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  2. Brandy velasco

    Who was your Mexico Surgeon?

    Dr. David Vasquez in Tijuana Mexico. At clinica San Juan. I used jet medical tourisim as my medical tourisim guide. Everything went great. I am a month out an have lost 31 pounds.
  3. sweetsagi

    No requirements????

    I’m revising from sleeve to SIPS and was told by my doctor that I need 6 months medically supervised diet psych evaluation and all the other fun stuff. I called my insurance today and they told me there’s no requirement except I have to go through a different dept. which basically guides you through and make sure you are ready for surgery. I’ve had WLS twice. From band to sleeve and I’ve never heard this before. I have UHC. Has anyone else ever been told that??
  4. Brandy velasco

    28 days post op

    I think I passed the stall ,lol. I was stuck at 267 but I weighed myself yesterday and now I'm at 263 . Cutepie34 what's been on your menu lately ? I need some new ideas. Hope all is well
  5. Yes! That’s my stuff! I like Freshly Fruit Punch, Iced Grape Açaí, and Coconut Pineapple (my fave). I get them from Amazon but have seen then in my local grocery of Harris Teeter and Giant.
  6. GradyCat

    Longest stall ever!

    Wow, good for you toughing out that stall!
  7. NewMeeChristee

    April Sleevers

    My VSG was 4/2 - I am down 26 which does seem slow to me - but I realize this is going to be a complete life long switch - so slow and steady is fine. Too many diets in my past with large losses and even bigger gains, sadly. I know I need to exercise more and to ramp up my walking. I am doing some - but any motivations out there would be appreciated! I'm thankful the sleeve is keeping my eating way down - but I realize I am starting to feel hungrier as time goes on. Any tips for satisfying the hunger correctly would also help! I've still got a long road to go. Nice to see everyone's updates on here!
  8. I haven’t tried that! Where do you get it from?
  9. CurvyMom

    I have a "would you rather' question

    This is a tough question and once I am a few more months post op I wonder how I will feel then. But...I have plenty of restriction, I haven’t dumped yet. I can eat stuff I shouldn’t and can’t eat protein like I should be able to get. Or I just have tried things not on plan hoping they’d bother me but they don’t. Part of me wishes that I would dump from things but then after I have thrown up for the 34550392 time I am like ughhh I am glad I don’t dump. Or maybe so do and I don’t realize it but it’s geberally from protein or eating too fast. Mostly behavioral issues make me sick. So I don’t know LOL. Too soon to really say I guess.
  10. Alex Brecher

    BP Store Wishlist

    We had this a while back but disabled because we had some issues with it. I am going to work on getting it back. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  11. Orchids&Dragons

    Weight-loss funnies

  12. NagathaChristie

    What to have at home after surgery?

    Anyone try Stur? I love it! No aspartame or sucralose.
  13. Today
  14. Dang! There was just so much good stuff today. Sorry to overshare! This is by Debbi, the Shrink on Your Couch. I just love her message and also her position/tone and compassion she offers! If you are struggling with regain or are stalled and feeling despondent and hopeless! Hope you take courage and are helped by this YouTube!
  15. othella2


    This is the first time this has happened. I do workout, I just didn't add my protein up the night before like I usually do I'm just going to have a salad after the gym tonight. I'll make sure I add everything up tonight so it doesn't happen again. Sent from my Moto E (4) using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. Roadto270

    3 more days !!!!!

    Ramadan certainly has been a life saver. I don’t think I’m going to fast after surgery just because of the delicate nature of post-op, I really don’t want to deviate away from the normal procedure for patients unless it clearly helps me. However, I’ll still talk to my surgeon about it for sure.
  17. GreenTealael

    No energy!

    Tons of fluids including broth w/a pinch of sea salt (to help absorb electrolytes) and some sort of electrolyte supplement (sugar free versions of Propel, Gatorade,etc) But as always... Ask your team first 💜
  18. michellehill

    HELP I'm so stressed and I SMOKE

    My dr and I are doing welbutrin since I did that over 10 yrs ago. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. GreenTealael

    Longest stall ever!

    Congratulations on beating it 🏆
  20. ms.sss

    I have a "would you rather' question

    I am almost 7 months out, and can tolerate pretty much everything, i think. The first time I had a serious sugar food (a couple bites of a dessert of some kind, I don't remember) I had a bad experience so I basically steer away from sugar. I don't miss it. I haven't had any bread/pasta/rice/root veggies since surgery, so I'm not sure if I can tolerate those, but I suspect I can just fine. My restriction is pretty much still in full effect. I have learned how much food I can eat before I start to feel uncomfortable, and stop before I get there. I have also learned which foods are my slider foods, and which ones keep me fuller longer. I weigh myself every day and I have learned/know that if I exercise, get a good nights sleep, and drink my water the weight seems to comes off at a faster rate. So to your question, which would I rather? I'm good with the way things are, as I've figured out how to work it for me. I'm not sure if I would have learned the same lessons if things weren't the way they are, but maybe I would have learned different lessons to get me to the same end goal. At least I hope I would have.
  21. Rrusan73

    Yah year out as of may 16

    No i walk and exercise and go to the gym. I dont have any flappy skin Sent from my LG-TP450 using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. JessLess


    I don't really understand your post. The sugar in Greek yoghurt and fruit is not somehow morally superior to the sugar in anything else. I don't assign "guilt" to food. It's morally neutral.
  23. GreenTealael

    I have a "would you rather' question

    I'm on both sides lol I had VSG, almost no restriction felt on most foods and dump more than most bypassers I've encountered, mostly from random things including proteins but not pastry 😳 & still lost very slowly.I've decided to work with the hand I was dealt, not against it. You can find your sweet spot and accomplish great things. And the grass is always greener where you water it Good luck 💜
  24. Orchids&Dragons

    Longest stall ever!

    Congrats on toughing it out so long with that stall. Must have been infuriating! So glad the scale is with you again!
  25. All of mine are similar if not the same as everyone. But another one of mine was Weighting less than my husband (goal achieved 😁😁)
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