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    1 month results

    So i started my pre op diet this day last month. I took measurements before and today. So far Last Month THIS MONTH Neck: 19" 18 1/2" Chest: 53" 50" Bicep: 18" 17" Waist: 53" 51" Hip: 58" 56" Thigh: 37" 35" Calf: 18 1/2" 16" WEIGHT: 317lb 285lb
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    I had a company event not long after my surgery. I just told them I had food restrictions post operation. I didn't tell anyone what kind of surgery it was, but there were no questions and everyone was cool about it. It depends on how much they know, I guess. Everyone on my team knew I was out for surgery, though I never got into specifics. When asked, I just said gastrointestinal - a true statement, but also vague enough it could be anything as far as they knew, and that I had restrictions during the healing process. These were all pretty new colleagues and none were personal friends, so maybe they would have asked more questions if they were close friends. Edited to add: You can always fake eating, if even saying the above is difficult. Put things on your plate, move them around. If there is anything you can eat, eat that and just play with the rest. Get a glass of wine and just never drink it.... that sort of thing.
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    Queen ApisM

    So fed up

    If it makes you feel any better, I am currently in a 4 week stall. I'm staying in the right calorie range (that has worked for me and my program espouses), am exercising, and basically doing everything right but I have been just hanging out in the same 2 lbs range the whole time, just shy of my 100 lb loss milestone. So. Frustrating. Just hang in there and keep doing what you know is right and has been successful. Maybe change something up to see if shocks your system a bit, but don't go overboard. This is all a complete head game. Your body will do what it wants... when it wants. I've found looking at other success measures (measurements, non-scale victories) can really help me get through these times. I feel your pain and totally empathize.
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    So fed up

    1200 calories is not a lot, but it depends on 1200 calories OF WHAT FOOD. Are you eating protein and veggies, or are you eating cakes, sweets, and chips? You will not feel restriction if you are eating sugary or salty snacks because they dissolve into nothing, but if you eat lean protein, you will likely feel restriction. For example, I went out to sushi last night, but didn't eat the rice, so I essentially just ate raw fish - pure protein. I was stuffed! But then after I got back to my hotel I found a rice krispy treat and was able to eat half of it with no issues... oh well. I also have been hungry since day one! I was put on metformin and topamax (topirimate) by my medical team, and it definitely helps the hunger. So does tea and coffee, and drinking enough in general. Also, two weeks of not losing weight is totally normal. As far as exercise... gentle walking likely won't make you hungry (except if you're "expecting" it to). It is good for your mood and while it is unlikely to help you lose weight (you can't out-exercise a bad diet!), it is excellent for health and it is good for keeping weight off long term. Good luck!
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    Anyone not need iron after bypass?

    Well I think it is sorta a guessing game because everyone’s body responds differently. I think the rule of thumb is that most people need it. I would be pressing my dr for a better answer for your unique circumstance.
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    Activities 6-8 weeks post VSG

    I am just under 3 weeks post op here in Florida and i feel fine. I wouldnt have any issues really sitting in a plane or going walking around and i spent a good portion of the day yesterday at my local marina outside without issue. Only thing is i just make sure i have a good water bottle with me to get in all my fluids
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    How to survive company workshops?

    You can always just say you had stomach surgery but not what kind. And if they insist on knowing which surgery and you don’t want to tell them I believe it is the hiatal hernia surgery that is very similar to WLS post op in terms of pain and diet. Double check that though.
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    So fed up

    Exercise has very little to do with how much weight you lose, or how quickly. The only exercise I did for nearly a year was walking and my weight loss was very successful. Stalls at about the 12-week mark are very common, as you will see when you read the posts here. It's nothing to worry about. As long as you are sticking with the program recommended by your doctor and nutritionist, the weight loss will come. Just be patient. (Easier said than done, I know.)
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    Activities 6-8 weeks post VSG

    That's so good to hear - makes me look forward to being where you are.
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    DAY 1 Pureed Stage

    I know, the inconsistencies with food stages is ridiculous. It actually made me depressed last week when I read how quickly some people get to start eating puréed. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and spent the entire day in my pajamas, LOL. It’s funny how the dumbest things can make me emotional. I can’t wait for my hormones to level out again.

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