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    Whoop! Hope I can keep this pace going. I’m sure it’ll slow, my initial rolling seven day average was around 10-12 for the first couple weeks and it’s been hovering right around 4lbs a week since. Once I got past the low energy stage I feel like hyper-mode has been activated. No food issues. I’m capable of eating anything it seems nothing disagrees with me, just making good choices every day, and the restriction is still very high, an ounce or two depending on what it is. Ate some raw jalapeños even. I haven’t been this light since college (in the 90s). Doesn’t seem possible... wish I did this years ago.
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    Sandra Nuelken

    One Year Anniversary

    I'm up early this morning not for surgery, as I was last year, but for my one-year appointment. I am thrilled with the results and just can't believe where I was last year. I am an ex-bander and old for this journey, I'll be 74 this year. I have my life back, I can jump off the boat and get up the ladder, the same with the dock. I'm having fun with my grandkids again. I go for walks, swims, and move about without the aches and pains I once had. Food is no longer my joy in life, life is my joy. I eat to live and not live to eat. I reached stage 4 eating and just stayed there. I have a protein drink for breakfast, 4oz of cottage cheese for lunch, 4oz of protein for dinner with a protein snack or Outshine no sugar added pop cycle. Saturday is my "free day" I sit with my neighbors in the street to visit and have my weekly drink. Not being able to eat out this last 6 months has sure been a help! For those starting on your journey, the first 6 months are very important for both weight loss and to set the stage for the rest of your journey. I did not have a drink for the first 6 months. I have learned that your body will drop the pounds when it is ready. A lot of pauses the second 6 months that will drive you crazy. Good luck with your journey, I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine.
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    What stuck with you?

    Does everyone have one main thing that's stuck with them through the years when they were overweight? I have several. The main one for me happened when I was 7, I wasn't a big kid by any means, bordering on skinny, but I did have a belly. I started ballet classes and I was all for it! Still to this day anything Tulle has my heart. My mum bought me the tutu, slippers and leotard and I was in love. I went to my first class and danced like I was in the nutcracker really I thought this was going to be my life. Anyway after class a couple of the girls teased me about my belly sticking out of my leotard. I cried and never went back to another class. Stayed with me forever. kids can be cruel! So last weekend I signed up for ballet classes and had my first one in 30 years yesterday. I absolutely adored it. Onto bigger and better things and letting things go!
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    Hello, I am new to this forum but I really need to warn others. I am 5 years post op from the sleeve surgery and am MISERABLE! I have also had 4 more surgeries to fix a hiatal hernia at the esophagus and stomach as well as pouches that were formed by the surgery. I have not been able to eat normally since the surgery and by normally I mean the way you are suppose to after VSG. I haven't been able to drink Water without pain. My SW was 245 and now I am at 184 and losing since my most recent surgery. The recent surgery was to fix the hiatal hernia again. I was told it was a "new" way of fixing the hernia, nothing more was told to me. My pancreas was also removed at the same time. My surgery was called a Nissen Fundoplication, its pretty complicated. They use of the stomach to be wrapped around the esophagus so it won't go up into that area again. From the beginning I have had GERD very bad, it was so bad I was on 2 different medications as well as over the counter antacids so that is why the Nissen Fundoplication. It has been horrible this 5 year journey. I am getting all of my records together for a second opinion and to possibly have a revision to the RNY. This surgery was the biggest regret of my life. My life has suffered more and my relationship has also been hurt by this. I am always so tired and sick, and my husband is worried about losing me. I have also been just left to flounder. I have had numerous swallow tests and load of medications but NOTHING allows me to drink a nice glass of water, albeit a sip at a time, without pain. So in one word "YES" i regret everything about this surgery. Heather
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    horror stories about RNY are about the same as with VSG - i.e., they're very rare with both surgeries. It sounds like they're more common than they actually are because people are more apt to post about them - to get support or advice - than they are if their surgery went off without a hitch. People don't usually broadcast that they had a surgery that went great with no issues - but they do if they've had serious complications. Major complications with either surgery are very rare.
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    NSV & first vacation experience

    I am almost 6 months post op and took my first vacation this week (Drove up to Tahoe). I went with some friends who did not know about the surgery but knew I was actively losing weight and trying to eat healthier and it wasn't awkward at all. I didn't snack, but I did eat some meals I shouldn't have. But between watching how much and exercise, I was down just over 2 lbs for the week. In the past, anytime I vacationed I would be up so I'm super excited. I had some great NSVs while I was out. - Hiked almost every day - around 5 miles, intermediate hikes, at elevation. Still hard, but I did it. - Kayaked, and was able to get in and out easily. - They had standard size bath towels in the bathroom, and it wrapped all the way around me without a gap! - It was my birthday and I didn't have any cake, and really didn't miss it. I tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. I had a glass a wine a couple of times and did fine. However, I had about 1/3 of a margarita and felt awful. I don't think I full on dumped, but I think if I had drunk any more I would have. It's the first time I've had any amount of sugar so lesson learned. I'm going back to not drinking for a while (it will continue to be an occasional event going forward).
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    I used to be very afraid of anesthesia. So much so that I jumped off the table in the operating room. Of course being obese is a higher risk for undergoing anesthesia but I assume you have had all your pre-op testing and your team is aware of what concerns they need to stay on top of during your surgery. You can ask the anesthesiologist to give you something for anxiety. They put it right in the intravenous and it works in minutes. You will be wheeled into the Operating Room which will be a bit cold, brightly lit and it will have a slight echo. There will be a flurry of activity around you. I find it helpful to shut my eyes at this point and pretend as if I am going to bed for the night. Practice this if you need to. Visually see yourself in the operating room and feel the coolness, hear the slight echo but you will shut your eyes and breath in and out slowly. Another thing I do is start naming fruits and vegetables starting at the beginning of the alphabet in my head. You will likely only get to G for grapefruit. The next thing that will happen is you will wake up in recovery. You will feel a bit disoriented, nauseous possibly and you will hear the sounds of the machine beeps very loudly. Ask for something for nausea if you need it. Keeping your eyes closed and just focusing on breathing helps to get the anesthesia out of your system. Within an hour you should feel much better and then you’ll work on pain management. You can do this and you will be healthier and stronger before you know it.
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    I don't think this would apply to most people who have VSG because you've had A LOT of surgeries that most people don't have - and won't need to have. I'm very sorry this happened to you, but other than the GERD (which about 30% of VSG patients experience, from what I've read), the rest of this is pretty rare. Most people have no issues with VSG - or only minor ones. and yes - it sounds like RNY might be an option - I don't know about the other things you have, but it should improve - if not cure - the GERD part of it. again, I'm very sorry this happened to you. Sounds like you're one of the very few unlucky patients...
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    I have a few suggestions for getting the muscle in the calves to thin out and some suggestions about loose skin. I lost all my weight at one point and had thick calves. I switched to non weight bearing exercises such as a exercise bike with no resistance and gradually the calves thinned out. Regarding loose skin. I swear by body brushing to lessen the loose skin. I went from 250 to 175 once and I used a natural boar bristle brush on my legs and thighs. It helped a lot. I also rubbed cocoa butter on my breasts and thighs daily. I was still loose but it helped. I'm due to have surgery in a few weeks and I have a new body brush and cocoa butter on hand. Good luck. Sent from my SM-A102U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    most of lose between 15-25 lbs the first month (a few more or less - but most are within that range), so you are doing just fine!