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    From 289.7LBS to 138LBS ☺❤

    I feel like crying guys! What an amazing journey of discovering myself and learning how to love me again [emoji173]
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    Weighed in 278.4 day of surgery, 178.4 this morning. Sleeved 8/1 so just a bit over 10 months out. Also, I'm officially out of the "overweight" BMI range. (my info says 25 but BMI calc says I'm justttt under it) 8/1 (surgery) - 1/18 (about halfway between then and now) - 6/11 (today!) I'm 8.4lbs away from my initial goal but I think I might adjust to 150. Trying to get some kind of body fat testing done per suggestions in a thread I posted earlier this week so I can get a better idea of what's fat and what's skin.
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    Officially reached my 1 year mark! Sw=217 Cw=153 Gw= 140
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    Down 3 Sizes!

    Hi guys and gals, This is insane! I started my journey at 287, a size 24 pant (that were a little on the tight side.) I had surgery on May 14th at 260. Today, just shy of 4 weeks out I weighed in at 239 (finally broke that damn stall). Anyways my clothes have literally been FALLING off me. I was just fine until about a week ago. So I went shopping today and grabbed some size 22s. Too big. So I grabbed some 20s. Still too big. So in total awe I grabbed some size 18s and holy mackerel they FIT. I almost died. And I tried on a shirt that was size 14/16 and it fit! I am on cloud 9 right now 😍. Hope all my fellow May surgery buddies are doing well!
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    I reached my goal and could not be more satisfied! My sleeve was the best decision of my life. 10 months of learning how to use this tool brought me from a size 20 to a size 6.
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    Progress pic!

    Hello All! For the first time ever, I voluntarily posted a picture of myself on FB. I was sleeved on 3/6/17. Just a couple days after my 49th birthday. My SW was 236, my CW is 163, and GW is 150. Other than my first week being a pure nausea hell, everything else went great. I do miss eating more than a few bites of food when I'm really enjoying the taste of something. I also miss baking. One of my favorite hobbys. My co workers also miss my baking! Lol But I feel better than I have in years! I would never have asked for, and gotten there promotion at work, had it not been for the surgery. I knew I wouldn't have been able to do my current job if I didn't lose the weight. Anyhoooo...my pics Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Hey Beautiful.....

    Walking down the street as usual with my earphones on ( u know, the fat blockers .. to fake like u didnt hear the fat commentaries ). Instead i walk past a really cute guy, much younger than me and i hear, hey beautiful. Of course, its not to me, my fat brain says. So i casually look over my shoulder to see who he's talking to.... wait a minute, holy crap, there's nobody behind me, wth, is he talking to me, huh??? So he must've seen the dumbfounded look on my face and says... you look beautiful in that dress. Awww, I smile, say thank u, wave and move on. Lol. HOLY CRAP, i just got a hey beautiful. .... she gets home, lol, shakes booty. [emoji126][emoji126][emoji126][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] GASTRIC SLEEVE.. U ROCK. Hope you all have a great "hey beautiful" weekend. [emoji6]
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    300 pounds lost

    Had gastric sleeve surgery in June of 2016. Was 389 at the time of surgery. All time high weight was 470 pounds in February of 2015. Now down to 170 and hoping to maintain at this weight. Included some before and after pics. Still have the pants from the before pic and can literally fit my entire body into one pant leg.
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    Starting 223 now 153 and still losing surgery was November 2016