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    It's been a great year, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Down a total of 221 pounds!!
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    3 month success!!

    I am a little less than three months out and am down 40 lbs from my highest weight!! Only 100 to go! Left pic is at highest weight, right is last weekend. HW 285.8 SW 272.8 CW 246.4 GW 140 Sleeved 11/23
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    One thing I've noticed reading this board for a while, is that we've all got a lot of valuable insight. Some amazing success stories here. Some amazing works in progress. Really good people with some terrific advice. But we all have a lot of prejudices, too, about what works and what doesn't, and what would really help people if they only listened! LOL And there is nothing quite like being on a stall, or being hungry, or learning to cope without your favorite lifelong coping mechanism....to make you grouchy and indignant about why people stubbornly won't listen. Can we agree that not even the doctors have this crap figured out to any kind of consensus? Some of us have had terrific success with eating keto. Some of us eat a buttload of carbs and do great. Some of us are exercise maniacs. Some of us are working hard to get to 5000 steps a day. Some of us won't touch a taboo empty calorie treat food...because it's a slippery slope that shouldn't be tempted. Some of us feel the need to master eating taboo foods in moderation to prove that we are in control and have "conquered" food. Some of us eat 600 calories a day. Some of us eat 1200 a day. Some of us are ok with moderately consuming alcohol. Some of us are not. Some of us are horrified by artificial sweeteners. Some of us use them by the boatload. And here's the really shocking part: People in BOTH CAMPS on all of these points...have been doing really well. How cool is that? The more I listen to all the different stories, the more convinced I am that there are a LOT of ways up this mountain. (Also cool!) Here's another interesting question... What's success? For some folks, success is having a low normal BMI, and being an athlete. For some folks, success is fitting a certain size, looking a certain way, feeling attractive, getting perfect plastics and looking like a model at the end. For some folks, success is hitting some other goal. Being able to fit in an airplane seat, Being able to play with kids and be active. For some folks, success is getting diabetes and blood pressure and other health concerns under control. For some folks, success is weighing under 200 pounds and not sweating it much beyond that. For some folks, success is being mobile, being independent, going back to work, and being able to take care of themselves. There are a lot of different versions of what success looks like. And not everyone's gonna want the same thing. What your group of doctors says....I guarantee you....will not be anything like what another group of doctors says. There are no hard fast answers about what works and what doesn't. What we've got...are a lot of valuable personal experiences with a LOT of different programs. All worth sharing. But no one has THE answer for everyone:) Sometimes I hear....but what about the newbies? Don't we owe it to them to set a good example? No, we really don't. We owe them our honesty. And we owe them the credit they deserve...to do their homework, read a LOT of stuff, consider all the various opinions about everything.... and figure out what they believe and what works for them:) Just my $.02 Opinions...as always....will vary:)
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    Down 3 Sizes!

    Hi guys and gals, This is insane! I started my journey at 287, a size 24 pant (that were a little on the tight side.) I had surgery on May 14th at 260. Today, just shy of 4 weeks out I weighed in at 239 (finally broke that damn stall). Anyways my clothes have literally been FALLING off me. I was just fine until about a week ago. So I went shopping today and grabbed some size 22s. Too big. So I grabbed some 20s. Still too big. So in total awe I grabbed some size 18s and holy mackerel they FIT. I almost died. And I tried on a shirt that was size 14/16 and it fit! I am on cloud 9 right now 😍. Hope all my fellow May surgery buddies are doing well!
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    Can't believe it

    Every time I see pics like this I'm in awe. 6 years ago myrtle beach and last week myrtle beach trip
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    80 lbs gone forever

    Surgery on July 10th, 80 lbs gone forever! Feeling amazing
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    Side by Side

    Starting Weight: 333 lbs Surgery Weight: 292 lbs Surgery Date: 2/22/18 Current Weight: 219.4 lbs
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    Post op, day 1

    I was sleeved yesterday (6/6/17) at 0930. Waking up from the anesthesia was rough, and I had so much pain in my shoulders (I guess it's from the gas?). It was a long day, no fluids by mouth, and trying to walk. Today was better. Had my leak test this morning, and results were perfect, so started sipping water and walking! I felt like a different person! Was allowed chicken broth for lunch, and jello. Oh my goodness, jello has never tasted so good [emoji23] Minimal pain meds at this time, and looking forward to going home tomorrow! HW - 250lbs SW - 225 lbs GW - 135 lbs 5'3" tall 6/6/17, the first day of my new life [emoji173]️
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    *Oprah voice* EVERYONE GETS A NEW DIET!!!! VSG2017 HW 249 SW 238 CW 169