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  2. undeadDharma

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    It will get better
  3. summerset

    Anyone else into Slow Jogging?

    If you're running with a mid foot strike with 180 steps per minute at your "niko niko pace" chances are you're doing slow jogging.
  4. TheFlinstones

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    OMG I’m lying here in so much pain from eating a few teaspoonsful of food. I’m literally, tears are running down my face😭 I also brought some of it back up. Between that the coughing and saw sinus, runny nose. I want to die. wtf did I try and eat for. I’m so sad and in pain.
  5. Today
  6. ausmith

    Extreme Measures

    Day 3 I’ve stuck to the plan but I’m lacking a bit of energy which is to be expected. I added a cup of low starch veg ( tomato, cucumber and mushroom ) yesterday. This will still keep me under the 800 cal a day. I’ve lost 3.3 pounds I couldn’t help myself so far the majority of that is probably fluid but at least I’m seeing positive results. I also met my step and water goals so all going well, getting closer to were I need to be.
  7. Missouri-Lee's Summit

    All kinds of bathroom problems

    It's been a couple of days since your last post. Are you still having painful constipation? What changes, if any, have helped?
  8. Goody222

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    I started taking it about two weeks ago (six weeks after surgery). I was taking ursodial! I am waiting on my doctor. She said if i can not tolerate it to stop. She did not suggest an alternative. Hoping the nausea ends soon, I can’t even drink more than 16 oz of water a day . I am not even remotely thinking of eating.
  9. nina0891


    I experienced some discomforts but nowhere as near the pain that I've heard people talk about on here. When I felt uncomfortable, I would take a quick walk and that seemed to work just fine. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. Friday205


    Are the gas pains as bad as I’ve heard?
  11. When is your surgery?
  12. I can’t stomach the protein shakes.
  13. ErinshayWV

    First Day of Liver Shrink Diet

    Greek Yogurt and Fairlife milk are my saving grace with this pre-op diet. They chill the hunger for about 3 hrs! 😉
  14. nina0891


    No, my surgery was at 8am and I was out before noon. They let me wake up and rest for a little. Not sure how long my surgery lasted. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. AngieBear

    Surgery tomorrow, anyone else?

    Me! 7:45 in Oregon.
  16. Yep! I was told no shaving the 3 days prior to surgery.
  17. FluffySaysForkIt!

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    Just wanted to day hi to my surgery date twin. June 3rd will be a big day for both of us! Welcome!
  18. FloraBama Girl

    Ulcers ?

    I am experiencing my second ulcer. Never was nauseous or had vomiting. Just really excruciating pain. The second one hurts below my breastbone about 4 inches. Nothing heals the ulcer, I can’t take Protonix anymore as it was becoming toxic to me. Don’t know why I have recurring ulcers.
  19. Friday205


    Oh ok. I’m in Birmingham,Alabama. Were you in and out in two hours?
  20. nina0891


    Johns Creek, GA, just northeast of Atlanta. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. Friday205

    Outpatient sleeve

    They told me if I can walk on my own and use the restroom I could leave afterwards.
  22. Bari_KS

    Outpatient sleeve

    My VSG was done outpatient surgery in less than 24hrs. Arrived at 7am, stayed overnight and left before 6am next morning.
  23. Friday205


    Where did you have yours?
  24. Friday205


    You weren’t there long at all! My surgeon said the surgery only takes 20 minutes.
  25. Photo925


    I had a sleeve revision to MGB a couple of years ago. Im almost back to my original weight. The reflux has put me in a really bad place and just had 3 tests done to figure out what is going on. I found out today that when my MGB was done that the pouch created was almost the size of a regular stomach, so my best advice is to do your research when it comes to your doctor and know their process and success rate. If they have 98 amazing outcomes and 2 bad....don't dismiss the 2 bad ones....Im one of those and Im miserable.
  26. nina0891

    Outpatient sleeve

    I had outpatient VSG. I hate hospitals, therefore it worked out great for me. They just made sure I could walk on my own and used the bathroom before discharging me. Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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