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  2. Cheeseburgh

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Lol! If you saw the Gelato place near me you would understand, this place is insane and dangerous and I don’t have a big sweet tooth! Chocolate trigger warning!
  3. Romanoloser

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Hi everyone I haven't posted in a bit. Surgery April 9th. Since surgery I have been craving pickles, and I eat one every night. Has anyone else had this weird craving?? Starting Weight 251 Surgery Weight 238 Current Weight 208
  4. GreenTealael

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

  5. Healthy_life2

    Overtraining & Stalls???? Frustrated.....

    I may be the old chick in the room, But I’m still amazed at how transforming weightlifting and gaining muscles has been. I had a hard time in my first year to build muscle. It got better after my weight loss slowed down.
  6. Cheeseburgh

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Learn something new: I went to an art event this week and learned how to whitewash and stencil wood. Treat yourself: Heading to JJill to get a new outfit. 9 month follow up went great yesterday, they are fine with where I’m at but I haven’t decided what my goal weight is quite yet. Once I hit 140, I think I’ll have a better idea. I am in my usual stall after a loss, so I expect I’ll hit that number in 3 weeks if I follow my usual pattern. B side: I don’t care for the Halo top type of ice creams. I haven’t had any ice cream since surgery, it isn’t really one of the foods I crave. If I was going to indulge, I would have a small amount of gelato.
  7. Sosewsue61

    No family support

    Your mother may profess to be Christian, but she is using it for harm rather than good. There are toxic relationships even in the face of Christianity. Also beware, even after you have success toxic people will up the ante and try to sabotage you. All relationships will change because you must change. These aren't little changes either, be strong. https://www.sleeveacademy.com/SleeveVsBypass https://youtu.be/Os_vwpdMzh0
  8. Healthy_life2

    What do your tattoos look like now?

    **laughing at myself** I had a tattoo done when I was in my 20's. After weight loss, my tat is smaller and more colorful.
  9. GansettRam74

    Overtraining & Stalls???? Frustrated.....

    Thank you for the reply and suggestions. Much appreciated! I have been changing up routine a bit every 6 weeks but more on the lifting end. Maybe I will try to do HIIT a couple days a week in leu of a walk that day. My nut hasn't really been much help because she doesn't get why I'm wanting to add muscle. I'd personally rather be 210-215 with 15-20%bf then 190lbs and look sick & withdrawn especially when all other health markers(bp, cholesterol, acid reflux in check, etc) are now spot on.
  10. The surgery is major surgery, the organs were very manipulated. Walk as much as you can and stay hydrated, warm weak tea was better than anything cold. Keep doing the IV Tylenol and anything else non-morphine. But walk and walk. Try to notice exactly where the pain is, and if it decreases or increases before or after movement, keep a little chart. The only pain I had was just to the left of the stomach up high. The stomach is quite high up, and it was probably due to the hernia repair. Did you have a hernia repaired? Hang in there.
  11. catwoman7

    Post 4/17/19

    are you on solid foods yet? Dense protein is pretty filling - way more so than stuff like cottage cheese and yogurt.
  12. Here are a few things to try to satisfy your hunger. (Make sure any of my examples fit your plan) Log your food and stay within your calories and macros. (Myfitnesspal or baritastic) Get temptation foods out of your home Once you add real sugars and extra carbs you crave them more. They cause hunger. Detox off them. If you deprive sweet and salty cravings, you will want them more. Keep healthy options for salty and sweet cravings in your house. Salty: chicken fajitas without the tortilla, jerky, quest protein chips. Sweet: Dannon light n fit Greek yogurt, Strawberries dipped in sugar free cholate syrup, sugar free popsicles or jello. Eat dense protein sources with the other foods on your plan. Eat as much clean wonderful veggies as you want until full. Ditch protein shakes and bars. (they are god for emergencies when you can’t get to a meal) Real whole foods will keep you feeling more satisfied. I Eat five/six small meals or every two to three hours - Log keep within your calories and macros for the day*** don’t turn this into grazing over your calories. You will gain weight** Head hunger and snacking – Distract yourself, go for a walk, read a book or listen to a podcast on weight loss mental battles. Keep a veggie tray in the refrigerator. Allow yourself to snack on veggies. If you try to bargain with yourself for other options, you know its head hunger.
  13. GreenTealael

    Post 4/17/19

    No restriction 1 month post op?
  14. GreenTealael

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    Hey everyone!!! B-Side Question: Yay or Nay Traditional icecream or the new low sugar/fat higher protein Subs? Haagen Daz vs Halo Top...
  15. Gosh fighting hunger is miserable. ((hugs)) And you're right on track. About this time, many of us found that our hunger and capacity really "matured" even more than it did for some of us early on--around the 3 month or so mark. Dr. Weiner talks about this phenomenon, and it's an expected outcome--even a desired one. That's why the first few months of the honeymoon are so important. If you spend those months in the belief that you don't have to begin liking new lean healthy foods and can continue your attachment to high cal/high carb/high fat comforty type of foods--just eat less of them...it's a terrible terrible awakening. And hunger will still your joy and regain does happen! Others who have check-stops in place--do wonderfully well in the old diets in moderation. Just see @sillykitty's phenomenal success!! But these people absolutely adopt different methods to controlling their energy input and exercise/activity level with great success. As @GreenTealael mentioned, it's hard to gain weight eating a ton-o-the-leafy-greens and add to that raw veg like cucumber, radish, baby carrots, celery, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash. Any raw veggie sans calorie dense fattening dressing work great to fill up the real estate in your hungry tummy. The chewing alone helps your gut brain access reconnect. Also adding lean protein to it such as tuna, sardines, wild salmon, grilled chicken will fill you without filling you out. Honestly, the biggest tool as Tea mentioned is IF for me. I do 16:8 or 18:6 daily. I still readily and easily hit my protein goal for the day from all sources (lean meat/seafood proteins + veggies + VERY limited nuts/dairy + egg whites/eggs) on 2 meals + a small snack. I'm still trying to lose my last pounds so I'm still keeping cals around the 600-850 mark and getting plenty of food but the IF really helps defuse and teach me about the relationship with food and how it affects my hunger. There are liquids that also help with hunger: 1. Green tea and matcha (hot or cold, either extreme works really well for diffusing hunger) 2. 100+ ounces of sugarless liquid. 3. Hot or iced decaff coffee (swiss water method) Things to drop to help curb hunger: 1. Any snacky foods (crackers, chips, salty/crunchy dippy stuff) 2. Any pasta, rice, potatoes, grains, winter squashes, tubers, high value calorie and carb dense foods 3. Any composit calorie dense foods (cheesy casseroles, gooey ethnic cuisines, pizza, lasagna, pot pies, stews) 4. Any wet proteins (things with meat lube like Salsbury steak, Swiss steak, smothered chicken/steak, stroganoff) 5. Any cheesy gooey veggie casseroles that are calorie dense (cauli mac and cheese, cheesy broccoli souffle, creamed spinach, etc) 6. Nuts and nut butters (so easy to over eat and eat preferentially for convenience. 7. Any bars, shakes, otherwise known as diet candy 8. Drop ALL forms of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Go back to basics of your forever post surgery diet: 1. Protein first (2-4oz per meal) 2. No eating/drinking 30/30 at least or 15:60 3. 1 cup food max per meal 4. Meal comp is: lean protein + al dente veggies + 1tsp healthy fats or 1oz avocado or 1/3oz nuts or 1/2oz cheese If there is room left, fill it up with salad. DO this for 2 weeks. See if it starts weight loss again and eases hunger/cravings. Once you are stable, then you can add foods 1 at a time every few days to see which ones trigger your hunger. You WILL be able to tell. Good luck!
  16. Sosewsue61

    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    Hang in there, it will get better. It will take time to heal. Above all, be kind to yourself. Saying prayers for you.
  17. GreenTealael

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

  18. GreenTealael

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

  19. starladustangel

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I'm supposed to do all liquids for 3 days starting next friday. I'm allowed protein shakes in addition to clear liquids, sugar free popsicles and sugar free jello during my liquid phase. May start a little early on Wednesday or Thursday. I've lost 2 pounds since Monday on 2 shakes, 1 protein bar and 1 light meal a day. Having a plain non fat yogurt this morning though. My husband got the kids donuts which is tempting.
  20. ccrider

    Post 4/17/19

    My food addiction is soooo bad. Post sleeve surgery 4/17/19. I have hardly any restriction. Became dehydrated yesterday And feeling the same today. Im down only 12 lbs. Whats going on?
  21. Sosewsue61

    Chickened Out On Surgery Day. Help.

    Anxiety sucks. Therapy is the best route. But I have to say that there are always triggers, not trying to argue here or make anyone feel bad. I have anxiety and I have a daughter that has anxiety as well.... More often than not we start the conversation ourselves in our heads. Therapy will identify all of that. It is usually a much deeper issue. Hang in there, good luck.
  22. GreenTealael

    Hair losssssssss

    Hmmm Not certain. I think that's a question for a Dermatologist & I didn't ask mine this o3n particular because I don't think I cared about other hair locations. It could be all over but I'm only guessing that when the hair from your head is shedding in excess vs your legs you just notice/focus on one site more.
  23. Today
  24. Welcome newbies @RoRoKitty & @Aprilgal! I am 36 hours in to a planned 84 hour fast. Having a terrible time keeping my head in the game lately. IF, even OMAD is not keeping me honest. I think I am a EF type of girl. One thing in for certain, I have got to get back on the ball!! Is any else attempting an EF soon? Could always use the company!
  25. Frustr8

    Do You Do This?

    Well I read that New York Times article, thank you for telli,ng us about it. I'm still evaluating what it means to me out here in Ohio, an " over the edge area of a East Coast Persons view of a Flat world" Yeah there are sure areas the resonate with me!
  26. MgbGirl

    July Schedule

    I am July 9th
  27. My date is July 9th I am 37 218lbs 5’7”
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