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    I think therapy will be super helpful for you, and I'm going to talk from my experiences with MY therapist. I understand what you're saying about missing the way you used to eat. From what I've worked through with my therapist, it's the ability to control what goes into my mouth. If I was having a bad day, if my abusive parents went off on me, I could gain control of my life again by eating an entire large pizza. If I was tired, if I felt like I wasn't going anywhere in life, I could eat an entire pasta bread bowl and cheese sticks. I could eat one, two three cheeseburgers because I wanted to, I was in control of how much I ate and went. That feeling of being full, of tasting that food over and over again, was what calmed me down. Unfortunately, like more instant forms of self-harm, it's an unhealthy coping skill. You haven't gained any control by eating two large Double Double meals with milkshakes. All you've done is postponed your time to deal with it. having surgery and having to be "forced" into a new way of eating takes this control away. You can't do what you used to do, so you feel like you're out of control. You are worth so much more than gorging yourself on food. You are worth working through your feelings. You deserve so much more than what your brain may be telling you, and I'm so proud of you. ❤️
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    Pre-VSG and post-VSG. I have lost 61 pounds and hope to lose 10-15 more.[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Great idea! I'm just so full as I write this because over the last 10 months, I'm down 108.7 lbs. I had a revision from the lap-band to SIPS and I couldn't be more happy. I did have some complications in the beginning which required a month long stay in the hospital, but even with that, I don't have any regrets! My life is on TEN!!! Even though I have not shared publicly my WLS experience with friends, people seem to be genuinely happy for the new me. I've always socialized, but I'm even more eager to hang out with my friends, go on couples dates, business social settings, etc. because I can easily find something to wear and feel even more confident in myself. I'm feeling great physically. No more back and knee pain. Off of all meds (blood pressure, cholesterol, symbicort breathing treatment) and off of CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Also, since having the lap-band removed as part of the revision, I no longer have acid reflux. While the vanity is great, the health benefits have me over the moon ecstatic! I'm sooooooooooo happy!
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    Fishing for compliments. In normal life it's frowned upon as if proof of a character defect, however I think our population could use the confidence boost in a safe environment. Some days I need it more than protein... If you need it too, feel free to share your selfies or stories and feel the love pour in...
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    I made it! In almost exactly 10 weeks! I’m thrilled!
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    YAY! Less than 100 to go!

    YAY! I been waiting for this for a while now! Seems like it took forever to arrive. As of today, I have officially LESS than 100 Pounds to goal! My next goal is to be at 100 Lost in total.. I am hoping to be there by end of April! I am super excited!
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    Ya know what's awesome????

    I am 2 weeks out and every time I get on the scale the number is lower. Once or twice it's been the same, but never HIGHER! When has that ever happened in my life? Nearly never! What a wonderful Christmas miracle that has been made available to all of us so we can get started on a losing journey! I already barely remember the pain and discomfort and am now just looking forward to being cleared to work out. I never could have done this on my own and I'm just so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!
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    19 lbs. To go!!!

    I just can't reiterate enough on how glad I am that I decided to have surgery[emoji847]!!! My journey started in June of 2017, that's when I decided to go with the gastric bypass. I had to wait for a whole year before I actually had surgery, due to not being able to keep my weight down🤷🏾‍♀️. I finally had surgery in June 2018 and it has been the best decision I could have made to regain control of my body and my life. I thought it would take close to a year, to get near my goal weight. However, to my amazement i'm only 19 lbs., away from my goal weight now[emoji1495]‍♀️!!! Since my journey began up until now, I have lost 113 lbs.! I have noticed that my metabolism has sped up and I now have to have about 5 small meals through the day. My food digest's really fast now and i'm okay with that. I'm so happy that I can be active and do things that I haven't done in many years. It feels awesome to go shopping and not[emoji1496]‍♀️ have to go in the plus sized(goodbye size 26) section anymore (Hello size 10)[emoji1494]!!! RNYGB: 6/25/2018 HW: 297 LBS. SW: 246 LBS. CW: 184 LBS. GW: 165 LBS.
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    I feel like there’s more of a difference than these two pictures show (besides the outfit I don’t see a whole lot), but I’m getting close to a 60lb difference between these two pics! The first is from one or two days into the two week pre-op diet and the other is from yesterday. Fishing for compliments and reassurance! 🤗🤗🤗
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    I am 10 months post op and took a vacation to celebrate my weight loss (92 pounds total) for the first time EVER I felt comfortable in a bathing suit and it felt amazing! Keep up all the hard work guys because the end result is so worth it physically and moreso mentally!!