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    Time Out

    So I put my 50 year old self in time out last night. I really deserved it. I totally went berserk over a string of Christmas lights that wouldn't light. Of course I was tired, feeling head hungry, frustrated that my day to day plan before surgery was getting disrupted, anxious to get the tree done, melancholy about surgery Wednesday....and probably a bunch more. The line Ron Weasley utters when Hermione tells them about what Cho is feeling comes to mind...."No one can feel all that or they would explode" just came to mind. He's right! OLD Beth would have said screw the diet, and would have eaten everything in site. EMERGING Beth told the family (husband and adult brother) I'm going to the bedroom. I was in time out about 1.5 hours, then I took a hot shower and rejoined the husband to watch football and eat my yogurt. I slept almost 10 hours and this morning I'm much clearer of mind and I didn't bust my plan! YAY. Now to go fix those dang lights. Beth
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    That's the trouble with fear...

    Very well said. My surgery is on Decemer 8th and I have "backed out" a couple of times already, in my mind at least. I also feel as though I am putting myself at risk because this surgery isn't "urgently necessary" but we all know that our weight kills us slowly. Putting a stop to that now is important and I know necessary for me but still, I keep vasilating whether yay or nay. I'm sure I'll go through with it but that fear creeps in more and more the closer I get. Good Luck to you.