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  2. notmyname

    Weights vs measures

    Not sure if this helps, but my first few months my butt, arms and legs lost a lot more inches (as a % of where they were) than my waist. So the same clothes fit for about 50#. Then it just all kind of caught up over time. I was super frustrated not losing a size for months. But it did eventually come. And I’m glad o have the measurements to look at. Some months I lose a lot of weight, but not many inches. Sometimes that’s flipped. Sometimes I lose a lot off my butt, other times off my waist. But it is coming off.
  3. I don’t know if this has been discussed before but I see people talk about how you should look more at size loss (measurements) than the scale. I am getting frustrated at the fact that my weight is going down and I should be fitting smaller sizes but my measurements don’t seem to match the scale. I am 5’ and I think my weight loss finally hit 39lbs. (203lbs at surgery) I did buy a few pieces of loose clothes that were on the bigger side and then switched to size large in some activewear bottoms that run I guess size 14-16? and men’s T-shirt’s also size large (women’s xl?) I bought other size L but they run 12-14 (old navy) the 14-16 are a little loose especially my hips and the 12-14 too tight once they hit my stomach. I buy stuff when I can get it cheap enough on sale. I wanted back ups since I thought I’d at least fit the smaller size large. I finally decided to measure. I’d swear despite the weight loss my measurements haven’t changed. My abdomen is still abnormally swollen. And I’m frustrated. It did go down in size under my bust, but my waist wherever it is, is still big. My upper bust could probably fit a women’s medium, buy my stomach a L-XL. My hips aren’t that big 42”. But once you get to my abdomen it’s out of proportion. I have a mass in my pelvic area but my doctor told me to wait even though he didn’t follow what the ct scan results said to (follow up with another test to check if it’s a risk and if I need biopsy) the ultrasound wasn’t able to visualize the mass. The tech said I need an mri, but my doctor? No he said wait. It was already two months or more by the time I got an appointment to see him. But I digress. Im just worried that the measurements aren’t changing. I was always a denim Bermuda shorts and T-shirt person but now I’m wearing exercise capris. Since I can’t afford to try to find shorts that fit. My weight went up so rapidly (again) that I was size 4 and bought a size 6 Levi’s that I never got to wear and are in a bin in my closet with new size small tops and size 5 underwear. I have no idea how long the bin has been in my closet (I buy things when I can find big sales but only enough for what I need but I won’t get into my ocd clothing habits) I rapidly went up to a large size 14 with a lot of stretch. At that point I couldn’t afford to size up again. The denim would end up not fitting my stomach and scrunch up on my hips. Im sorry my post likely is just a lot of nonsense. I just can’t get answers from my doctors. Of course there are more important issues than measurements and pant size but my abdomen is just endlessly painfully swollen.
  4. NancyLF

    Nervous surgery Monday

    I'm having my surgery on Monday, 7/22 as well! Good luck to you! I'm ready to go-go-goooooo!!! We can do this! Failure is not an option!
  5. I’m 10 days out from my surgery. And I felt like absolute hell for the first 5 days. I didn’t do much but take my meds, sleep and I’m between sleeping walked a bit and sipped my liquids. I was amazed that day 6 I woke up feeling like a normal person..lol. You didn’t make a mistake..focus on what you are able to do and REST. Your body needs it for recovery. Take your meds and by all means call your team if you think something is not right. You got this!! Hang in there. What a difference a few days will make .
  6. Just curious for people who are out a ways, how often do you weigh yourself? Is there a set weight at which you take action to get back on track? Do you still track food? For me I'm still a relative newby, I weigh in weekly usually, bi weekly worse case. I focus on staying within 2.5 lbs above or below goal, if I get to either end I adjust my eating to fix it. I stopped religiously tracking foods about 6 months ago, though I do track off and on and spot check days for macros if I feel like I'm off.
  7. Losebig

    Stomach pain 9 months post op

    Worth calling the DR. If you had a hernia repair that could also be a cause. I had some pains, but they were sharp and short in duration and usually when being active, the theory at the time was scar tissue from the hernia repair and it eventually went away (but I did go see the DR)
  8. Nope - you didn't make a mistake. You will feel like you did for the next few weeks though. What you did do was embark on an incredible difficult journey, which is going to be both terrible and absolutely amazing. When you come out the other side in 6, 12, 18 months or whenever you'll look back on it and it'll be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life. Focus on the day to day right now. Follow the plan as closely as you can, keep on top of the pain, call the DR if something isn't right. It took me weeks to get to the liquid goal and my calories were like ~300 per day for the first month, it got much easier after that. Once you start seeing weight loss (a few weeks) it'll be more motivating. For now keep busy, sip constantly (try watering your shakes down) and try to walk a lot gently as that helps with the pain.
  9. Losebig

    The Maintenance Thread

    I made exercise a big part of my weight loss and have tried to keep that up in maintenance. I'm not great or super formal about it, but I try to be active most of the time. When I was closely tracking I would work out on average 3 - 4 days per week, usually cardio oriented exercise like running, biking, walking, hiking, or vigorous yard work. Now I have less time, but I try to incorporate exercise into little stuff - making dinner for the kids? Lets see how fast you can do it! Or bringing out the trash? Great Run! After you do it enough it becomes a lot of fun. I for example used to HATE running, now I love it. In fact I find myself running anytime I can and it's socially acceptable. Its great stress relief and for me at least is key for sanity
  10. Today
  11. Having PCOS, Late onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and endometriosis (amongst other things) they were my reasons for pursuing RNY Gastric bypass surgery. I don’t honestly expect my pcos to get better but perhaps just because my situation is a bit different. Long story short I rapidly gained a lot of weight before being diagnosed pcos. When I hit over 215lbs I desperately fought back. I did a combination low carb calorie counting. It did work slow but steady. I was actually down to 124lbs but being chronically ill and disabled. It was hard keeping it down. Even adding healthy foods like vegetables. It kept sliding up. I fell off low carb for a bit, got back on to get my weight back down. Fast forward to not that long ago (my memory can’t say when) my weight did a drastic jump with no change in diet and I frantically tried to get help. My abdomen was swollen as well. And I was careening back to 200 + despite my efforts. Id swear I’ve got the metabolism of a sloth. And can’t exercise to burn calories. I was totally lost and started investigating bariatric surgery. I wasn’t sure it could even happen. So when finally a endocrinologist referred me to Cleveland Clinic. I knew it was all in on RNY or ... give up. I just wanted a chance at getting my weight under control because my body couldn’t Carry the burden of being over 200lbs at 5’ and with many medical conditions. my rate of loss? I keep my calories fairly low. I have stalls that last a few days. But I’m always worried that it won’t keep going down. Or that I’ll never be able to eat normal food or calories. Of course to me normal would be even 800 calories. Which I did before the surgery. It is frustrating. Plus I’m still struggling with a swollen abdomen. I probably didn’t answer anything. For some people just losing weight can help pcos a lot.
  12. Losebig

    The Maintenance Thread

    Sorry for the slow reply, I've been on vacation for a few weeks and not online. She didn't say what a good ratio was, just to have complex carbs if I was going to work out (she suggested oatmeal for example). One other thing that helped me a little with light headedness was to have a beverage containing electrolytes at least once a day. For me that became a 20 oz powerade zero, its way too sweet for me, but I religiously have at least one bottle a day and that does help. Honestly though I still have days when I nearly pass out when I stand up quickly - especially if I'm really exerting myself. The DR's don't have any answer for that and I did have a full cardiac work up shortly after surgery due to a complication, so there's no issues there. My theory is that you have a lot of extra vascularity when you're heavy (more blood vessels to feed all that fat) and when you get thin the blood vessels don't go away. No one has been able to tell me if that is the case or if they go away over time - but in my case my blood pressure went from borderline high to on the low side, but my resting heart rate has also increased even though I'm in good shape. TLDR: Try an electrolyte beverage to see if that helps and have complex carbs before a workout - a lot of other stuff could be going on too and the DR's don't have all the answers unfortunately.
  13. AngieBear

    Food Before and After Photos

    My fancy new spiralizer came in, and zoodles were accomplished. This thing is SO MUCH better than the crappy handheld one that it replaced. I should have bought it to begin with, it was all of $25. I was being silly. So now, I present to you: Zoodle Perfection with Morningstar Farms Griller Bits, and Black Olives. Topped with a lovely Alfredo sauce. So fancy!
  14. Cheeseburgh


    I just realized after reading @Saved4Ever post that I never bought plus size clothing because of vanity sizing that is available. I could still wear JJill xl or even L in certain things for sure. I simply wouldn’t buy anything if it didn’t fit in “regular sizes”. I think it gave me a warped view how big I actually was while I was gaining. It is crazy an obese person can wear brands that are labeled regular to boost sales. It did more harm than good for me. Looking back I realize it was getting harder to find things and that was when I asked my Dr about options. To answer your question I donated my clothes.
  15. Not a bug - I had it happen a couple of weeks ago. And I did have some protein first. Anyway, will test the issue once I’ve fully recovered.
  16. The first couple of weeks, and in particular the first couple of days, can be ROUGH. It will pass. GreenTealael is right, pain management is helpful. You’ll be able to better get rest, etc. Do take little walks. It really can help with the pain.
  17. sillykitty


    😂 😂 Apparently I am! No boobs left, just a B cup bra that I (literally) stuff with socks. 😢 Totally false advertising!
  18. Saved4Ever


    So, everyone is looking amazing! What did you do with all of your other (should I say, Big clothes)? Someone made the statement about shopping for cheaper clothes and still look good. I always fret when in Catos, instead of going over to the right after entering the door (the "Skinny Side") I am hoping no one is paying attention to me going to the left (obese side). You have to feel AWESOME to know you no longer have to shop in those sections of the stores anymore!
  19. Lots of people in pain have these thoughts but are you taking your pain meds and staying in contact with your team? This soon post surgery, pain management is crucial to how you feel about recovery... Good Luck 💜
  20. And it could just be a "bug" that is passing through. Another possibility is that if you ate a lot of fruit without a meal on board first, or at least some protein, you had a little dumping from the sugar. Always eat small amounts of fruit after a meal as a dessert, or with protein like yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.
  21. Jonah

    New and anxious

    Hi! I have Kaiser too. I’m 3 weeks into the 12 week Weigh Loss class. I’m admittedly not learning much of anything new currently but it helps to keep me doing weekly goals. What I’m really looking forward to is the gastric bypass specific class. I get to schedule that in a few weeks. I have so many questions! In the meantime, I’ve been changing my eating habits and exercises four or five days a week. It’s helping get my habits set. Welcome to the forums! I’ve found great information and support here. I hope you do too.
  22. Hi, I just had my surgery 2 days ago. I didn’t expect the amount of pain I’m in. I can’t get down the amount of fluids they require and I’m afraid I will get sick. I’m scared and crying all the time. Has anybody else experienced this? Did I make a mistake?
  23. I have the Nutra Vita machine it's awesome. A little pricey mine was like 150 dollars. Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. That's great congratulations to you guys!! Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  25. Saved4Ever


    This was an awesome thread! You all look Fabulous, Amazing and down right Fantastic! Great Work and I know you are all feeling GREAT! Thank you all for sharing!
  26. Krimsonbutterflies

    down to the end

    Are you getting the sleeve, bypass or a revision or would you like to talk about anything else? I'm understanding, my friend is getting a revision on the 24th and we've been focusing on other topics for now. These group can be the support you need...
  27. Saved4Ever

    Weight loss pre-surgery

    Thank you all for the question and responses, I was thinking the same thing. I did the liver shrinking diet prior to lapband removal, I have lost and at a 40 BMI. I do have co-morbidities as well. I was wondering as well the what if. I still have 4 more visits w/dietitian. How long after removal of lapband did anyone have the revision to GBP? I was told 3 mths and my doctor has said 6mths. I was hoping to have it done before the year is up d/t paying a very very high co-payment for lap-band removal.
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