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Hey Doc…I’m Getting Weight Loss Surgery – in Mexico!

It’s important to remember that you are on the same team – the team that puts you and your health first. Explain to your doctor why your decision is right for you. Here are some conversation starters and other points to make when telling your doctor that you are going to Mexico for bariatric surgery.

Starting the Conversation…

What do you even say to begin? Consider the following starters. Keep it positive and confident, and not defensive.

  • “Doctor, we’ve been talking about my weight for years, and I’m ready to take charge.”
  • “Doctor, I think you and I agree that my weight is a problem. I’ve come to a decision.”
  • “Can we talk about these most recent lab results [or sleep apnea or arthritis or whatever it is…]? I know they’re related to my weight, and I’ve decided on my next move to get healthy.”
  • “My diagnosis of prediabetes [or diabetes or hypertension or whatever it is…] has made me realize that I need to do something about my weight now, and I have found a good option.”

“I Am Getting Bariatric Surgery Because…”

Now that you have your doctor’s attention, explain your decision to get bariatric surgery. You might remind your doctor that diets haven’t worked, that you have weight-related health risks, that your weight is causing pain and interfering with daily living, and that you’ve done your research and you understand and accept the risks.

Some points to include:

  • You’ve tried dieting and exercise for years, and no plan has worked for you long-term (and if you have been with your current doctor for a while, she should know this).
  • Your health is getting worse – you might point out any obesity-related conditions that you have, or explain about joint pain, shortness of breath, or other inconveniences.
  • You have researched bariatric surgery, and you accept your responsibilities and risks.
  • You believe bariatric surgery is the only solution that will allow you to control your weight for life.

“By the Way, I’m Going to Mexico for My Surgery.”

Your doctor cares about you and may naturally have concerns about your decision to get your surgery done in Mexico. Explain to your doctor what you already know: that BariatricPal Hospital in Mexico offers top-quality surgery and a lifelong follow-up program. Let your doctor know that BariatricPal Hospital in Mexico:

  • Has an American-owned and operated hospital dedicated solely to BariatricPal patients.
  • Offers a bariatric surgeon with a perfect record of 0 fatalities after over 9,000 surgeries.
  • Promises nutritional support for life, which is essential, but not always included with other programs.

Listen to Your Doctor

Your doctor may raise concerns and ask questions. Do yourself a favor and try to answer them, rather than get defensive. You should be able to justify your decision, and it is also good to have one more person getting you to think about things you otherwise might not have.

Remember, your doctor’s job is to work with you to make you the healthiest, happiest you that you can be. Feel confident talking to your doctor about bariatric surgery and your decision!

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