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    Who the heck is this woman?

    So... A little back information is required for this story. I’m a hairdresser (36 yrs) but first I’m a wife and mom , a great friend and up until just a few months ago a caregiver for my dad (he passed just recently) I have always been a giving person ( total pushover) NEVER put myself first and have had tremendous stress trying to get my child with autism the help he needs .. all this I ATE over, and ate and ate.. it was ma thang. I was always running around taking care of all and losing track of me along the way.. this past February 4th I had gastric by pass and I am changing so much I can’t believe it.. my self esteem is great and I am becoming the woman I have dreamed about becoming for DECADES.. this to the displeasure of a few folks who I have been there for even at the sacrifice of my own health and well being..well, their pushing back, disgruntled and perplexed as to why I will no longer cater to them and I’ve had some heated debates and tears from those who were used to having me at their beck and call.. the amazing thing is I have no guilt in putting myself first but the peanut gallery has a LOT to say about it... just this week I have been asked " Who is this new woman” it will require such changes to these friendships that it might mean walking away and choosing my self for a change.. I’m really excited and I can’t believe the freedom that comes with releasing that guilt that made me be so self destructive.. I’m not the woman I was months ago... and I’m darn glad!!!
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    Robert S. Libberton

    6/5 sleeve experience

    I wanted to check in and post my experience. I was miserable during the pre-op phase diet, I cheated with last meals almost once a day until the 3 day water fast which I adhered to. The last 3 days were honestly not that bad, just uncomfortable because of being hungry. My angelic wife was supportive and did the pre-op diet with me :). The surgical procedure was fast, I struggled with some moderate pain, gas pain from the CO2 belly inflate. I am anti narcotic and needed it for a long drive home (9 hrs), I don’t recommend that! That said I used the oxy suspension to sleep for the first 2 days and it will be in the trash this week. I am type 2 diabetic, I lost 2 meds post surgery and now I am only on metformin, Prilosec, vitamins and Prozac. The after surgical effects are what you would expect: needed some time to pee normally, it took some days to pass gas but now it’s flowing better (taking a stool softener), hurts to sit up and lay flat, driving is a chore, mild stomach cramping, and skin pain at the 4 surgical sites (mainly the 15cm one). I have met the water goals post surgery and pushed it once and almost puked. I don’t recommend that, I am tolerating broth, clear protein drinks, sugar free jello we’ll just struggling with my behavioral issues to want to eat crap food. I do not feel hungry most of the time, unless food commercials are on TV or I walk in a store. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight so far (around 12 lbs so far), and suspect I will be in the 230’s tomorrow. I exercised prior to the surgery by doing P90X to build as mush muscle as I could. I think that helped a lot. I have been walking a lot also and try to get up each hour to walk around the house. My recovery has been very fast, each day it seems like it’s 50% better, I can sleep on my side now with a bit of left shoulder pain that’s is getting better. I watched my wife eat last night, and I was surprised that it did not bother me. Here are some neat things I think about: I will be a normal weight again (185), it will be nice to fly in a small seat, maybe I can get off all my meds, I will not be pre-judged in job situations for being morbidly obese, I might live as long as my wife to enjoy our life together, no 3 xl clothes, hopefully my chronic back pain will lessen.
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    Halfway Point!

    I just passed my halfway point, and am feeling really good today! It may be slow, but it's better than not losing at all, or gaining. Feeling strong and knowing I can do this!
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    Do You Do This?

    This was all I needed to read to know how much I 💖 you..
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    You’ve lost 23 lbs in less than a month. This isn’t an issue with WLS, it’s an issue of having unrealistic expectations
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    How long did you keep logging meals?

    Ive gained over 30lbs a year plus after surgery. Ive been unhappily maintaining in the 170s. Trying like hell to get to my personal goal. Still within surgeon and nutritionist goal but not comfy in my body still. When i stopped tracking it all fell apart. It's annoying but if your in a rhythm stick to it. It's worth it. Im pushing myself to plan and track now so i can get back into losing. Don't let carbs slip back in. Stick to the rules and you'll be fine. Im almost 3 yrs out and feel like the only thing keeping me stable weight wise is my sleeve. I still have pretty good restriction and im trying to keep it or even bring it back to what it was a bit ago. I know How to fool myself into tricking my sleeve. Just stay honest and track everything good and bad. You'll know what to cut when things start going north. Sorry for the life story. I was around where you were when i started falling off tracking. I made it almost to goal, got engaged and it all just went up in smoke lol. Getting my head back on straight and realizing tracking is what i need to do. Just wanted to help someone from making the same mistakes i made. Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I hate my neck

    My neck got ugly too. My boobs and hips are gone. I guess i don't need them at my age of 63yrs. But I'm full of energy and i wear size 8 destructed jeans! Woot woot to me, yay!
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    For my stomach to shrink enough that I feel comfortable trail running in just a sports bra and shorts. Fresh air on bare skin while running is heavenly.
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    I'm glad I no longer have to wear chain extenders on my necklaces.
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    My weird and probably funny one. To sit down in narrow or plastic chairs, to stand up without help and not to make that embarrassing Sucky noise when I get up. To not have someone ask if they can show their sl7des on my rump because it is so wide. Not wide,no more, and it won't ever be again . A lover would be able,to hold me close with just his 2,hands, not have to get a forklift or find a 10 bushel basket to hold my rump up. Oh I am getting sassy along with sweet disposition, it's sad guys are starting notice me now, the same ones that wouldn't give me the time of day 100 plus pounds ago. And the ones who ignored ME in the past, not too sure I need them now. I may forgive them but my ❤will never never forget!