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Your Success Depends on your Attitude

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– Winston Churchill

A stands for Attitude. Your attitude will determine how you see the world, whether you see your glass as half-empty or half-full. Focus on having only a positive attitude towards your weight loss surgery. Realize that everything in your life needed to happen in order for you to have the life you have today, even the events that might have contributed to your obesity. Rather than viewing your life as “jinxed” or “cursed,” consider past events as lessons that had to be learned at the University of Life or at the “school of hard knocks”.

Your attitude will also affect your aspirations. If your attitude is poor, then your aspirations will likely be small, when the truth is there are no limits to your aspirations. Most people have aspirations, but their aspirations are usually so small and uninspiring. Stop setting “realistic goals.” Instead, why not see how high you can fly? Like the renowned motivational speaker Les Brown said, “Shoot for the stars, so if you fail, you might hit the moon!” Stop staring into the bottom of that half-empty glass, and start drinking from the half-full glass of life.

*The previous was an excerpt from Dr. Vuong's new book, Weight Loss Surgery Success: Dr. V's A-Z Tips for Losing Weight and Gaining Enlightenment, now available on Amazon.com.

Excellent point. This is the one thing my therapist has said from Day 1...attitude will make the difference between success and failure, so I've tried to maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. It really does make it easier when you think positively :D

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I totally agree with what you have to write about having a positive attitude.Your positive attitude towards life makes it so much more easier for you to cross all hurdles and reach your goal.Thank you so much for all the lovely expressions.Your book, I must am sure, will be a great inspiration to many people who want to go through such a surgery or maybe find themselves in any kind of difficult situations.

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