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  1. I'm getting a bypass after being sleeved 4.5 years. My downfall was eating "normal" but smaller portions. If I couldn't lose weight before surgery eating less, why did i think I could eat normal after the sleeve? I lost 115 and have gained 50. I will be super strict with this one. I will prolong the liquid phase as long as possible, with nutritionist in agreement. Three Premier Protein chocolate shakes and 2 Premier Protein Clear will meet calorie, fluid, and protein requirements. My practice's plan is 700-800 calories daily for life. My portions are still correct and I don't snack. I dont eat and drink at the same time. I haven't had soda since before surgery. I'm just not someone who can lose weight by simply eating less. I won't even be trying to find out if I'm someone who will experience dumping, I will assume I will!
  2. Converting from sleeve to bypass 8/6/2018

  3. AtlantaRed

    August bypassers/sleevers

    I am Aug 6th. I will be converting from sleeve to bypass.
  4. AtlantaRed

    Eggdrop Soup, better than broth.

    It is near the cans of broth, soup bases, Knorr granular bouillon or cubes of bouillon. May do an online search to see where available.
  5. AtlantaRed

    Eggdrop Soup, better than broth.

    Egg is usually a soft food not a solid...unless hard boiled, guess. Those not liking broth, have you tried Better Than Bouillon? It's very good. A can of cooking broth isn't. I also like the clear soup from the Japanese restaurant.
  6. I lost 115 lbs and never got below 200. Once I started eating more carbs (no snacking, no soda, no eating and drinking at the same time) I started gaining. I've gained 50 pounds and am waiting for my date to convert to bypass. Should have considered that in my whole life of being overweight, I have certainly tried "eating less" which is basically what the sleeve does. My nutritionist says my portions are as they should be at 4.5 years out.
  7. AtlantaRed

    3 days post-op: worsening pain

    Mine worsened 3 or 4 days after sleeve. Internal numbing stuff wore off. Mine hurt when standing up or walking so therefore I didn't do much. Learned since then that I was sitting too much which increased the pain when I moved. I will be asking for an epidural this time for the bypasd and will make sure to move around more afterwards.
  8. I had blurry vision after gallbladder surgery. It was due to the pain medicine. My pupils were very dilated which caused the blurry vision.
  9. AtlantaRed

    Pills and sleep POST op

    I never had an issue swallowing anything after my sleeve.
  10. AtlantaRed

    Possible I've Lost Too Much?

    You could cook a couple of meals and then portion them out in plastic/glass individual containers and keep them in the freezer. You can then rotate meals. As far as drinking, you'll find a way if you don't want to feel bad from dehydration. I work on a transplant unit with some very sick patients who are on isolation. I have a drink at my station. If I couldn't, then I would make sure to hit the break room every hour or so. Doesn't take long to swallow a couple of ounces. Keep a cooler in your car so you always have something available to drink. Tiny bottles of water in your purse. Premier Protein Clear has 20 g of protein. That will help with your water intake and protein.
  11. Better Than Bouillon is very good. I think chicken broth is pretty watery and unflavored.
  12. AtlantaRed

    Bariatric to Cosmetics

    That will be a year out from surgery but not a year out from your goal weight. They want to know you will be maintaining a stable weight for at least a year.
  13. AtlantaRed

    Will I Ever Get There?

    I think it is recommended to exercise 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. It doesn't sound like you are getting enough exercise. Plenty of parks have exercise-type equipment incorporated in them. You can look up exercises that use your own body weight for strength training so you don't have to go to a gym.
  14. AtlantaRed

    skipped purée stage

    My nut said I can prolong full liquids and skip puree.
  15. Looks like I will be July 30th with a conversion from sleeve to bypass.
  16. I would have taken as a compliment. Several of the found nurses I work with have been surprised that I am having it because they don't think I look that big. I'm 100 pounds overweight .
  17. AtlantaRed

    Recommendations for sugar free treats please

    SF chocolate jello pudding in the little cups are amazing and I don't like artificial sweeteners.
  18. AtlantaRed

    Fried Chicken

    Newer studies show fat is good. I am a medical transcriber for several different hospitals in different areas. Plenty recommend high protein, high fat, low carb. Do searches for low fat myths and/or cholesterol. They've also found that eating cholesterol doesn't cause high cholesterol. To reduce the carbs in fried chicken, you could use almond flour and maybe crushed pork rinds.
  19. I like Premier Protein Clear from Sam's. It tastes like G2 Gatorade to me. It's got 20g of protein. It's even good cut with water. You might try that in your camelbak. Pickle juice is also a great electrolyte replacement!
  20. AtlantaRed

    Bye Bye Sugar...

    I'm generally anti artificial sweeteners but I really like sugar free chocolate pudding! Hits the spot for me.
  21. I work at a hospital and some insurance companies will not cover your stay if you sign out against medical advice.
  22. If you're counting carbs, a carb is a carb. I wouldn't eat anything on your list. If you just had to have something, look on Pinterest for keto bread, keto pizza, meatza. Find low carb marinara on Amazon as well as almond flour and xantham or guar gum for thickening, etc.
  23. AtlantaRed

    Gatorade g2 ok?

    I like Premier Protein Clear from Sam's. 20 g of protein. Sometimes I cut it with half water. Pickle juice helps with electrolytes!
  24. AtlantaRed

    Your Hospital Experience

    My doctor agreed to 3 anti nausea meds because I always wake up very sick. He gives a script for Emend, an anti nausea give to cancer patients. It is 1 pill for $100 not covered by insurance. I happened to find a coupon online for $25 off. I also had the scopalomine patch, and IV zofran. It was the first time I woke up with no nausea at all.
  25. I would increase your healthy carbs by 10g a week to find your happy spot.