kids is like 11 months younger than my youngest so in Nov they are the same age.. but that's nothing compared to some of the other stories I could tell.. So anyway I'm on Medicaid.. but it did go by fast.. I would never be able to get this surgery if I had to pay for it on my own so I'm VERY VERY lucky! I know you didn't ask for part of my life story but I always feel a need to start telling it to explain why I'm so poor.. I do go to school full-time.. so once I'm done with school, me and my kids will be A-OK!
  22. It's good see someone else who went by themselves.. and what you told me about about the "nagger" I can see why you went by yourself.. Good for you.. I feel alot better now!!! Thanks hon!!
  23. AWWWW thanks girl.. you are too sweet! Seriously, I'm not telling my family...I told my 9 year old but all he cares about is that I said him and his brother can order pizza on Friday when I'm not home.. My oldest is 15 and teenagers have big ass mouths so I'm not telling him.. Other than that it's just my p's.. and honestly I don't really like them all that much.. All they care about is looks.. I've had to deal with that my whole life with my mother.. I was never overweight till after I had kids.. really my 2nd one.. now...every single time they see me.. they ALWAYS say "when are you going to lose weight?" They get on my damn nerves! They are SOOOOO ignorant!! They've said that I look like a Fat Scrub Woman before and when I lost my job a few months ago.. in a text my mother was saying how I wasn't gonna find another job unless I lost weight and improved my appearance.. and then she told me that if she was a boss.. she wouldn't hire me...and I quote"the fact is u look like a poor fat person" Yep.. my mother said that.. so fuck her anyway..
  24. Hi Ondrya! I'm getting banded on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 1/28 I'm sooooooooooooooo excited!! Where is your surgeon located? I'm in Chicago at Mercy

  25. SMOKEY2112

    Am I excited too soon??

    It looks like razberry had surgery 11/08 so that was more than 2 years ago.. So I would think that someone should lose that much in 2 years no? I am curious what most people's cc's are in their band where they get to the point where the feel "restricted" ..does anyone know?