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    Chuck Clasik


    I’m starting to see the big differences. Felt it for a while, but now how a visual! Loving it. My wife has lost a good bit too!! She eats what I eat and it’s also helped her.
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    I made it! In almost exactly 10 weeks! I’m thrilled!
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    Bloody Urine

    Yo better call your Dr. if the color isn't on the pee chart.
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    Both look good. So what was starting weight and current weight. How long you been on journey
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    Approved frozen meals

    On days you do cook, make a double or triple batch and freeze in individual portions. For example, I made ricotta bake last night. I doubled the recipe and baked it in an pan that cooks each one individually. So I have 8 individual ricotta bakes - 6 of them frozen for later. And I made some black bean soup and froze a bunch in 1/2 c. batches. Crustless quiche works well, as does lentil soup. It helps that I have a vacuum sealer, so the frozen food lasts longer. I don't always have time to cook, but I almost always have something in the freezer that I can grab and take with me.
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    Great job! Congratulations.
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    Bypass today and this is excruciating

    All normal!!! Tiny sips burnt like HELL. Gas pain was AGONY. I was tearfull & full of regret. Day 11 post op & I feel completely recovered!! Eating three small liquid meals & drinking plenty. Take it easy on yourself you will recover beautifully if you give yourself no expectations other than to rest up & take things steady.
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    And @ pink sparkle 1965 have a fantabulous 2019! You will never by a sour lemon drop as long as you are a Pink Starburst!
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    for the first week I was liquid only, but in the 2nd week I started to nibble on really soft things like scrambled egg and pureed stewed tomato. it was fine.
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    A minor set back

    Well I started stage 2 diet yesterday, but I have to go back liquids for a couple days. Due to it feeling like there is food getting stuck. So my doctor said to go back on liquids for a couple more days. [emoji20] Sent from my SM-J701M using BariatricPal mobile app

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