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    So my surgery anniversary date is on the 24th of this month, but I had my 1-year follow up early with my surgeon this morning (I have another 1-year followup at the hospital on Monday to get my bloodwork and labs done). Anyhoo...my surgeon was very pleased with my results (and so where the office staff apparently, because 3 of the front desk ladies came by my exam room to give me props/high fives/generally gawk at me). But get this: he asked if I would be willing to come in for a future photoshoot so that I could be on a poster! And I was all, ummmm....no thanks, LOL.
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    I can now buy clothes in normal stores again. Admittedly the first time when I started trying on clothes, I really had to keep myself calm. Normally trying on clothes causes me to become SOOO depressed that it take weeks just to get over it. Now, I have to keep myself from not wanting to buy everything!
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    Hey everyone. Happy Sunday! Today is day three after surgery. I am blessed to have the support of my family as well as members of this group. You guys rock. I had my surgery at 3 pm Thursday and I was determined to be walking as soon as possible. I began doing laps around 7. My wife was there motivating me as well as other patients who became part of the posse. My pain was not bad at all but I did have bad gas. I was worried about meeting my fluid and protein goals but I am surpassing both as of yesterday. My only regret is putting this surgery off as long as I did. Thanks guys and will talk again soon.
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    Yesterday I discovered stretchy pants. It was the first time that I walked into a normal store and dared to try on clothes in over many many years. Scary, but I found some guy chinos that I liked. I was even able to wear women's sizes even though the legs were wayyyyy too short.
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    Hi, congrats on your surgery! Saw you went to Dr. Pleatman. I've been between doing the Lap Band and sleeve. I was suppose to have a consultation with Dr. Pleatman this month. So far great experience with his office coordinator Carrie (sp?). Feeling really scared and nervous about getting the sleeve. If you can share...how was your experience with Dr. Pleatman's office and the surgery? Thanks!
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    In a bit of a stall right now. 267-269 lbs the past week. Almost wrote that as "367-369". Still 158 lbs. lighter than my heaviest.
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    This is sooo good! I’m in my puree phase and found this to be so refreshing.
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    Happy 25th Birthday SorryNameTaken!